Universe Source Art Chapter 716

“Who is he?” Zhu Tianyu asked.

“Universe Dust Net!” Distorted spiritual sense.

“What? Is he not ignoring the world?”

“I am not sure!”

After Lin Xiao heard it, the heart of the earthquake, this old man is actually the Universe dust net, then he is not a spiritual sense?

“Venerable, give me the weapon, I am going to get rid of the twisted spiritual sense!” The space swallows the beast.

“Give you!” Lin Xiao explored the Sea of ​​Qi position and found that something was still there, reaching for a wave and a black big knife appeared.

“Space Blood Treasure, Supreme Saint Artifact of this Sovereign!” Zhu Tianyi will grab the hand.

The white-haired puppy stood up, and the two front paws that did not match held the handle and chopped off Zhu Tianyu, who was rushing over.


Space swallowed the beast’s strength is very strong, actually forced him back.


Supreme Saint Artifact formidable power is boundless, and the blade glow sways and sways to the twisted spiritual sense.


Without any resistance to the ability to distort the spirit sense.

“Sure enough, it’s a good weapon!” The space swallowed the beast.

“This Sovereign is not sweet!” Zhu Tianyi, he knows the current situation, will die.

“Don’t die together!” He was mad, which made Lin Xiao horrified.

People in Upper Universe have such a feature and like to blew themselves.

“Well, run away!” The space swallowed the beast.

Lin Xiao is very clear and can’t escape.

Exploding with his cultivation base is enough to close the entire fairy Galaxy.

Their speed is fast, and it is impossible to be faster than the self-destructive formidable power.


Zhu Tianqi blew himself up. The emperor of the dignified Upper Universe went to the desperate situation and refused to end his fate. He chose the extreme method.

“I sealed!” Lin Xiao hit Star Screen to minimize the aftermath.

At the same time, he within the body flew out a tripod, zoomed in very quickly, and Zhu Tianyu was taken in.

At the same time, three silver lights flashed and three Little Brats drilled in.

“They…” Lin Xiao was shocked and couldn’t stop it.

“hong long long ……”

The whole outer space is shaking, and the big trip is more than shaking.

For a long time, everything is calm.


The tripod was broken, nothing was done, and the wind was light.

“What about them? Is it…” For three Little Brats, Lin Xiao is very fond of it.

The Universe dust net came to the front and said: “This is their mission. It is impossible to smooth out this trip alone. Only by integrating themselves can they offset his self-destructive wave!”

“They…it’s really a big boost for me to win!” Lin Xiao said, as the Universe dust net said, without them, they might be killed.

“Just like this… is it finished?” The space swallowed the beast and still couldn’t believe it.

“It’s over!” Lin Xiao calmed down and put out a breath.

“You are very good, Universe did not choose you wrong!” Universe dust net opened the mouth and said.

“many thanks Senior acknowledge !” Lin Xiao is all over.

“Be well guarded, I am gone. Although they are dead, they will still be with me after all!” After the old man finished, the figure disappeared and returned to the Universe.

“What does this mean?” Lin Xiao didn’t understand.

“Let’s go!” First, he returned to Earth.

“Boss!” Outside the outer space, the tortoise is waving two claws.

“Is it you?” Lin Xiao was amazed.

“hehe, of course it is me, how? Surprised?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Of course it is to help you, the avatar was killed by me, Earth is okay!”

Lin Xiao looked at it and put a long breath out.


Aura exploded, Earth flashed, and a gleaming object appeared.

“Star Seal!” Lin Xiao shouted.

At the same time, he within the body flew out a bead, greeted the Star Seal, and merged into one.

“This… is this too much?” Lin Xiao, the boss of his eyes, couldn’t believe it.

The Star Seal is clearly presented as a five-pointed star, and the bead is set in the middle.


The light flashes again and the crystal appears in the future.

It shines on the earth, luster outer space, and wakes up Star Seal.

“Boss, there are space nodes on the moon, there are also on Earth, and there are some small scorpions, all of which have been killed by me!” Primal Chaos Guardian Beast.

“I understand!” These are in his expectation.

Holding the Star Seal, lifting the Moon Star Screen, the divine sense found the dimension space, the space node, and the Star Seal sealed.

“hong long long ……”

The space node disappears and the dimensional space is closed.

At the same time, Cultivator World, the fairy, the gods, and other cultivators in the sacred world look to the sky because the distorted space disappears.


“Lin Xiao…”

“strange person ……”

The entire group ran from a distance.

