Unlimited PUBG Upgrade System Chapter 804

QCteam, Su Nan’s impressive, is that we ourselves are absolutely right.

When the eight teams originally named, Su Nan looked at it for a while, basically remembered.

It’s not some ancient poetry or mathematical formula or something.

Together with the removal of its own team, there are two people who are familiar with themselves, Blue Star, TF, all three of which are not remembered, and the remaining five are largely remembered.

Su Nan didn’t want to see that, and it came up to kill each other, so what he just thought was, if it was a team of batons, it’d be good to kill them, and it could mention a wave of morale.

For example, of the official streaming channel, 6666 affirming various types of printing has helped Su Nan to rise its reputation value.

But this is not what Su Nan thinks about, and so on, meeting his own, and he has no choice but to say that luck is not too good.

But it’s time to fight, it’s time to fight.

This competition, although it’s a mid and external confrontation, seems to have separated two great array battalions, but it’s not that exaggerated, and each team is still an independent individual, what is it?

After all, champion is only one, and you can’t say you took champion, and you’re all together.

Millions of medals, four people, that’s pretty much the score, dozens of people, and no one’s willing to do this.

Even at the regular World Games, a national team, if it comes to competition, will fight.

It can only be said that, if circumstances permit, there may be some tacit understanding or, finally, the feeling that winning championship has nothing to expect, to be a sailor and pull one or two of his own opponents to water.

Normally, people fought each other and faced suicide as an inevitable thing, even if they did not want to see it.

If you touch the bat, you’ll kill each other. It’s just a good news for Su Nan, so Su Nan won’t have to stay in love.

If it’s too obvious, there’s some tacit understanding over there.

Besides, this QCteam, basically the “stink shrimp” in the population, says that there is no resistance, let alone winning championship.

It’s just for sauce sauce, and for the sake of tens of thousands of dollars, we’ll take it off. It’s not a big deal, it’s not a big deal, but it’s a 80 score.

There’s a way to send people to surgery.

That’s why a few teams on their side, all of them, give Su Nan their head, a man’s head 20 cents, and depending on that, maybe winning championship.

But it’s too shameless, and it’s absolutely not allowed in the rules, and if you use it, winning championship doesn’t recognize it, and it has an impact on its reputation.

So Su Nan is definitely not going to do this, and who doesn’t want reputation, even if shameless people are, that’s private shameless, and the public doesn’t do that.

“Mu Yi, go!”

Su Nan won’t think too much, just shout Mu Yi, Mu Yi Yi’s reactions soon, showing his good ability to move forward.

Su Nan is unbearable, like talent, but not so much.

It is a legend that can be attacked again.


other two Streamer, who can be selected by Su Nan, is not bad, and skill, at that level, is moving a few people into the nest, and it looks like they’re fast.

These people of QCteam, who are totally incapable of being beaten, even without breathing space, seem quite terrifying.

Three, five, two, three, three left, were killed, and Mu Yi got two people in the head.

Plus, the shipment that Su Nan had given a shot at headshot before, all four were gone, and Su Nan was there, and there was nothing left of Su Nan, and it seemed to be easier at least.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a special player, even though it’s worth it.

But no one has ever heard of the team before, but they want to know their name, the special player reward, is based on your name, and if it were abroad, there would be some extra.

QCteam people, they’re not worth it. They don’t get it. Su Nan doesn’t feel it at all.

It’s all teammate’s got, like, a share that can count on the head of his own team, that’s enough, and Su Nan doesn’t care about it today.

Is Su Nan still interested in that kind of reward that millions of Experience Points mission, and now there’s only one idea, champion?

The elimination of these four people, the current number of people surviving, means that there is no conflict in the rest, and everyone’s good, and that’s more consistent with competition’s norm.

Even if you jump in a place, you’ll be able to avoid it in a timely fashion, and everyone has developed Experience, and it’s impossible to do it with you, and it’s too risky.

As to why QCteam was like that, there was no reason why too weak, and the level wasn’t so good, otherwise it wouldn’t be.

In so doing, Su Nan’s team YN, which is called the beginning of the skies, has four people who have entered the accounts and have a direct 80 score.

Your final ranking is in second place, and you can get a 80-point.

Together with four of them, Yasnaya Polyana has been hegemonically occupied, and this resource is so rich that four people are fat.

Except for what must be found in Air Drop, it’s almost there.


‘s very good to start, but look at this circle, it has to go, get Yasnaya Polyana, on the left.

“da da da da!”

Who knows that Yasnaya Polyana has yet to go out, and they were attacked when they drove in the city.

“There’s ambush!”

Su Nan is in the heart of the moment.

Thought Yasnaya Polyana was gone, and after the QCteam was removed, everybody was relaxed to think there was no one here, and who knew that someone would be ambushed in the dark.

You met old Silver Coin?

The ambush team is so vague that they hide well, on top of Church, at a high point of view and open, more conducive to ambush.

The man who ambushed the team, this Su Nan, was not sure, because his reaction was quick, and the car wasn’t blown up, just a little bit of blood.

(Second time today.

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