Unlimited PUBG Upgrade System Chapter 802

After hearing the system’s voice, it was a pleasure to come from the heart, because the system’s voice was remembered, in most cases, good.

Either the reward after level up, or the special player or something.

In addition to getting the reward’s advice, there’s a mission that’s published.

For Su Nan, these are definitely good things.

Of course, it does not preclude the time to look for Su Nan, but the system’s personality is very rare.

This time you’re not at all, it’s really a mission, Su Nan guessed, you know, playing this competition yourself, or a hell of a problem, how could you not give a mission or something?

# Once won’t die winning championship #

Presentation: Host is invited to take the final champion at this Middle-China confrontation at Streaming Platform.

call: 50,000 experience points, $200,000 in cash.

Su Nan: “…”

When I heard the mission’s name, Su Nan actually felt wrong, and then Su Nan was stupid, and that’s what mission, it’s not human.

You’re kidding me once.

Su Nan also thought that the system was a regular old pattern, so that he could win championship in competition or something like that, after all, the difficulty of winning championship was the goal of Su Nan.

Whoever knew the system had given him an abnormal competition, which would have been a hell of a fight, became a hell of a mess, and that was not the truth.

Not once, winning championship, it’s not that big, and that means that it must be PUBG for itself?

In this game, you can’t die until the end, and that’s only one possibility, Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Otherwise, how could you not die, and if you didn’t die, you’d be the first, otherwise this game would be dead and wounded.

Ten games, Hold the Chicken Dinners, seriously, Su Nan thinks that in competition, as long as the opposing power is not weak, there is no team that can be ten or even the first team in the world in a decent competition.


competition of PUBG is full, and there is little such rule.

Key to this, mission is more difficult than ten chickens winning championship. Why, PUBG winning championship, there’s a little room for swing, for example, if you’re actually having a little accident.

Maybe teammate stayed there, and then PUBG, so that would count on your head, dead.

In particular, when the final circle was hit, every time the circle was brushed, it was possible that when it was circled, something was shocking, and things were normal.

It’s too much to die once, and Su Nan thinks it’s impossible to play a normal match, and it’s not always possible to die for ten consecutive years.

mission reward, let Su Nan get in the fluid, unprecedented reward, 20,000 cash is already very much available, but Su Nan took up a hundred million dollars in the mission before, so he saw 20 million and couldn’t get Su Nan too excited.

The main thing is Experience Points, which has never seen at once, is the first time, and the harder it is to match this mission, the harder it is, the more reward.

But the problem is, this mission, Su Nan, can’t see any hope, no mission before, giving Su Nan that feeling.

A lot of the previous mission was abnormal, but when it was finally done, there was room for operation, and that’s it. Su Nan could pack the tickets, it wasn’t possible.

It’s not a problem unless you have a blood shortage, but who dares to play like that in competition?

It’s not obvious that you can’t use the back seat, not to mention the obvious fact that the bleeding is blocked, that it’s not repeated, that Su Nan prefers competition to lose or do not do so.

Forget it. Su Nan doesn’t want to think about it, but we don’t have to do it. We can finally win championship.

Su Nan, if he can win championship, is satisfied with everything, and as far as the mission is concerned, that failure will be the next, with no much influence on Su Nan, and no pain at all.

“Host, don’t be too pessimistic, and the system also takes into account that the difficulty of this competition is now a bit difficult for the situation of Host and falls within the scope of incomplete completion.”

Whoever knows that at a time when Su Nan’s heart is no longer hopeless, the system has taken the initiative to “make some changes to the mission in order to give Host the confidence to complete the mission”.

“这里的一次不死,仅仅指不死于对手的手中,如果Host 是被teammate 击杀、自杀或因为Blue Zone 还有Red Zone 等意外因素死亡,不算在其中。”

Su Nan: “…”

what the fuck, is that bullshit?

Those accidental deaths you said were rarely met in the game. Am I a wholesale, or could Red Zone die?

Or do you think my teammate is Qin Xiaoyou, and you can still do nothing to kill me?

In this game, not all those who die in the hands of each other, that means nothing.

But the difficulty is also a little lower, giving Su Nan a certain operational space, for example, where there can be no change, or where Su Nan doesn’t think he’s gonna have to die, and he can choose to die accidentally.

One or two matches competition fights in this competition, and in fact there is a great possibility of winning championship, and there is no team that can do it.

That being said, it was just a little better than before, and it was difficult, and the likelihood of completion had not increased much.

Su Nan didn’t go to a puke system or something, and the mission was there, and he didn’t have the right to pick three or four, and if he didn’t give it to the mission, you’d do it.

Besides, the system can take the initiative to adjust the mission today, and it’s humanizing. The system’s urine, Su Nan, has never touched before.

Su Nan 的主要精力,也不在这个mission 上,能winning championship 就行,不管用什么方法,以什么方式,只要不违反规定,Su Nan 一定会全力以赴。

In Custom Room, 16 teams, packed up for distribution.

It’s been two and a half hours before it started.


competition rule was also revised by itself, with PUBG giving a hundred cents and second place 80 as such.

If you shoot, one head, twenty scores, this looks, obviously superior.

In normal competition, a man’s head is afraid of not worth that many shares.

It is certain that there will be some difference between the rules that it has amended, which Su Nan has given, the high number of killings, clearly in favour of Su Nan.

(Third more today.

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