Unlimited PUBG Upgrade System Chapter 801

“Manager, I know it’s his style, but don’t you think it’s too risky?”

Assistant has very little understanding of Lin Xi’s reaction.

Now the whole company is a little depressed, and it’s impossible not to worry about it.

There is a climate of anxiety that covers all around the office, and Assistant can clearly feel it.

But their leader, Lin Xi, the soul of the cloud livestream, didn’t have any reaction at all, and it seemed like it was still very slight, so he bored Assistant.

Keep saying, “It’s not his own business, it’s about the whole platform.”

“This competition is over, and I think public opinion will be very unfavourable to us.”

Lin Xi said, “What if he wins?”


Assistant One, she thinks Lin Xi is dreaming.

Lin Xi said, “I mean, if he’s in trouble with champion, have you ever thought that his reputation would reach Peak-Stage, and even popularity, with our entire platform, would follow the water elevator.”


Assistant was there, his mouth moved a few times, but he didn’t know what to say.

She always felt that Lin Xi was not dreaming, but that was leader, and that she had been with Lin Xi for so long, not just Lin Xi was good for her.

Because Lin Xi’s personal abilities, she’s been very respectful of Lin Xi’s eyes, so you’re not dreaming like that, and she’s not going to say that.

But she still thinks that Lin Xi thought too much, that Su Nan never met such a opponent, that he wanted to win the other party, and that’s too hard.

Lin Xi said, “I know you don’t think it’s possible, and before I meet Su Nan, I often think it’s impossible, and that’s impossible, always, to think about a problem with rational thinking.”

“But after I met Su Nan, I found out that the way I was before it had become scarce, and not at all what it meant, Su Nan itself represented incredible.”

Assistant: “…”

I don’t know what to say, but I can only shake my head, Manager’s in deep shape, and maybe she didn’t find it herself.

There are so many incredible people who need to be realistic.

But in the present case, she also knows that she says nothing is useless, that one Assistant, she is not as patient as she can, and that she is confined to making an opinion or something.

– Mm-hmm.

Soon, the next day comes, competition starts.

Because of the various rhythms on the Internet, this competition, you really don’t say that, although there’s no popular team, there’s only one Blue Star, Wang Ziye team, it’s kind of a new team, but fan’s not much, after all, new team, no time to accumulate.

But this competition’s heat is still fired, and there’s Su Nan in there, and it seems that whatever it is, it’s not working.

Although part of this is due to the fact that these Streaming Platform are also helping with the heat provided.

Such behaviour is unnecessary for them, and after all the clouds of livestream are competitors and nailed in their eyes.

But when they do something, it’s obvious that they’ve thought about it in advance, and it doesn’t care about it, it’s just temporary.

For the time being, you have a little heat, and the problem is not great, and everyone else, or competition is over, waiting for a rhythm to erupt.

And then let the bat win championship, a script like this, all of you think about, and without any problems, the script will definitely go like this.

Bastards, the team’s power is strong, not stinking shrimp that can mention on equal terms.

And there are eight teams, and you say eight strong teams together, and if they can’t all fight, it’s really unreasonable.

competition is scheduled to begin at 2: 00 p.m., normal time, two days to rule champion, ten times a day, five times a day, and almost two o’clock at night.

It must start at two o’clock, and there must be a variety of inks, some probation machines or something, which would waste some time, together with a two-hour gap between the two sides, so it would have to be early.

This time Su Nan’s team YN, besides himself, has an iron member, Mu Yi.

As long as Mu Yi has nothing to do with it, the person is definitely not going to change, worthy of Su Nan’s trust, and only him, of course, on this speaks correctly skill.

Mu Yi’s skill level is definitely capable of comparing it to occupation, not to the food in Pro Player, but also to those who can fight.

Don’t look at a big age. In fact, people are progressing, and there’s room to rise.

This time, if it wasn’t Mu Yi, you said that Su Nan would never have sent that Weibo, without a strong teammate, and you wanted winning championship, almost impossible.

Qin Xiaoyou, who’s been running water in competition with Su Nan, didn’t come this time, let alone Chen Xiaotian.


skill of two people, in fact, is the same thing as occupation, which is that the baby beats adults, doesn’t have to play, and the leg’s too serious.

Su Nan had no previous self-confidence, so he took others, and none of the previous competition was so high, and Su Nan, with Qin Xiaoyou plus Tuan Zi, could win championship.

Hit the top Professional team, you let Su Nan play like that, you can’t play at all, it’s too hard.

There was no top team and a 401team, but that wasn’t in competition.

Su Nan also defeated them with Hunting Light Ring, and one thing was that Su Nan was cheap.

Of this formal competition, Hunting Light Ring of Su Nan, is definitely useless, and Su Nan has lost such a good function and will undoubtedly increase.

So the two teammate left, Su Nan, was looking for Streamer in Platform, the last time he played competition with Su Nan, the competition that won 7,500 000.

These two people, even from Streamer, are small streamer, but skill can still be.

After having received an invitation from Su Nan, I didn’t even want to answer it. Last time I went to competition, almost to lie down and get a reward of 100,000 Yuan.

Where this good thing comes from, everyone thinks that there’s meat with Su Nan, together with a lot of exposure, that’s good practice, that viewers in competition see, and that it helps their livestream back.

“congratulations to the host, successfully triggering the main mission.”

At this point, in Su Nan’s mind, a simple voice was remembered, making Su Nan sound very comfortable.

(Second time today.

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