Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1253

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In the blue ocean, two young and thin silhouettes burst out.

It is Ye Yu and Chen Tianchou.


In the distance, there was an angry roar, and it was the black dragon roaring.

“The Dragon Soul Tree has been obtained, let’s leave quickly!” Chen Tianqiu said immediately.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded, expression with excitement.

He didn’t expect that this trip turned out to be so smooth, and this dragon soul tree that was rarely seen in 1000 years was obtained by himself.

However, thinking of the furious Sea Dragon King, Ye Yu and Chen Tianchou snickered in their hearts.

Bang! bang!

2 People no longer hesitate, and instantly moved towards the distance lasing away.

And just not long after the two of them left, a thousand zhang giant dragon riddled with scars, suddenly smashing void, came to the eye of the sea.

It is the Sea Dragon King!

At this moment, he looked at the broken array at the sea eye, his eyes flashed with divine light, he saw through the vortex entrance, and directly entered the small world ruins.

When the Sea Dragon King saw the area where the Dragon Soul Tree was originally located, it turned into a mess, and the entire Dragon Soul Tree was dug away.


A roar of extreme anger came from the mouth of the Sea Dragon King, and he roared fiercely: “The two ants dare to take away all of the king’s treasures while the king is not here. Unforgivable!”

Sea Dragon King roar towards the sky, the expression is full of surprised and angry.


He flashed with blue brilliance, and suddenly turned into a majestic and powerful middle-aged man. He strode towards the distance and shot away, seeming to find the breath of some thieves.

And this time, another place.

In the jungle, Ye Yu and Chen Tianchou are fleeing frantically.

“Almost here should be far enough, even if the Magical Powers of the Sea Dragon King is stronger, it is impossible to know that we are here.” Chen Tianqiu said with excitement in his eyes.

This time, the two of them had a good harvest.

However, just when the two discussed preparing to return to Pure Peaceful Institute.


“The damn 2 ants, dare to snatch this king’s treasure, die for me!”

A surprised and angry voice suddenly sounded from above the sky.

Next moment, an incomparable gigantic hand, covering the sky and obscuring the sun, grandiose, immediately grabbed it from the sky, shattered everything, and wanted to kill Ye Yu and Chen Tianqiu below.

“Really strong!”

Chen Tianchou felt all over his body unable to move even a little bit in an instant.


At this time, Ye Yu’s expression changed drastically. He gave a long scream, and within the body the power of the gods and demons recovered, and immediately condensed behind a stalwart silhouette capable to support both heaven and earth, which made the horror to the extreme. The Sea Dragon King’s mighty crushed all.


Ye Yu grabbed Chen Tianqiu and immediately moved towards the distance.

Even with the last time, this is the second time Ye Yu has rescued Chen Tianqiu.

“Junior Brother, many thanks!”

Chen Tianchou’s heart is naturally very grateful.

He finally understood that it was the most correct choice he made to bring Ye Yu out this time.

At the next moment, two people successfully escaped from this area, and suddenly moved towards the distance and shot away.


The burly and tall silhouette of the Sea Dragon King appeared on the spot. He looked at the direction the two people were fleeing, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“Why do you feel that I feel a kind of shocking power fluctuation, as if it were pressure from in the depth of one’s soul, is it possible that one of the two human brats is the reincarnation of the Primordial Power?”

The Sea Dragon King murmured, but then he looked cold, and said cruelly: “No matter what the ancient power of that kid is reincarnated, now, it’s just an ant that’s all. It happens that this king killed you and seized your memory. Can Nian, maybe you can still get an inheritance Magical Powers and martial arts of the ancient power!”

When the words fell, the Sea Dragon King made a bang, and once again moved towards the direction where the two people fled in the distance.

After 3 days.

The edge of a cliff.

2 A slightly embarrassed silhouette appeared.

It is Ye Yu and Chen Tianchou.

At this time, they sensed the faint terrifying pressure coming from behind again, and they couldn’t help but show a trace of ugly expression.

“What to do, this Sea Dragon King is simply chasing after him. We can’t get rid of his pursuit.”

Chen Tianchou said at this time, his eyes showed a trace of ugliness.

“We act separately, the Sea Dragon King must be more interested in me. After you go back, call the powerhouse from the Academy to rescue me.” Ye Yu said immediately.

“Okay, I will go back to the Pure Peaceful Institute first and tell us the Azure Dragon inner courtyard vice-president Lord, he may be able to invite some ancient Lord objects hidden in the Small World deep in the Academy to take action to save you Junior Brother!”

As Chen Tianchou said, he didn’t hesitate at all, and suddenly moved towards the distance and shot away.

In the same place, Ye Yu eyes flashed.

He knew very well that he had previously released the power of the gods and demons and broke the confinement of the Sea Dragon King, and the Sea Dragon King would definitely chase him down.

“Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique.”

Ye Yu started running the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, shielding all the power fluctuations and breath on his body, and then he jumped directly from the edge of the cliff.

Oh la la !

Underneath, is a big river, Ye Yu jumped into it, and instantly hid in the deepest part of the river bottom, and began to seal all Life Aura.

“hong long”

And at this moment, on the edge of the cliff above the head, a burly tall silhouette appeared.

It is the Sea Dragon King!

At this moment, the Sea Dragon King’s eyes were so angry that he roared, suddenly unable to sense Ye Yu’s breath.


The Sea Dragon King’s big hand moved towards the distant place, and suddenly smashed a towering mountain, divine might be the world.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yu didn’t fluctuate in his heart, so he held his breath, lurking at the bottom of this big river, watching the developments.

“Ah! Boy, the ants of the human race, when you are met by this king next time, this king will crush you to 10000 pieces!”

The Sea Dragon King vented for 3 days and 3 nights, and then left in grief.


Under the big river, Ye Yu let out a breath.

At the next moment, he directly took out a dragon soul fruit and began to devour the refining to strengthen his original strength.



Suddenly, a wave of powerful medicinal power and Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth exploded in Ye Yu’s body.

At this moment, Ye Yu’s cultivation base is arrogantly improving.

Ye Yu didn’t feel any distress at all. He swallowed one after another dragon soul fruit in his stomach, ran the big swallowing technique, and frantically refining. The spirit strength in his dantian became stronger and stronger.

Spirit Sovereign 1 Heavenly Layer!

Spirit Sovereign 2nd Layer!

Spirit Sovereign 3 Heavenly Layer!


Spirit Sovereign 6 Heavenly Layer


Spirit Sovereign 9th Layer!



An imposing manner like heaven falls and earth rends burst out from Ye Yu’s body within the body. He stood up abruptly, his eyes bright.

The realm of Spirit Venerable!

At this moment, Ye Yu only felt that his entire Essence, Qi, and Spirit had become elevated.

He punched out, and immediately knocked the cliff in the distance to pieces. The scene was terrifying.

At this moment, Ye Yu suddenly heard a fight.

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