Universe Source Art Chapter 711

However, they have no choice but to blink.

If they dare to move, they will definitely be involved in it, and if they do not, they will have to catch up.

Crossing Tribulation can improve strength, but mortality is also high.

It can be clearly heard, the screams of heartbreaking and the aftermath of the outer space.

Others have also been scared.

These thunderous seas are only seen in their lives.

“Boom, Bang…”

Above, the Universe Soul is quite a few people, regardless of the Xuanyuan.


Heaven and Earth are rolling, the space is shuddering, and the thunderbolt illuminates the dark outer space, smashing the large void.

Inside, there are people who are falling, there are stars discipline, Space Sect disciple, and God Emperor middle-stage of Upper Universe.


The battlefield of the Galaxy, which is 10 billion kilometers long, gives people the feeling of being broken. The battle is too strong, even the ancient battlefield can not bear.

Both sides are coming out of the nest, one is in aggression and the other is guarding.

After hundreds of years of infighting, I finally tore up the face, life or death.

This is a battle without any language, either born or dead.


Tribulation thunder blasts, breaks Heaven and Earth, shatters void, destroys everything.

Lin Xiao can clearly feel that the stars discipline has died a lot.

Similarly, the Upper Universe’s God Emperor middle-stage also died a lot.


A long sword came in, and Lin Xiao leaned sideways and barely escaped.

This is the powerhouse of the God Emperor late-stage.

When he fixed his eyes, he stopped.

Because, this silhouette, it is the emperor of the Upper Universe.

“Divided?” Lin Xiao thought of it for a moment.

“Dead!” The Emperor of the Upper Universe has the same strength as the God Emperor late-stage and is still the top.

With Lin Xiao’s current strength, he is completely passive and unable to counterattack.

His little by little defeated, being forced to be awkward.


Two more people came out and the three killed Lin Xiao.

“It’s a avatar!” Lin Xiao, of course, these three avatars are the three people who fought against Universe Soul.

The strength of the avatar is very strong, all in the late-stage, Lin Xiao is stretched and can’t cope.

He was very upset, why did the Universe Soul not make a avatar?

“en!” Lin Xiao screamed, hit by three avatars and flew backwards.

“Boss…” Longlong saw it, desperate to come over, but the other God Emperor of the Upper Universe was very powerful, and the middle-stage was very powerful, and the Longlong entire group was wrapped up.

If you are slightly distracted, you will be severely wounded.


A tragedy broke through the outer space, and the shocked Lin Xiao stunned.

He looked at the source and saw a silhouette. The blood was blown and the body almost broke.

“Xiaofei!” Lin Xiao, the man is Nangong Fei, who was almost killed by three expert sneak attacks of God Emperor late-stage.


Lin Xiao screams, he is a god, immediately hit by three avatars, three long sword, almost divided him into several paragraphs.

“source re-condensing!” This is the only stunt he can do to repair his body.

“void eclipse!” In the distance, Li Qifeng pressed over.


One of the three was separated, blood was flowing, and a palm print appeared on the body.

This blow did not solve him.

“Roar…” Li Qifeng went crazy, he felt the crisis of Lin Xiao and wanted to rescue.

However, his opponent, seven or eight God Emperor late-stage, does not give him the opportunity to go back, recruiting and pointing to the key, killing the heart, impatient.

“Kill!” Three screams, the attack is more and more fierce, and Lin Xiao is in jeopardy.

“Xiaofei!” After seeing the seriously injured Nangong Fei was besieged again, he was anxious and angry.


Nangong Fei was once again hit, and Aura was weak and dying.

“Xiaofei ……” Lin Xiao fired, desperately heading for Nangong Fei.


Long sword approached, sword qi stunned, Lin Xiao had no time to react.


The pain was passed down, and Lin Xiao shouted involuntarily, three long swords, and completely penetrated him again.

