Universe Source Art Chapter 698

“The law of shadow – the end!” The sword is smashed, and the wing is forcibly broken.


The screams are like thunder, and the Nine Heavens are rumbling, and the night sky stars are far away.

His style did not come out, and the sword qi flashed past, causing the lake under their feet to stir up a thousand columns and slamming into the sky.

“oh la la ……”

The water column sloped down, as if the rain was rolling, covering everything.


The calm and calm, the water waves are traceless, the silence is everywhere, and the gas is heavy.

Di Lun, Lin Xiao, and Sword are still vacant, and the body is motionless.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away, Gu Mufeng’s urgent reunion, this kind of battle, is not his Primal Chaos early-stage can be blended in.

As for the exploration with the divine sense, he is even afraid.

A wind and rain cultivator naturally knows how much harm this is. If the results of the investigation are not successful, it will be harmful.

And Saint Venerable Leng Tianyun, his injury has basically recovered, looking at the battlefield in the distance, it is even more urgent.

He is expensive for Saint Venerable, aloof and remote, but now he can’t help even a little.

He can’t add anything!



邴 mouth mouth mouth spurt blood out, and then, like a spring mad, can not stop.

“You…you are this trick…what is it?” He is weak and weak, and can barely volley.

“Chinese martial arts!” Lin Xiao spit out four words.

“Chinese… martial arts? Middle Universe, why is there such a style of defying heaven?”

Yan Jian is not reconciled, the blood in his mouth is not only moored, he can’t stop.

Lin Xiao took a breath and said: “Sword, you are defeated today, it is because you don’t know I will do this!”

“No… wrong, old man lost!”

“you can go now?”

“Go?” Yan Jian smiled: “old man can still go?”


He suddenly exploded, and even the soul did not escape.

“Venerable, what’s going on?” Di Lun looked at the fog.

Lin Xiao sighed and said: “My sword qi has completely destroyed his body function. If he is hard-supported, with his cultivation base, it will not be a problem to live for a day. Unfortunately, he has never passed his own level. !”

Di Lun wipes the sweat and says: “True risk, if he knows you will move this, there is some precaution, I am afraid it will not be so smooth!”

“No. I am this move, his wife knows that his two or three subordinates also know!”

“Ah, in this case, his wife why not tell him?”

“Two words, face!”

“This…subordinate still doesn’t understand!”

“His wife is a very strong woman. She has suffered a loss in my hands, and she still has a light-stricken approach. Therefore, she will definitely hide this thing. She will only say that I was seriously injured and escaped. The process is absolutely word-only. No mention!”

“Venerable, how do you know?”

Lin Xiao slightly smiled : “Nether Lord, I have seen this kind of person!”

“Fortunately, fortunately!”


Above, the twisted space is brighter and the suction is still increasing.

Lin Xiao looked at the three little beasts on the shoulders, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

These three guys are actually sleeping again.

“Nether Lord, when you came over, have you ever encountered Earth Dragon?”

“Earth Dragon? This subordinate has lived in Nether World for a long time, not quite clear!”

“Well, don’t worry about this, have you ever encountered a lifeform that shuttles through time and space?”

“No, the subordinate is sensed when it comes. The non-Primal Chaos Stage is not available, but the one who touches it will die!”

“Can you go here to collect one’s thoughts?”

“God World ?Venerable, is this?”

Lin Xiao looked at the dead environment, and said: “This is Saint World!”

Di Lun lost his voice: “Is it impossible? Subordinate Although I haven’t been to Saint World, isn’t it?”

Also, today’s Saint World, after many major damages, has become a ridiculous place, where there is a Saint World paradise.

“It’s hard to say a word, let me collect the same one’s thoughts!”


“Senior Gu, you all come over!” Lin Xiao divine sense sound transmission.

“little friend!” After receiving the news, Gu Mufeng and Space Sect disciple, Leng Tianyun, Qilin Divine Beast, and Ancient Monster Beast were all in the group.

