Universe Source Art Chapter 705

Absolute city.

Star Sect,

Lin Xiao appeared at the door.

Along the way, he felt a lot, and Cultivator World was full of details.

Like Immortal World, there is also a twisting space in the sky, but no one cares.

The visions of Heaven and Earth have gone up. As long as they don’t threaten life, they won’t pay attention.

Of course, there are a lot of people to explore, but after killing a few Nine Tribulations Loose Immortal, no one dares to take a step.

Over time, the twisted space is uninhabited, and there is no movement. They also save the adventure.

After such a long time, Star Sect has long been a Cultivator World first great faction, although very low-key, no one dares to provoke.

Star Sect on Blue Crystal Planet, the old site, can’t be called a majestic style, can only be considered a good courtyard.

At the door, two white clothed disciple stand upright, standing straight, cultivation base in Crossing Tribulation early-stage.

Lin Xiao saw this, slightly nodded, it seems that what Qian Shenhui left behind is still useful. Generally, Sect’s Crossing Tribulation Stage is considered an expert. How can it be used to stand up?

He stepped inside and stepped in…

“Who?” The two representatives reacted the first time and immediately shouted.

Lin Xiao looked at the two young male disciplines, slightly smiled, saying: “Where is Star Sect here?”

One of the male disciples glanced at him and said, “What do you want to do?”

“Oh, I have something!”

“Please quote your name, I will go all night!”

“Okay, my name is Lin Xiao!”

“Well, Lin Xiao is…” After he finished, he just turned, but his body trembled and turned again. Loudly said: “What is your name?”

“Lin Xiao !”

Two male disciples glanced at each other and looked carefully. The first male disciple was busy: “Please wait!”

Yu La, figure flashed and ran towards it.

Lin Xiao smiled dumbly and stood still.

Outside the door, in the distance, there are people watching.

“Look, another one to please Star Sect!”

“Yeah, what kind of people have this year, Star Sect is not another gang, send gifts and so on can go in, they collect people, can’t test, who you are, no doors!”

“Yes, because of this, Star Sect’s Elder Qu Tian also issued a notice. Anyone who wants to enter through other means will be blasted. Just look at this situation and it seems that someone has notified it!”

“Hey, someone informed? Isn’t that saying, Star Sect wants to meet him?”


“No? For so many years, but if you want to go through this way, you have never seen them meet one? Is their style changed?”

“I can’t say, maybe, this black clothed person has other things!”

“No, except for Star Sect, to test here, other things, have to rush to Taigar. Besides, there is a song Elder sitting here, who dares not so long, hit the needle tip?”

“Look, people are out!”

Gradually, more and more people are onlookers.

Lin Xiao listened to all of this in his ears, and he smiled in his heart.

At the same time, however, it has also proved that the development of Star Sect has been implanted.

Inside the door, the white clothed disciple brought an old man out.

The two came to the door, Lin Xiao first opened: “Uncle Qu!”

Qu Tian stunned and then excitedly yelled, saying: “Qu Tian pay respects to Elder !”

“Don’t, don’t, get up, you are my Uncle Qu!” Lin Xiao hurriedly lifted him up.

“Child, you finally got home!” Qu Tian’s eyes flashed in tears.

“I have something to come back, I have to go in a few days!”

Qu Tian glimpsed: “What is it? So urgent?”

“This… we are advanced to talk about it!”

“Yes, yes, you see me old confused!” Qu Tian finished, and then seemed to think of something, yelling at the two disciplines: “What are you doing stupidly? Elder Lin is back, don’t you greet?”

“Disciple Yang Yu, Yang Feng, pay respects to Elder Lin!” Two white clothed disciple squatted and squatted.

Lin Xiao reluctantly, after raising the two, said: “Star Sect does not have to kneel, remember later, you perform well!”

“Thank you… Xie Elder!” The two were praised by Lin Xiao and shivered with joy.

“Let’s go in!”

Yu La, with the Qu Tian into the with the sect.

“Wow, rely on, Lin Xiao, Star Sect Lin Xiao is back!”

Outside, everyone is crazy.

“I didn’t think that, after so long, he actually came back. What did he want?”

“Is it still a guess? It’s definitely coming back to see how Star Sect is going? By the way, remove the dissatisfied opponent!”

“Looking at the original, Lin Xiao gave the Cultivator Alliance, Demon World Heavenly Demon Sect, and Kunlun Faction all the best. At that time, Cultivator World was very lively!”

“You said he left so long, where have you been?”

“Of course Immortal World!”

“Immortal World? How fascinating this is, but unfortunately, I don’t know why, even if I reach the big-late peak, I can’t get the light!”

“Yeah, I don’t know what happened, it should be related to the distorted space of the sky. It is blocking the aura, so that communication can’t be carried out!”

The two disciplines at the door are still excited. A high-level leader, a subtitle to his subordinates, can often play a big role, even if it is unintentional.

Inside the door.

In the Star Palace.

Lin Xiao has informed the general situation and explained that he wants 10,000 representatives, and his qualifications are not the best, but his heart must be good.