“Holy shit, your mother!” He shouted, Source Power was running, his body broke out, and forcibly shook the three long swords and popped them up.


In a flash, Lin Xiao rushed with blood, Star Sword counterattack, on the spot will cut off one of the three bodies, the other two almost no head.

“Xiaofei!” no longer cares about them, Lin Xiao flutters.

“Wow, wow…”

When he arrived, he reached for a wave, and the sword qi rolled over, besieging the opponent of Nangong Fei, and was immediately smashed clean.

“Xiaofei!” Lin Xiao mourned, Nangong Fei was very hurt, everything with the body was shattered, and even Golden Nascent Soul disappeared by two-thirds.

“I… I can’t do it!” Nangong Fei smiled bleakly.

“No, you can’t die anymore!”

“Be careful!” Just then, the enemy sneak attack.


Lin Xiao gave all the power and turned to the opponent.


The waves are smashing, the light waves destroy everything, and within the hundred zhang, everything is turned into Nihility.


In the distance, Li Qifeng was full of blood and the stars were scared.

A few experts were shocked, Li Qifeng ignored the life or death, they were chilling.

“Kill, kill…” Longlong screamed, and everyone was bloody, with their own and opponents.

In other places, the war was fierce and terrible, and everywhere, the war was high, and the void was burned.

A lot of blood, countless stumps, bloody weapons, filled with the battlefield of the Milky Way.

Countless meteorites, small Planet, exploded one after another, broken one after another.

In this Heaven and Earth, the battlefield of the Milky Way dominates death and blood, and plays slaughter and desire.


Countless people screamed, their voices were stunned, and it sounded so scary.

In the battlefield, there is an inexplicable person, but wherever he goes, no matter who he is, he is rapidly aging, lost years, and opportunity to live. I am so old.

“This is this person, that is him!” Nangong Fei suddenly yelled.


Lin Xiao holds Nangong Fei and holds the sword in one hand and kills the person.

He guarded the two with Star Screen and prevented the rapid loss of time.


The other two were moved, they stopped Lin Xiao and madly intercepted.


Lin Xiao vomited blood backwards, he has to take care of Nangong Fei, but also to block two separate attacks, it is very difficult.

“You let me go, I fight with them!” Nangong Fei aura is weak and speaks very hard.

“You shut me up, Xiaodan, they are dead, Brother Feng, Sister Yuqi whereabouts unknown, I can’t let you happen again!” Lin Xiao shouted.


A distraction, the Upper Universe’s avatar, a sword condensed by the Universe, once again penetrated his body, showing a horrible blood hole.

“No, let me go!” Nangong Fei was frightened, and if he went on, both of them would die.

“Brother Lin!” Chen Hua’s eyes were red, Lin Xiao was hurt by that many, but he couldn’t help.

“Venerable, I am coming!” Nether Lord fell into a blood-soaked, and he smashed the encirclement.

On the way, he missed the cultivation base that had lost nearly 100 million years, and destroyed the soul of the person who used the years.

“Nether Lord, take care of him!” Deliver Nangong Fei to the Nether Lord and enter the stock Source Power to save him as much as possible.

Lin Xiao stopped the blood, killing intent boundless.

Due to excessive blood loss, his face was very pale, although his cold temperament continued to climb, as if ten thousand zhang Profound Ice was around.

“Crying God Extinguishing the Heaven!” When it comes up, Lin Xiao doesn’t want to drag the time.


The real killing is invisible, the electric light is like a flashing star, it is a little bit, and the word qi disappears.


One of the avatars exploded, leaving only the Upper Universe emperor.


He used all his strength and barely solved one.


Upper Universe’s avatar shot, the attack was all intertwined with Great Dao, the horror was boundless, destroying a void and sinking.

“Martial Breaking the Heaven and Earth!” gathered up the residual power and blew it.


Lin Xiao fell back, the wound broke open, and the rest of the blood went out again.

