Unlimited PUBG Upgrade System Chapter 799

Su Nan’s breath sounds flat, just like an old well, and when you look closely, you find no wave.

In the face of such things, the tone is so relaxed, apparently not so normal, as if he had thought about it.

Lin Xi didn’t think that Su Nan would just leave this thing behind, because, in her image, Su Nan was more hateful than that, and he wouldn’t handle it.

Is this a change of style today, and it’s a bullshit thing to do?

Lin Xi’s reaction was also unexpected, and the pressure didn’t ask Su Nan what it was going to do, and she didn’t know why she believed in Su Nan.

Just listen to Lin Xi and she said, “Well, then give it to you, and if you need it, find me, and the company will cooperate with you.”

“Well, you’re busy, don’t work so late. Almost got back.”

Su Nan Tinking, even hanging up the phone.

Su Nan called before and seemed to have abandoned his cell phone, threw it directly, and no bullshit.

Now he’s not, he’s got a cell phone in his hand, and it’s on Weibo.

In response, there’s no good way, just Weibo.

Well, fan on Su Nan Weibo is still bigger, and soon after that, this news will be disseminated, so that people who are concerned about it will know.

“Intermediate confrontation, the wind livestream has carefully planned competition, and has spent a lot of effort to bring the team abroad.”

Su Nan started editing the text, in which he must have blown the awesome part, and the competition was indeed an accident and originated in Su Nan’s interim intentions.

And then, when you take a shot, you promise directly, it’s not hard to run the pressure, or it won’t be that fast, but Su Nan can’t say that directly.

Obviously or is this competition not easy to do.

Anyway, the Streamer over there should not look at Weibo, and the social software used is completely different, so Su Nan doesn’t have to worry about poking himself back.

“Invite high-ranking teams to compete with a view to increasing the appreciation of competition while at the same time increasing the amount of money.”

“But let us completely unprepared that the supreme team in the country is scared and afraid to come to the competition while facing the team.”

“What are the reasons for looking for? There is no way to hide your heart, fear it. Everyone is looking at it, afraid of being defeated by a bat, and that’s why he’s afraid of coming.”

“If you don’t come, this time our strength looks weak, as long as my Su Nan is here, champion will remain.”


Weibo’s texts are numerical, and there’s room for friends, and 140 words are online, more than impossible, and symbols are calculated in them.

Su Nan crackle’s such a bunch of words, without saying and knowing, must have exceeded that number, and Su Nan was edited in the long version.

After it’s done, check it out, it’s not written, it’s clear, it’s important to see if there are any other words.

Now that many people are so bad about Streamer’s profession that they think it’s the same level of primary school graduation, they’re going to be Streamer.

After the checks, the two words went out, Su Nan had thought about it a long time ago, there was nothing to hesitate about, and that was the strategy, at least Su Nan felt pretty good.

It’s just dirty water, you vilify me, and don’t blame me for being hot.

Su Nan has two more men than shameless, just as Su Nan doesn’t think it’s necessary to use this number, and I think Su Nan won’t.

Aren’t you coming, then I said you were fond, you were so scared of the stick, and that was a big hat.

I don’t care if you’re really scared or why you’re not coming, but I say you’re scared, and you’re scared, and your mouth’s on me, not on my own.

There’s a ability to prove you’re not afraid now, and I’m afraid it’s too late.

Anyway, there’s nothing good about those big teams, two good relationships, all of them coming together, and the rest of them are different.

So Su Nan didn’t fear that he was mistaken when he caused AOE injury, that he had launched a direct range of attacks, and that all the fantastic teams were yelled at.

Even though the envoy behind the screen is a few Streaming Platform, it’s not true that this is what you’re talking about, and who’s listening to this? People don’t mean to bite a bite and say your blood sprayer.

Besides, what happened at the mall is not that you can make it clear, that it’s not very good to eat, and that you may think you’re being paranoid.

Let’s start with these teams. Aren’t you laughing at irony, nor can I make you feel better, so let’s hurt each other.

After the declaration had been issued, there had been a great deal of reactions.

Su Nan, in this circle, is already very influential.

如果你不关注的话,自然没什么感觉,不过要是真关注了,一听说Su Nan 发了什么东西,肯定立马感兴趣,想去看看怎么一回事。

“666, I like Su Nan like this domineering.”

“No wonder those teams don’t come, all because they’re scared.”

“hehe, what’s blowing, some teams are hitting the world race, how can people be scared, you’re bullshit.”

“Why don’t you come to the race without fear, other competition, and I don’t think many of them are as good as this.”

“Finally, it was fearful of a stick, maybe it was stupid to be hit by a bat.”

“Please don’t blow up, just think about winning championship, and if you can win championship, I’m actually contracting the whole Earth’s Shi.”

“Whether or not winning championship, at least Su Nan has this attitude.”

“As always Su Nan’s personality, neither inciting nor drying, I will always support you from you.”


Under Su Nan’s Weibo, many of them supported him, although there was also a part of shotgun, which was inevitable, and Su Nan did not delete comments, and Hundred Schools of Thought Contend was interesting.

Soon, Su Nan’s contradiction shifted, and the big teams became the subject of questions, and you were afraid of the bats.

After all the big teams know, they’re all surprised, and I’m going, and this brat is too shameless, and it’s been six times a bleeding bug.

(Fourth more today.