Unlimited PUBG Upgrade System Chapter 803

In fact, the rules in competition should not be the same, because it was a little bit more given to kill a man’s assembled reward.


Although, in formal competition, killing was more difficult, first of all, fewer people, and 16 teams were just 64 people, and more than 90 people were definitely different when they played.

Plus, it’s not like you’re not a gangster, you’re not a killer, you’re a team of four people, and you’re a hit and you can kill you.


slightly stronger team is well-trained, knowing how to save teammate or something, unless, at a special time, two or three people jumped over the car, that’s really impossible to save.

in competition, you can kill a man, it’s a little awesome, two or three, it’s powerful, of course.

饶是如此,还是PUBG 更难,想一下,你面对的是60个对手,而且都不弱,你得从中PUBG ,这难度不是一般的大。

After all, it’s time to shoot this thing, and it’s gonna happen, and it’s probably a little bit more calm when Early Stage’s map is bigger.

PUBG, definitely not a simple color, deserves a little higher reward.

There’s a little better place to kill a reward like this, which is to be effective in eradicating the mixture, especially the old Silver Coin team.

If you hold up, if you don’t shoot people, the final ranking will not be higher, and the full satisfaction will be bad.

But in the case of Su Nan, that would certainly be beneficial, or Su Nan would not have done so.

I’m sure it won’t work, Su Nan believes in his skill, and the number of hits won’t be much, even if there’s no PUBG in the end, he’s hoping he can win championship.

Su Nan’s idea is simple, not a secret, and many people can understand what this rule means and who it is better for.

They think this is a good thing for them, actually.

Because they also know that Su Nan’s team from this side was a little less powerful, together with their own skill, was more confident, and felt that their numbers would not be minimal.

There is nothing wrong with the development of this rule, which is well shared by all, in the event that both parties feel very satisfied.

the competition rule has nothing to do with it, and competition naturally, in a dispute, finally started.

competition begins, and people in the team understand that Su Nan is absolutely at the core, and that everything is led by him, and that all of Su Nan’s Command is heard.

Although Su Nan’s Commander, it’s not much, or even a lot, for people like play professionaly who have been trained.

But Su Nan’s status is here, and there’s no sign that Commander is prominent, and naturally this workforce is only Su Nan.

In a team, there can be no two Commanders, or there can be comments, but at a critical time, one person can decide.

Otherwise, you said you, I said mine, it was all fucked up, and it could be a mess.

“See my mark, we go straight to Yasnaya Polyana.”

Su Nan looked at the line and said it.

At the beginning of the session, we all had more tacit understanding, generally not fighting, all of them developing safely for a while, at the beginning, more than 60 people, and the space for development was larger.

Everyone can eat a few meat, as long as you split a little balance.

Su Nan didn’t think too much of it, but it’d be better to go down and kill Master Teacher.

Yasnaya Polyana, this place is a good place, and the resources are very good in all their aspects, and if a team can pull it down, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the flow of oil.

According to Su Nan’s estimates, large-scale conflicts are certainly not there, and it is unlikely that there is a team or two more if they come alone to Yasnaya Polyana.

By that time, a small collision was inevitable and more consistent with the idea in Su Nan’s heart, which was better.

It would be better to get rid of one or two, and then to be able to relax and be more favourable to the post-game process.

Su Nan’s eyes have such a strong taste in which, in any case, he must win championship, before that many competition, Su Nan, has won the final result, but his desire for victory has never been so strong as it is now.

Perhaps this time is really a big deal, and Su Nan knows what the failure represents.

aWesome blows out, and anyway, it has to be done.

Well, Su Nan has his own trump card, and his Luck Card has Bad Luck Card, and now there’s one of them. Su Nan will be useful if it’s really not going well.

It’s just the first competition that Su Nan is not so anxious to see what he can do, and one competition can’t decide much.

Su Nan saw it almost in half an hour, just like I thought before, and there was a team coming.

That is to say, the whole Yasnaya Polyana group of eight people, which is already small, is not a big problem.

Su Nan is not sure what team is opposite, and Hunting Light Ring is no longer working, hoping it’s a bat team to let Su Nan take off a team to give a deterrent.

After the fall of Su Nan with a teammate, Mu Yi took another teammate and went next to that one.

Yasnaya Polyana was so large that he could feed eight people, not at all. Two teams, not at the outset, were swimming around Yasnaya Polyana, and the equipment was basically available.


It was a sooner or later, Su Nan saw the enemy on a three-story building, and a guy jumped off the second floor northwest, and the glass sound was very simple.

Kar98k was killed and succeeded.

“YN, SuNan666 used Kar98k headshot to kill QC, Ain.”

First look at the shooting signs, Su Nan’s feelings are not too good, this is his own.

(First time today.

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