“Hateful!” Nether Lord, but can’t help, he can’t leave Nangong Fei.

“hehe ……” ridiculed, very cruel.


In the distance, Pangu was also injured and their opponents were more serious.


The Upper Universe’s avatar disappeared, but it took the sky.

Lin Xiao is as dead as he is, he knows that he can’t stop this blow.

He has run out of light.

“Beep, sing…” The crisp light picked up, the three silver lights flickered, forcibly forced the back, and the Upper Universe’s avatar was revealed.

“It’s you!” Lin Xiao was overjoyed.

“Senior!” Saint Venerable Leng Tianyun was in the blood and he was also seriously injured.

“Kill!” There is nothing to say, Lin Xiao said directly.

“Yes!” Leng Tianyun daggers, he rushed to the expert of God Monarch late-stage.

“Ming, Ming…” Three silver Little Brat squatted on Lin Xiao’s shoulder and shouted excitedly.

“What are you so happy about? I am hanging!” Lin Xiao helpless with said a smile.

“Beep, sing…” Little Brat called very energetic, one of them, opened his mouth and slowly spit out a bright Jingchang thing.

“Future Crystal? How come you are here?” Lin Xiao was shocked.

“Get it!” The Upper Universe’s avatar suddenly shouted, and he will grab it.

“Ming…” will hand over the future crystal to Lin Xiao, and the three Little Brats will meet the enemy and kill the avatar.

“Future Crystal!” Lin Xiao muttered to herself.


Upper Universe’s avatar was angry, and the three Little Brats couldn’t die, and they couldn’t touch him.

“This… what is going on?” Lin Xiao had a big shock because of the flash of light on his elbow, a colorful star print.

“Does Star Seal Mark react?” Lin Xiao said nothing.

“Boom, Bang…”

The earthquake was fierce and the people of Upper Universe came to reinforce.

“Hateful, the dimension space is not sealed, their reinforcements are constantly flowing, and the dimension space must be destroyed!” Nether Lord yelled.


This time, the Upper Universe has thousands of people, the cultivation base is in the God Monarch middle-stage, and the God Emperor middle-stage.

Their participation has turned the battlefield a lot.

Upper Universe lost nearly 10 million, while Middle Universe is no less than 70 million, far more than three times.


The low boring swayed everyone’s heartstrings, and the listeners all raised them.

Looking up, Universe Soul was seriously injured, and the Emperor of Upper Universe was not good with the other two old men.

However, looking at the situation, it seems that the Universe Soul is even more bleak.

Upper Universe’s emperor, gnashing teeth said: “old bastard, this time I see what other tricks you can do to reverse Heaven and Earth?”

Universe Soul calmed down and wiped the blood, saying: “Everything is fixed, Universe is fair!”

“Fair fart, this Sovereign has to master it, control it, rule it, let it fall at the foot of this Sovereign!”

Universe Soul shook his head: “You are wrong, Universe is the cradle of everything, we are the product of it, no one can let it bow!”

“hehe, wait for you to die, everything is this Sovereign, kill!” Three shots. Universe Soul meets.


This time, just a few strokes, Universe Soul was suffering wounded and vomiting blood backwards.

“You can’t do it!” The three follow-up, the style is very fierce, all is Great Dao.


Universe Soul flew backwards, blood spouted, and shocked: “Time back?”

“hahaha, yes, this Sovereign Upper Universe is the Upper Universe, know why there is a difference between high and low? Because of this, this Sovereign Upper Universe has rules you don’t have!”

Universe Soul was shocked and said: “Space Law third form, against the sky!”

“en? You know?” The Emperor of Upper Universe feels very strange.

“In the air, you actually realized it?” Universe Soul said.

“Kill!” The three are not nonsense, killing the Universe Soul is the most important.

“The stars of Universe Source are out!” Universe Soul made a big move.


An old man, immediately transformed into a bloody mist, disappeared.