After listening to it, Qu Tian was completely dizzy, which was already beyond his acceptance.

The battle between Universe and Universe, he feels dreaming.

“Child, you say, who you want, even if I have the old bones, I can do it!” Qu Tian is full of passion.

“Go, let’s go to Taigar first, I haven’t seen Town Chief for a long time!”

“Okay, let’s get off now!”

After that, he simply replied two sentences and went to Taigar Planet with Lin Xiao.

In Blue Crystal Star’s Star Sect, he used to be the master of the house. Because he couldn’t choose the discipline to take over the Sect Master, he had to take it first.

Also, he dropped aura to the Great Ascension late-stage, saying that he was re-cultivating.

The reason is simple. In the past, Saint Venerable has consolidated the space. The cultivation base beyond Cultivator World will be automatically excluded, and Qu Tian will hide it by array.

Later, Situ Feng and Yang Yuqi came to Immortal World, and Qu Tian worried that Star Sect was not working well, so he appeared and made up this lie.

Although some people have doubted, but they are afraid of the power of Star Sect, they are not clear, and no one dares to swear by Saint Venerable.

In this way, Qu Tian sits, Star Sect’s reputation is in full swing, covering up all sect.

Over the years, the discipline has been nearly 5 million, which is terrible.

After Lin Xiao knew this, he didn’t say much. With so many disciplines, the difference between good and bad is inevitable. Qu Tian can’t be fully in place.


Desert Cloud Galaxy.

Taigar Planet.

Falling to the peak.

Star great hall,

Qu Tian, ​​Lin Xiao, Town Chief Yang Huai, Wu Gong, and his treasure disciple, Haoshi Star, Gan Jie, etc…

More conspicuous, there are two young men, one red and one cloth, which is the ordinary and ordinary that Lin Xiao encountered.

Lin Xiao took the lead and listened to the people’s remarks. His face was full of smiles.

Star Sect, it is finally strong.

Wu Gong, also known as Wu Fengcai, is not a busy worker. He not only has to train the discipline, but also takes some big sects, Aristocratic Family as his target, and has to work hard in the door. He can say that he has a lot of heart.

Town Chief Yang Huai, his cultivation base has reached Profound Immortal early-stage, and aura is also the Great Ascension late-stage, with the same purpose as Qu Tian.

After Wu Fengcai finished speaking, he was shocked and said: “One thing that happened a few years ago, almost put my old life into it!”

Lin Xiao: “What happened?”

Wu Fengcai cautiously said: “Blood Demon is not dead!”

“What?” Lin Xiao shocked.

“It is true, he is not only not dead, but more powerful. He appeared here, we must kill us, especially my discipline!”

Lin Xiao nervously said: “What about the last?”

Wu Fengcai wiped the cold sweat and said: “I almost hanged up. At the end of life or death, I didn’t know where to come out with a white dog. I just forced Blood Demon away. At that time, we were all shocked, too fierce! ”

“Dog?” Lin Xiao thought of it.

“Since that time, Blood Demon has not appeared again, we are not relaxed!”

“He didn’t die?” Lin Xiao said: “Where is he going now?”

“Elder Lin, you see if you come back this time, can you take me with my treasure disciple?” Wu Feng laughed at Hehe’s way.

Lin Xiao’s face: “No!”

Wu Fengcai bitterly said, “Cultivator World really has nothing to mix, my discipline is a ghost, even I have been taken away by him. As for what alliance, family, sect, he is even more like nowhere. There is really nothing to challenge!”

Lin Xiao looked at Gan Jie, he has now reached the Great Ascension late-stage, but he can’t get the light of the lead, it’s hard to fly that’s all.

Thinking of this, he suddenly asked: “Uncle Qu, I remember that you have sent a message before, saying that someone in the door is flying up?”

Qu Tian said: “Yes, but after receiving your news, I will let them hold the cultivation base. I know, even if you deliberately release it, you can’t fly. I don’t know why, it is estimated that there is room for distortion in the sky. relationship!”

“Not flying up!” Lin Xiao said.

“Senior, the little old man has ordered you to take the wind and wash the dust, please move!” Town Chief Yang Huai said.

Lin Xiao hehe smiled: “Town Chief is not so polite, I do have an urgent matter, this is exempt. Now immediately summon disciple gather, I want to choose someone!”

“Well, old man is going to do it!” Yang Huai also knows Lin Xiao, not talking much, hurried away.



Lin Xiao carrying his hands and looking at Tianyu, his heart mixed.

More than you, once again back to the beginning of everything, Cultivator World.

Unconsciously, the war has broken out and the time has passed.

“Child, everyone is coming, just under the peak!” Qu Tian came behind him, gently said.

At this time, the Taigar sky is at noon and the sun is thick.

Lin Xiao hearing this, the eyes are looking down, and sure enough, the discipline of the hundred thousand people stand together, neat and orderly.

“Hundred thousand?” Lin Xiao asked.