“Are you all right?” Lin Xiao smiled.

“Nothing, Immemorial and the two swears that they will not be involved in human security. We also promise not to hate them. In addition, Blood Demon is really dead this time!” Nangong Fei said.

Great Emperor Wu Kong said: “It’s a pity that the twisted spiritual sense ran!”

A mighty large man said: “Less Venerable, how is the result?”

“Dare to ask Senior?”

Pangu said: “He is Immortal War God, legendary character!”

“I have seen Senior!” Lin Xiao is busy.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare…”

Lin Xiao went on to say: “The Emperor of Upper Universe has blew himself up, and the distorted spiritual sense happened to be hit, and it was killed by this!”

“Blasting?” I thought of the Upper Universe’s cultivation base, and everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

Lin Xiao smiled: “Nothing, the Universe dust net appears!”

“I am the one who sealed him!” Longlong, he learned from the mouth of Universe Soul.

“Damn it, are you?” Longlong saw the puppy coming to the fire.

“hehe, dragon emperor, the trick is a good buddy, the past has passed, isn’t it?” The space swallowed the beast and ran to Longlong, very cute.

“Take your you, don’t be so disgusting, this Sovereign will certainly not avenge, let alone save you!”

Universe Soul speaks with a strong heart: “Child, the disaster has subsided, and my mission is finally finished!”

“Senior, don’t you think?”

“I said earlier, it’s time to return to the universe!”


“hehe,child, do you want to know something?”


“Well, I tell you, in fact, Star Seal is something that belongs to the space to swallow the beast!”

“What do you say?” Lin Xiao lost the lake.

The space swallowed the beast and jumped in front of Lin Xiao. “At the time, I was chased by the people of Upper Universe. In desperation, Star Seal was lost in your father and mother’s Sect. Just when you were born, it was just right. It’s a big problem in your family!”

Lin Xiao’s face is tight and sad: “I know!”

“Because I was also chased and killed at the time, I didn’t dare to stay. I just saw it in a hurry. You picked it up and printed it on your elbow. Later, I didn’t know anything!”

Lin Xiao clear comprehension, no wonder the whole Star Sect, only one person knows.

It’s no wonder that you didn’t say Star Seal’s whereabouts and dare, it’s all unintentional.

“I learned later that, in fact, people at Upper Universe have been following your Star Sect, and then I know that they will be in Star Sect when they count on Star Seal, so let’s start!”

Lin Xiao nodded.

“It’s a pity that they are not allowed to happen, but they have appeared, but for a while, they didn’t get it!”

“What about the future?”

“After?” The space swallowed the beast and smiled: “I will sneak back to Cultivator World in order to find Star Seal. I know, I met them again. At that time, I was very hurt, not only lost the inner core, but also Almost fallen!”

Lin Xiao can’t help but think of the first time to Cultivator World, the box.

“I guess it is good, in that box, should it be your inner core?”

“Yes, that thing can’t be touched, whoever touches whoever dies, can’t see it!”

“It turns out!” Lin Xiao understood everything.

“What is your devour of Planet?” He also knew the name of the tortoise and now looked at it.

“Actually, there are no strange places there, it’s just my eye-opening!” Primal Chaos Guardian Beast is not good intention.

“Everyone, things have been solved, I will leave!” Immortal War God said.

Lin Xiao is busy: “War God Senior, where is your fairy?”

Immortal War God pointed to the far away starry sky and said: “It’s there!”

Everyone was bright and saw an earthen-colored planet.

“It’s this planet!” Lin Xiao immediately thought of it.

Immortal War God said: “This planet, also known as ‘dream planet’, is the best place to cultivating the mood!”

Lin Xiao stunned, when he was tracking Jiang Yi, he encountered an illusion, which was actually the same planet.

Fantasy planet, really just just in name only, but also in reality.

“In the future, the dream planet is a member of the solar system, but I hope that you will not tell me about my existence!” Immortal War God said.

“No problem!” everyone promised.

“Everybody, Venerable, less Venerable, I ask to be excuse!” Yu La, Immortal War God disappeared.

“Strange person ……” Zi Jing slammed his eyes wide and his tears flowed.

“Venerable…” Han Chen laughed at Hehe’s way.

“Han Chen brother!”

“haha, brother Lin Xiao, later, Han Chen will be a member of your Universe!”

“Okay, welcome!”

“Child, things are over, I am leaving!” Universe Soul said.

“Senior, can you not be like that?” Lin Xiao reluctantly.