“Space Law third form, against the sky!” The Emperor of the Upper Universe, hit the bloody long sword.


With the blood jet, the Universe Soul simply can’t hide.


Universe Soul’s face was as flat as ever, even though he was wounded by heavy wounds, he didn’t even wrinkle his brows, and the palm of the Upper Universe flew.

Another old man took the opportunity to go up and attempted a fatal blow.

“Crying God Extinguishing the Heaven!” Lin Xiao came in. He killed this side, even though he didn’t have a lot of Source Power, but he couldn’t wince if he saw the Universe Soul.

Universe Soul is the key to the whole battle. Once he has problems, the victory and defeat of the entire battle will be self-evident.


Unexpectedly, Lin Xiao’s raid, the assassination of the Universe Soul’s old man in the middle of the sword, was twisted into a myriad of segments by the powerful sword art, body dies and Dao disappears.

The light flashed and the soul escaped.

Lin Xiao wants to chase, but unfortunately, he has more than enough heart and lack of strength.

“Child, be careful!” Universe Soul suddenly yelled.


He didn’t have a chance to respond, and the Upper Universe’s emperor banged.

Lin Xiao only feels as if was struck by lightening, the consciousness is blurred, and the whole body is not good.


The upper universe of Upper Universe wants to completely obliterate Lin Xiao.

Universe Soul wants to save, but he is too late…

“Brother Lin brother…” Chen Hua is arrogant and heartbreaking.

“Boss!” Longlong turned into a body, golden light dazzled, broke through the encirclement, and killed.

“Lin Xiao, you die!” The Emperor of Upper Universe laughed, he didn’t know, in the Dimensional Universe, his son was inside.

As long as Lin Xiao had an accident, his son could not live.

Lin Xiao is proud of being born, knowing that he is dead. He will not take others to threaten. In the eyes of others, it is obviously looking for dead end. No way, his arrogance has been planted in the bones.

In his eyes, only strength can prove everything, and he is deeply shameless, not to mention taking others to threaten and save his life.

“Dog’s day, don’t you want your son?” Longlong Qing Xiao, the body has not arrived, the voice has passed.

“What? The son of this Sovereign is in your hands?” The emperor who was preparing to kill the killer, suddenly heard it.

“Yes, your son is in our hands, you dare to move the boss, your son will die!” Longlong arrived.

Universe Soul also stopped the injury and looked at the Emperor of the Upper Universe, ready to shoot.

The Emperor of Upper Universe stared at Lin Xiao in front of him. He could kill him at any time and asked: “brat, is the son of this Sovereign really in your hands?”

Lin Xiao proudly said: “Yes, but you can rest assured that I will never threaten you with your son, kill it!”

“What are you talking about?” He suspected that he had got it wrong.

Lin Xiao coldly said: “He is him, I am me, you can kill me, I will not embarrass him, they will not!”

“Your words are trustworthy?”

“believing or not by you!”

“Good!” The Emperor of Upper Universe slammed Lin Xiao and then looked towards Universe Soul: “Hand over the son of this Sovereign, you can exchange him for a life!”

“Boss!” Longlong was anxious, and it was clear that in Lin Xiao’s Dimensional Universe, Longlong didn’t understand what he wanted to do.

“Do you pay?” The Emperor of the Upper Universe was scared.

Universe Soul shouted: “Let him go first!”

“hehe…” The Emperor of Upper Universe was very gloomy, he looked toward towards Lin Xiao, and was about to say something, but his face suddenly changed.

“This is… Star Seal’s aura, brat, how can you have it? Is it really in your Star Sect?” He was excited, and at the same time, Lin Xiao’s elbow, the Star Seal Mark flashed.


As soon as the momentum broke out, Lin Xiao directly opened the restriction and drove the Emperor of the Upper Universe.

A round bead ball appears in the void with a silky silk on the top.

It exudes fascinating rays of light, echoing the Star Seal.