“I am afraid of many people, affecting you to pick people. This is finished, and then change a batch, the disciplines are coming back!”

“Good!” Lin Xiao is grateful, Qu Tian can be described as a good intention, afraid of picking mistakes.

Divine sense Invades everyone’s Sea of ​​Consciousness and understands who they are.

“Well, just let them, and then call them together after the pick!” Lin Xiao finished, his hand waved, and he was picked up by the disciple, and there was an inexplicable star.

And the disciplines are still wondering.

“They are too young, even if the Sea of ​​Consciousness has been smashed, is it still unconscious?” Lin Xiao shook his head.

“Everything is gone!” Qu Tian spoke, the voice was rolling like a thunder, the disciple was nothing, and there was nothing dissatisfied.

In this way, for five consecutive days, I finally picked up enough people, but there is still, but time is not allowed.

Moreover, all the disciplines are male.

It’s not Lin Xiao’s patriarchal, choosing them is almost letting them die.

Other people he dare not use, only the stars discipline, he rest assured.

When the 10,000 people learned that they were selected by Lin Xiao, each and everyone was very happy.

Lin Xiao, a great god who lived in their minds for a long time, turned over the decades-old case and smashed several forces into the sky. They were envious.

They also expect that they will one day be able to cherish the ages and become famous.

Female disciple is very angry and screaming unfair.

Lin Xiao didn’t say much, because what he said now, no one listened at all, it was all psychological. It is considered that men and women are light and female disciple are not convinced.

At the moment, he will collect the disciples, then pat the butt flash, leaving a lot of trouble for Qu Tian and Town Chief.

Going with Lin Xiao, except for the 10,000 name, there are Wu Fengcai, Gan Jie, ordinary, ordinary, plus the old madman in the night valley.

The arrival of the old madman was a surprise to Lin Xiao. Didn’t he say that he would never be alive?

“My Master is dead, I am going to find him old man!” This is the old madman’s words, quite pessimistic.

Ask him who Master is, how to know, he does not say anything!

And Wu Fengcai is also a face-to-face, with the old madman, this fellow apprentices does not say a word, no different from the enemy, which makes ordinary and ordinary very embarrassing.

They are the old madman’s discipline, saying that Wu Feng is Martial Uncle, but the old madman does not allow them to call.

However, Wu Feng sometimes did not sing against him, forcing them to call.

After learning about these situations, Lin Xiao turned his eyes and took the pair of strange treasures. This war may add some other temperament.

It took five days to get back through the twisted space for nearly a day, plus the time he came, he only had three days.

Ten days later, the Battle of the Galaxy will stage the Battle of the Universe.

God World.

Tao Wuxing,

喋 Blood Demon City.

Lin Xiao appears from the distorted space.

“Brother Lin brother…” Chen Hua and others waited the same as last time and immediately greeted them.

“Is there any change?” the entire group said as he walked and walked into the hall.

“Venerable, the teacher has concentrated all the people of the two worlds, and three days later, we rushed to the battlefield of the Galaxy!” Yu Huai’s excited.

Lin Xiao sat in the chair and said: “It doesn’t matter how many people are small, and expert is the key!”

Hearing this, Yu Huai was silent.

Others have nothing to say, Nether Lord Di Lun said: “This war will be a test of the survival of life or death. No matter what, we only have one fight!”

“Is there any idea how many people are in the Upper Universe?”

Yu Huai’an said: “Not much, probably about 20 million!”

“20 million? This is not much? What about us?”

“Through the accumulation of these days, the number has exceeded 100 million!”

Lin Xiao stunned and said: “so to speak, they don’t really have 20 million!”


“What about the power? Cultivation base?”

“In the 100 million people, there are only a few teachers in the Nihility period, more than 20 people in the Primal Chaos Stage, more than 10,000 in Saint Venerable, and others are under Saint Venerable!”

“Is it all Saint World?”

In Huai’an Ai’s way: “Most of it is God World, and Immortal World!”

Lin Xiao almost fainted: “God World may be the starting point, but what about Immortal World?”

“This… this is the whole thing of Culture World, and of course they can’t be left out!”

“That can’t let them go to death in vain, this kind of clear loss trading, I don’t agree!”

“It’s too late, the teacher uses Divine Ability, and she will be the first to send the people of the two worlds to the battlefield near the Galaxy. Saint World will be here soon!”

“What?” When he heard this, Lin Xiao snorted and complexion ashen said: “What do you want to do with Pangu? Isn’t he afraid that the people of Upper Universe will kill them all?”

“The teacher said no, the people of Upper Universe promised that within ten days, nothing will happen!”

“hmph, can you believe them?”

Yu Huai’s helpless words: “This is the decision of the teacher. I am a discipline, and I have no power to interfere. In addition, the people of the two worlds, the gods and the gods, are all personally recruited to these two places, so, Those who participate in the war are willing to do it!”

Lin Xiao put out a breath, said: “Well, since you have arranged this, I have nothing to say.”

“The teacher also said…”


“When time is up, I will take you to the battlefield of the Galaxy!”