“Qilin, ancient Monster Beast, how are you here?” Di Lun was shocked.

Qilin Divine Beast didn’t dare to put on Di Lun, frustrated: “Senior, don’t mention it, I lost my face and lost it!”

The ancient Monster Beast leader also said: “Yes, we are controlled, and only recently got relief!”

“What? Someone dares to control you?” Di Lun felt incredible.

“Don’t say it, the more you want to get angry!” Qilin Divine Beast was depressed.

“Venerable, subordinate is confused!” Di Lun said to Lin Xiao.

“Wait…” Qilin Divine Beast glared at Di Lun and the hoof pointed to Lin Xiao: “What do you call him?”

Di Lun appear strong, a shivered, busy shouted: “No rude, put your hooves down and apologize to Venerable!”

“I apologize to him… humans? What jokes?” Qilin Divine Beast was very upset.

“Bold!” Di Lun shouted with a shouted look: “Venerable is here, you can’t let it go wild!”

“You…Senior, who is he?”

“he is……”

Lin Xiao interrupted him: “Forget it, Nether Lord, don’t worry about these little things!”

“Not too happy to Venerable Hong En?” Di Lun was shouted again.

“I…I…” Qilin Divine Beast fainted.

The ancient Monster Beast group is also a fog, because they are too far away, the dialogue between the sword and Lin Xiao, they simply can’t hear.

“Nether Lord, forget it!” Lin Xiao said again.

“Venerable, Qilin is disrespectful, subordinate daring, willing to punish it for Venerable!”

“Hey, who is the dead, who is he?” Qilin Divine Beast got out of the way, simply, playing a temper.

Di Lun’s face is darker and said: “Qilin, read that you are Divine Beast, the old man doesn’t care about you. If you dare to disrespect Venerable, the old man will never be light!”

“Who is he?” Qilin Divine Beast is crazy.

“hmph, go ahead!” Di Lun smiled again.

“Roar, uh…” Qilin Divine Beast was really anxious and almost mobilized.

“Okay, don’t make trouble, Senior Gu, we’re going to collect one’s thoughts!” Lin Xiao opened the mouth and said.

“Yes!” Gu Mufeng responded.

“Senior Leng, what about you?”

Leng Tianyun A sly, void swears: “Please Senior please don’t. Just call the Junior name!”

“Well, what are you going to do?”

Leng Tianyun said: “Junior maintains Saint World and hundreds of millions of lights, even though it is in ruins, but it is difficult for Junior to give up. Not to mention, there are still many people in Saint World, I can’t leave them!”

“Okay, I agree with you!” Lin Xiao said, extend the hand palm, shoot three silver Little Brat: “Give me up!”

Three silver Little Brat squinted their eyes and naughtyly looked at Lin Xiao and slammed twice.

“Give me the good, stay here, protect this place, if Saint Venerable has any accidents, I will only ask you!” Lin Xiao’s tone is very serious.

“Ming…” The three Little Brats didn’t dare to slap, and immediately screamed and jumped over to Saint Venerable Leng Tianyun’s shoulder. Then, kneel down to sleep.

“I sweat!” Lin Xiao is speechless.

“Venerable, they…” Di Lun is a bit puzzled.

Lin Xiao smiled and said: “Do not worry, these three Little Brats, although the attack power is not high, but very resistant and resistant, even I can not surrender!”

“Oh!” He was shocked in his heart, and lifeform could not be surrendered by Lin Xiao’s strength. How powerful is this?

“let’s go!”

Everyone sent Yuanli to protect the body, and Di Lun took the road, and he set off to enter the twisted space, to collect one’s thoughts.

“We have to go too!”

Qilin Divine Beast and the ancient Monster Beast group opened the mouth and said.

Lin Xiao stared at Qilin Divine Beast and said, “If you go, you will definitely fight with Longlong!”


“Why?” Lin Xiao said sullenly: “There is no good bird!”

“You…” Qilin Divine Beast endured, “I promise, never fight with that Longlong Little Brat!”