“This is the Universe number, can’t change!” After that, the Universe Soul disappeared directly.

“pay respects to Venerable !” A blue clothed person with blood appeared, next to him, and the name old man.

Lin Xiao saw it, happy to yell: “Zeng Wuying big brother !”

This person is Zeng Wuying, who is now God Monarch middle-stage.

He looked up and said: “Subordinate can’t take it!”

Lin Xiao grabbed him and said, “What are you talking about? In Cultivator World, you are my first person to make friends!”

“That… can I still call you Brother Lin?” Zeng Wuying’s tone was very embarrassing.

“of course can!”

“Okay, Brother Brother Lin, look here!” After that, Zeng Wuying had a bunch of golden light-sparkling tokens with names on it.

“What is this?” Lin Xiao is puzzled.

Zeng Wuying said: “This is the heavenly killer token of Slaughtering Saint Hell, I stole it from a God Sovereign!”

“Oh!” Lin Xiao nodded, inadvertently saw a name and called: “Li Jiang?”

“Brother Lin, this person, do you know?”

“Yes, this Li Jiang is the Sect Master of God World Supreme Yin Sect. Unexpectedly, he would be the heavenly killer of Slaughtering Saint Hell!” Lin Xiao said.

This way, all kinds of deeds show that Slaughtering Saint Hell, Kunlun Faction, Immemorial, ancient, Upper Universe, they seem to have a budget, carefully planned a plot.

Needless to say, Slaughtering Saint Hell came to kill himself, and it must have been made by Upper Universe.

Unfortunately, everything is not as they wish.

“In addition, the City Lord of Zhenxian City is also a part of Slaughtering Saint Hell!” Zeng Wuying said that the chicken-flying dog jumped, which was Zeng Wuying.

After Lin Xiao learned, with laughter nodded, everything was clear.

“After reaching the Complete Harmony period, I can save a few years. After I go back, I am going to squat down on the Planet, and there are people waiting to be saved!” Lin Xiao said, the picture of that time has been deeply imprinted in his mind, lingering.

Being sucked up and dying is more horrible than chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

For this reason, he firmly believes that there must be a way to remedy it.

Profound Ice God sealed them all, and in his current cultivation base, he might be able to save.


On Earth, flying hundreds of Universe Battleships is black.

In the distance, starry sky, also flying hundreds of ships.

“Brother Lin brother…” Ruan Tian yelled through the window.

Lin Xiao nodded.

“Zi Jing beautiful woman ……” Ruan Tian is very happy.

“Big Brother Ruan!” Zi Jing is also very happy.

“Everyone, I am a Chinese president, please come!” On a battleship, a sincere invitation was issued.

“Brother Lin, are we?”

“Let’s go, Earth, let’s go home!” Lin Xiao called.

At the same time, he is also worried that the Situ Family is over. What should he say?

“Venerable, they I will give you!” Great Emperor Wu Kong waved, Situ Qian, Yang Xiaoyu, Ling Yingtian’s body appeared.

“Master…” Wu Fengcai and the old madman are not dead, although seriously injured, but unimportant.

They stared at Ling Yingtian and burst into tears.

“Ling old brother is their Master, Profound Principle Faction Sect Master?” Lin Xiao is helpless, this is really messy.

“The loss is really big!” Lin Xiao sighed and led everyone down to Earth.

After arriving in Earth, Great Emperor Wu Kong immediately hid away and found a place to restore the cultivation base. They could not stay with the mortal and laugh.

It’s not that they are proud. It’s the same for anyone.

Imagine, do not know more than the old monster of the youth, with these only mortal for decades, what can be talked about?

Lin Xiao, Nangong Fei, Long Tiandan, Zi Jing and other women were accompanied by the country president.

Then, the country president severely demands the troops, and no one can disturb them. If there is a disobedience, they can immediately kill them.

After an hour, a large number of people came around. They are all prominent people in China.

The results were all driven away without exception.

“I am an international movie star, I want to see Divine Immortal!”

“I am Supreme, I want to see Divine Immortal!”

Some international movie stars, singers, including the domestic ones, all flocked. They believe that Divine Immortal can definitely be seen in their own position.

However, instead of waiting for Lin Xiao to speak, the troops who are outside are not talking about anything, they can persuade them to leave, they are not allowed to go, and they are arrogant.

At this time, what star is your fucking, in front of Divine Immortal, your fart is not.

In fact, Lin Xiao and the others know everything.

Even if the army does not catch up, they will never see.

