Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1252

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“What?! Junior Brother Ye, what are you going to do, you are going to destroy all this ancient wood?!”

Not far away, Chen Tianqiu’s expression was full of horror, and immediately exclaimed.

“Yes, there are so many dragon soul fruits in this ancient wood, we will not be able to pick them all for a while, it is better to cut all this ancient tree and take away the entire dragon soul number.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

This sentence made Chen Tianqiu’s mouth twitch fiercely.

He didn’t expect Ye Yu to have such crazy ideas.

At this time, Chen Tianqiu thought, if the Sea Dragon King came back and saw that his beloved Dragon Soul Tree only had a dirt pit, he didn’t know how furious he would be.

Thinking of this, Chen Tianchou shuddered all over.

The powerhouse of the fairy King level is angry, and I am afraid that all the creatures within ten thousand li will suffer.

However, since I have already lurked in, I am really sorry that I have worked so hard for so many days before I found this place.

“Junior Brother Ye, be careful.” Thinking of this, Chen Tianchou also looked fixed, and immediately shouted to Ye Yu above.

“Relax, trifling an ancient wood, but I can’t help it!”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, so proud.

“hong long”

The terrifying matchless big sun thunder sword was cut down instantly.

At this moment, the branches of countless ancient trees were all shattered, and the earth was collapsing.

“Tian Senior Brother Qiu, you take half.”

Ye Yu yelled, and directly threw half of the ancient tree that had been cut in the middle to Chen Tianqiu who was not far away.

“many thanks !”

Chen Tianqiu’s expression was overjoyed, and immediately put the half of the trees into his storage space.

At this time, Ye Yu also put the other half of the ancient wood into his storage space.


However, just as the two of them secretly cheered and were about to leave this area, an angry roar came from a distance.

In that roar, it seemed that there was an extremely terrifying sound wave power, which made this relic space almost shattered every inch.

“Not good, the power of Formation is indeed set up here. As soon as I destroyed this ancient dragon soul tree, I immediately caused a series of reactions. Maybe, the roar sound is the guardian Demonic beast of this ruin!”

Ye Yu immediately speculated.

But when the two people were about to leave this dangerous land quickly, it was too late.

In the distance, a black magic dragon with a huge body is hovering at the entrance of the swallowing vortex. It seems to have been there long ago, waiting for the two “thief” Ye Yu and Chen Tianqiu to be caught.

“At least they have the strength of Saint grade!” Chen Tianqiu’s expression became extremely ugly for an instant.

“I will fight it!”

Ye Yu coldly shouted, instantly the whole body burst into divine light.


He is like an ancient Demon God, instantly moved towards the magic dragon and rushed away.

“The ants of the human race dare to attack this seat. It’s a tired of living!”

That magic dragon loudly roared, turned into a majestic and powerful middle-aged man in a divine light, with a large black robe, and his skin is like copper water pouring, appearing indestructible.

“Hahaha, today, this seat will kill all of you thieves!”

The middle-aged man expression laughed, his black hair danced wildly, and his bronze skin was full of vigor.


At this moment, the two people shot one after another and began to fight together.

At the moment the middle-aged man was killed, there was a divine light shining in his eyebrows, a piece of purple divine iron appeared, forming an arrow that no stronghold one cannot overcome, and moved towards Ye Yu’s eyebrows with a burst shot Away.


But next moment, what made the middle-aged man shocked was that the arrow hit Ye Yu’s eyebrows, but it didn’t break his skin at all, but was shaken by Ye Yu’s powerful fleshy body. Shattered.

This scene shocked the middle-aged man expression to the extreme.

Chen Tianchou behind the expression also showed a deep shock.

You know, this middle-aged man is a saint grade dragon. It is a Saint Level and other powerful existence.

The battle weapon he attacked, even though it was just an arrow, was definitely a Saint artifact level existence.

But even so powerful, it was still broken by Ye Yu’s fleshy body.

This, how is this possible!

At this moment, Chen Tianchou discovered that with the contact, he became increasingly unable to understand Ye Yu, his Junior Brother.

What great opportunity did he get, and what kind of terrifying inheritance he possessed. Moreover, his fleshy body is almost comparable to an ancient Demonic beast.

I haven’t seen it, even a Saint artifact can’t hurt him at all.

“It’s incredible!”

Chen Tianqiu marveled again and again behind his back.

“impossible !”

And in the distance, watching his hidden weapon was instantly shattered by Ye Yu’s fleshy body, an expression called fear appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

He shook his eyes and screamed: “I don’t believe it, trifling a Spirit Sovereign human brat with such a tyrannical fleshy body. There must be some rare treasure in your eyebrows that resisted this Majesty’s attack!”

When the words were over, the middle-aged man suddenly moved towards Ye Yu and rushed towards him.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yu was suddenly overjoyed.

He was still afraid that the middle-aged man would run away directly, but now he was sent to the door to fight him in close quarters, so the chance of killing the middle-aged man himself would be greater.

The thoughts got to this point, Ye Yu also burst out the power of his body, and rushed towards the direction where the middle-aged man rushed.

In his hand, circles of immortal golden light began to shine.

That is the power of gods and demons!

But at this time, the middle-aged man has stepped over.

“Hahaha, boy, you are dead. This seat will take off your head and devour your whole body. The vitality and blood in your body are so vast. It must be some kind of extremely ancient and powerful special in the human race. Physique, if I devour it, maybe my Bloodline will evolve again, and it will no longer be a dream to achieve the Great Emperor in the future!”

The middle-aged man expression laughed wildly. At this moment, he grabbed it with one hand, and the bronze skin on his body was shining one after another dragon-shaped True Qi, which almost shattered the void, very terrifying.


Ye Yu didn’t evade and slammed directly.

A huge explosion sound, immediately resounded throughout the space of the ruins.

In an instant, a huge wave of power suddenly moved towards crazily and spread around.

And next moment.

“Senior Brother Qiu, go!”

In the chaos, Ye Yu grabbed Chen Tianqiu’s shoulder directly, and immediately moved towards the distance and shot away.

“Junior Brother, that magic dragon…” Chen Tianqiu’s expression showed a hint of surprise.

“He was blown away by a punch from me just now. I was just trying to divert him away from the entrance of the whirlpool. Naturally, I wouldn’t really fight him hard. Besides, the Sea Dragon King might return.”

Ye Yu said immediately.

“very good !”

Chen Tianchou expression is overjoyed.

Two people ran wildly power within the body, rushing out of the black vortex one after another.

Weng weng!

Outside, the silhouettes of two people appeared.


2 people looked at each other, and suddenly moved towards a certain direction and shot away.

And in the relic space behind, there was a sound of unwilling dragon roar.

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