“Look, if you haven’t arrived, you can say this. If you go to the place, you can’t beat the sky?”

“Well, I will listen to you, never fight with him!”

Lin Xiao waved his hand and said: “With you, you can’t beat him anyway. In addition, entering the time space, the defense must reach the strength of the Primal Chaos Stage, or you will die, can you?”

Qilin Divine Beast disdained: “Of course no problem, we are Divine Beast, the strongest is defense!”

“Okay, let’s go!”

Yu La, the entire group and the herd immersed in the time space and disappeared.

Outside, Leng Tianyun held the holy sword and looked at the scorched Saint World, eyes, and rosy.

Dignified Saint World, the cultivator supreme, is so badly hurt.

Tonight is a nightmare for all cultivators in Saint World.


In the distorted space, the powerful suction sucks everyone, and the pressure is even more surprising.

“So many entrances?” Lin Xiao looked at the front, the large and small twisted entrance, screaming.

Distorting space, the existence of non-Universe matter, or arguably, this is to break the existence of the universe and disrupt the existence of the Universe Order.

In it, I can’t feel the passage of time, as if everything is fixed.

Lin Xiao and the others divine sense sound transmission , cautiously forward.

Under normal circumstances, there is no sound at all, and it is more terrifying than in the outer space.

But if it exceeds its load, it is another matter.

God World.

A powerful twisted magnetic field appeared over a small planet, attracting many powerhouses to watch.

Here is the day, everything is bright and the dust is arguable.

Ancient wood swaying, mountain squatting, this is a safe place.

There are not many people in God World, and there are hundreds of people. The cultivation base of each person is in the God Emperor period, which is a top expert.

Moreover, they unified the black color and pointed to the sky and kept talking.

“You said, what is going on here? How come this thing out of thin air?”

“I can’t guess, this is a distorted space. It is recorded in the ancient book. It is vaguely mentioned that there is a major event in the universe.”

“Is there a major event?”

“Yes, I also know that the other Culture Worlds, including the demon and the devil, have also appeared.”

“It seems that there is a major event!”

“You just now not seeing it. There are actually many weapons floating in it. Those things are enough to cause any power to be jealous.”

“It’s a good thing, but unfortunately, even if God Venerable goes in, it immediately transforms into a bloody mist, and it’s dead, we… no chance!”

“I don’t know what sirs are going to do. With the strength of Covering Heaven Sect, it shouldn’t be difficult to get in!”

“Yeah, according to their style, they should have sent people, but they only ordered us to stay here, I really can’t figure it out!”

“Hey, Saint World fell and became the world of Covering Heaven Sect, and the times have changed!”

“No way, Covering Heaven Sect is too powerful, too many experts, you see those Sects that are unwilling to surrender, not all are eliminated? Forget it, can bear it!”

The first person said again: “You said, those white clothed disciple that suddenly appeared, can you escape?”

“Difficult, Covering Heaven Sect has a deep foundation, white clothed disciple cultivation base. Although it is high, it can be hard to avoid calamity!”


Distorted space shocks, as if the sky had to be collapsed.

“Look, there is an exception!”

“I will inform sirs!”


A group of people burst out of the twisted space.

“Ah, someone is out!”

“They… there is Monster Race!”

“Full alert!”

In an instant, the black silhouette will surround the silhouette that comes out.

However, the black-colored silhouette is only a hundred people, and there are more than two hundred.

Coupled with the herd, their power is very thin.

These people come out, it is Lin Xiao and so on.

“Covering Heaven Sect people!” Lin Xiao killing intent exposed, aura shocking.

“Well, no, their cultivation base is obviously their own Middle Universe!” He found clues.

“Who are you?” Among them, a large man of God Emperor late-stage snarls.

Lin Xiao looked at him and said, “Who are you?”

“I am the Covering Heaven Sect peripheral discipline, quickly report your name, and obediently surrender, go back with us!”

“impudent!” Space Sect disciple was angry, and several people released their momentum. The hundreds of tall ones on the spot trembled and almost fell to the ground.