Lin Xiao lived on Earth for many years, one of the most hated is what these stars.

Normally, the low-key, approachable, in fact, with some aloof and remote Supreme a bird, are owed to thunder.

The next day.

Situ Feng learned of the family accident, he did not say anything, experienced too much life or death, he saw it early.

Fortunately, yesterday’s Long Family Old Ancestor was only seriously injured, but not dead. Otherwise, Long Tiandan just resurrected, and he had to cry and die. He didn’t look like Situ Feng.

After checking the loss, half a month later, I greeted the country president, and Ruan Tian told each other that they left and returned to Cultivator World.

“In fact, Earth is the cradle of all life. As the universe evolved, they chose their own path, which created the situation today!” This is what Great Emperor Wu Kong told Lin Xiao.

“Universe countless changes, I finally understand, Universe Source is not fundamental, evolution is king!” Lin Xiao responded.

one year later.

Taigar Planet.

Everything is almost restored, and the stars discipline is also added.

As everyone knows, Lin Xiao, Star Sect Elder, is the Universe Manager.

This also led to Star Sect disciple throughout the entire Culture World!

“If you want to stay, you can stay, don’t want to stay, I won’t stop you!” This is what he said to the War Bear and the swallowing beast.

As a result, the two beasts are willing to follow for life.

“The space node has been sealed. You will stay here first. After some time, I will open him and send you back!” This is what he said to Upper Universe Young Master Zhu Jichao.

Originally thought that he died once, the three guys inside will also hang, but did not expect that they are fine.

“What about my father?” Young Master of Upper Universe.

“The deceased is already awkward, you should know the mistakes made by your father!”

“He is not wrong, he is a Sovereign, he is doing what Sovereign should do!”

“Yes, you think of this and prove that you are growing up!”

“just kill me!”

Lin Xiao shook his head: “You have a lot of clear comprehension, Han Chen is here, you can go find him!”

“What? God Emperor Han Chen is here?”

“Yes, but I tell you that he is an emperor, just staring at you!”

“Yes, I understand, I will go to him now!”

“He is on the opposite side of the hill, go!”

“Good!” Zhu Jichao left.

“Qian’er, you all rest in peace!” Lin Xiao buried Situ Qian, Yang Xiaoyu in Star Sect, and things have been going on for a long time.

“We took the Master away!” Wu Fengcai said with the old madman, their disciples, usually and ordinary sacrificed in the battle.

“Brother Feng, when are you going to marry Sister Yuqi?”

“When did I reach God Sovereign, when will I talk again!” Situ Feng said.

Yang Yuqi did not speak, Yang Xiaoyu’s death, she was very sad.

“Qian Ying, how do you see Gan Jie?” Lin Xiao said.

Qian Ying firmly said: “I am waiting for Xiaoyu big brother to resurrect!”

Lin Xiao has no choice but to sigh!

Ten years later.

Immortal World.

Morning Star.

“Kunlun Faction, ancient Jiang Family, because of the combination with the enemy, should have suffered from the suffering of the soul. But Universe Manager thought of Heavenly Dao, 遂加宏恩, penalty, and so on, and thought about Great Dao!”

This is Culture World’s penalty document, originally intended to destroy them, Lin Xiao spoke, and stop here.

Of course, the most important thing in the ancient Jiang Family is because of Jiang Tingting, Lin Xiao had to consider her feelings.

When he got to his cultivation base, he was never able to pass the humanity.

In addition, her Younger Brother Jiang Yi is also a material that can be made, prematurely killed, and unreasonable.

Xingyue Cave Day.

Star great hall.

Lin Xiao opened the mouth and said : “I want to leave here, to understand the Universe, you must be cultivation!”

“Yes!” Several women promised that they matured a lot and listened to Lin Xiao.

“Zi Jing is alive, and you are estimated to be coming. After I come back, I hope to see a lot of children!” Lin Xiao teased.

“Hateful, the dead strange person is coming again!” Zi Jing was a big belly.

“Everyone, goodbye. Universe, I am coming!” Lin Xiao shouted.

“Cong of the Universe Manager!” The entire Immortal World came to Morningstar. Their news was very well-informed. Lin Xiao was leaving. They heard the news and immediately rushed to see him off.

“The way of the Tao, Dao of Heaven, only the heart of justice, this is Heavenly Dao Righteous Path, the world’s greed is not to be embarrassed…”

Lin Xiao left with Primal Chaos Guardian Beast, and his words have been passed down generation after generation!

“The book is over! 》

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