Unlimited PUBG Upgrade System Chapter 800

Su Nan, this hand-washing operation, just detonated public opinion and surprised many people.

Especially the top Professional team, they’re all forced to see this operation.

They used to be ridiculous next to them, but they were never the dominant.

Never thought Su Nan was so tough, and then he pushed his head against them.

If you don’t dare come, that’s what the hell logic is, that’s all bullshit.

Su Nan dares to say that shameless is beyond their imagination, and even more terrifying is that you’re so blind.

Now, on the Internet, many unknown people, were taken away with their noses, and they started to criticize a few teams, and Su Nan, like a lonely hero.

The key to them is that Su Nan has been blacked, and for the time being it is not possible to contest it, because Su Nan is not famous, just a few groups who are reluctant to attend.

Not yet the team jumped out to criticize Su Nan, and if you jumped out, there was a flavor in it, equivalent to a confession, who would do nothing to do that.

Besides, it’s a skill to talk about this, but you don’t have much to do with this, send a lawyer’s letter to warn you? There’s a hammer that doesn’t have a half impact.

It was only on this matter that Su Nan had taken possession of the machine, and he said first that there was nothing too big to say about it.

While you are unhappy, you can only endure it in your own heart, while Su Nan can’t beat up in competition tomorrow, and then let everyone out of a bad mood.

Su Nan said that, the composition of acting cool was too high to see him play alone, and what would you do if he didn’t listen?

– Mm-hmm.

In Battlefish livestream’s company, Li Chengang looked at Weibo from Su Nan, who was laughing directly at the whole body, making sense, and he was happier.

This Su Nan, it’s a sword. It’s a trick.

It now seems to be quite effective, and the contradictions to this competition seem to have been directly transferred, but, indeed, not fundamental.

It’s a little better now, but when competition’s done, don’t be too good if it’s a lamp water that a bat hits.

Not if this stick is so strong, it’s almost impossible to beat them up with the stinking shrimp that Su Nan led.

competition is going to be able to score a lot of victories, not to say a victory, or perhaps a miracle in a victory competition.

If you’re really good enough for luck to do that, maybe you can use the weak to defeat the strong if it’s not as good as paper power. This isn’t happening, it’s all possible.

But formal competition, definitely not that kind of racing, you’re a competition, you’re soon gone, we’re running a hammer competition.

Like that Larry race, there’s a lot to play, according to the size, in which case you want to reverse winning championship, it’s not possible.

Black horses do, but not so black, maybe it’s good to rank, but if you want winning championship, it’s obviously a little more thoughtful.

In Li Chengang’s view, how do you Su Nan ever awesome again, this time, it’s just that you can’t hide the sanctions, until competition’s over.

Now, let you pretend to be forced, not for more than two days, to go back to competition, and wait for shotgun to be everywhere, and they’ll come in.

“Manager, what’s up, smiling so happy?” The girl Assistant, next to you, looks like the shape of this body today, still very tempting.

In faintly discernable’s proximity to Li Chengang, while the control of distance is quite good, the skill of this woman is clearly not simple.

Li Chengang’s attention is also on Weibo in Su Nan, where not all of you care too much about people around them for so long, and I don’t know how many times.

Men have this feeling, maybe after a long time, and then tempted, it doesn’t seem to feel any more.

Only this girl Assistant is more expensive in working with him, and when Li Chengang smiles, just ask what’s laughing at, and then Li Chengang’s over here.

And he said, “Smile Su Nan, this brat, too much to think about himself. Wait, after this failure, he’ll take the whole platform, all of them down the road.”

“Isn’t it just a Weibo, not a girl Assistant?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I think very hard to deal with it.

“Why don’t you look too small at the power of public opinion now?”

Li Chengang was a very awkward look, and I didn’t think that brat, now that he played himself like this, felt like he was hard to deal with.

Wind livestream even once made Li Chengang feel tough, and I don’t know what to do, and when this competition comes out, it seems that the cloud livestream was shaking.

The problem was not that big, and it was just a matter of time to be scolded, and who knew Su Nan himself came out and said something about it was obvious.

When the competition ends, wait, as long as he doesn’t win championship, the rhythms will definitely eat him.

Just listen to Li Chengang, he said, “This brat is too loaded. Wait, wait, he almost made the team in professional circle guilty this time.”

“Luckily he doesn’t play professionaly, and if he plays professionaly, I’m afraid to be killed, but even then when competition is over, he will be targeted together, and now everyone’s breathing.”

“Well, hopefully he’s done early!”

She didn’t understand too much, but she was well aware that Li Chengang mentioned Su Nan, who was angry and apparently hostile to the man, who bad luck and Li Chengang’s happy.

– Mm-hmm.

In Wind livestream’s company, because Su Nan’s statement, people in the company as a whole are also concentrated.

Lin Xi’s office.

Assistant brows tightly knit, said, “Manager, Su Nan… is he too volatile, so if he doesn’t leave himself behind, if he doesn’t win championship…”

“It’s a little blade, but that’s him, like dancing on a knife.” Lin Xi said it calmly.

(First time today.