Too scary!

Lin Xiao Emei: “The power of Covering Heaven Sect has spread so fast?”

He saw that Covering Heaven Sect was around, and in the case of God World’s Power Network, this was simply impossible.

God Emperor late-stage’s large man said: “Yes, the entire God World is now in the hands of Covering Heaven Sect.”

Lin Xiao was a mistake, but he immediately relieved.

This is a matter of time, he knows.

“What other major forces?”

“The Moon Alliance was compiled by Covering Heaven Sect. Tongtiange was killed more than half and surrendered. As for the Dark Alliance, it was destroyed by a mysterious force, one did not stay!”

“What? Destroyed by mysterious power?” Lin Xiao was slightly surprised.

“Yes, this power came very abruptly. Covering Heaven Sect didn’t react at all. It was too late to investigate, and the Diablo Alliance was destroyed!”

Despite the momentum of the Space Sect disciple, the large man is a lot more honest.

“Oh!” Lin Xiao nodded, but my heart is thinking about who is the hand.

“Senior…” Black color is a large man.

“Right, you all joined Covering Heaven Sect?”

“I don’t know Senior, we did join, but we are all forced!”

Lin Xiao waved his hand and said: “From now on, you can regain your freedom and you can leave. The good days of Covering Heaven Sect are coming to an end!”

“Really…really?” everyone was delighted.

“wait and see!” Lin Xiao didn’t say much, and he was ready to go.


The twisted space above the sky suddenly exploded, and the powerful suction made Lin Xiao and the others unprepared and all sucked in.


God World screams, soul destroyed.

“What happened?” Lin Xiao stabilized the figure in the twisted space and went around.

However, in addition to the turbulent time of the hurricane, everything is as old as the entrance.


Once again, there was no sign, and one of the entrances suddenly passed the suction, sucking in Lin Xiao and others.


The light is highlighted and they fall out of the distorted space.

“There are enemies sneaking in!” The figure slammed, and it was shouted, and then surrounded by people.

Lin Xiao looked at it, dumbfounded.

The people around him are actually above the God Sovereign period, and even there are two Saint Emperor period experts.

These two Saint Emperor are old man, a silk clothes, holding a sword, and the wind is boundless.


If you don’t say anything, the second old man will order, you have to shoot…

“Wait…” Lin Xiao yelled.

However, the two old man did not care, and nearly 100 attacks from the God Sovereign Expert attacked and almost smashed Heaven and Earth.

“Not rude!” Gu Mufeng shouted, the palm of the hand shocked, the attack completely dissipated.

“What?” This move, the people around them shook back.

With a single wave, the attacks of 100 God Sovereign disappeared. They asked themselves that it was impossible to do so easily.

“Who are you?” one of them asked.

Lin Xiao looked around all around and found that the atmosphere here is different, dark green, I don’t know which planet it is.

“We are not malicious, accidentally attracted to the space by the twisted space!” Lin Xiao explained.

“Is it?” Two old man did not believe.

“I don’t have to lie to you. Now, please do it, let us leave, and let’s avoid it!”

Two old man whispered, one of them immediately left, the remaining old man gloomily said: “brat, when the old man is a three-year-old child? This distorted space is not two or three days, how can you be so smart, but why Falling here? If you don’t have something to do, old man is hard to win!”

“Roar… human, what do you want?” Qilin sighed.

“en? legendary Divine Beast ?” old man glances at the terrifying rays of light.

“Human, this Divine Beast can’t spare you!” Qilin said.

Old man coldly snorted : “Dare to kill me, you are the first person ever!”

“What? The dead mountain?” Lin Xiao was shocked.


Lin Xiao feels incredible.

One of the four Great Forbidden Lands in God World, it is an infinite mysterious attraction.

The reason why it is named after death is that it is indeed a grave, and anyone close to it will die.

However, he absolutely could not think of it, there will be people in the castle. Moreover, the cultivation base is very high.