Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1254

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The sound of fighting was full of strong power fluctuations. It was definitely a battle between peerless powerhouses.

Ye Yu was curious and fumbled away slowly.

At the next moment, he pulled out a piece of grass in front of him, and suddenly saw that several god-like silhouettes were fighting each other.

It was the five powerhouses that joined forces to deal with the Sea Dragon King that day.

There are a total of Two Great Factions. On the left are two figures, namely the white clothed youth and the iron-clad middle-aged man, while on the right are the Rhino Great Demon 2 brother and the stunning red clothed woman.

A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle broke out between the 5 people.


The white clothed youth carried a white long sword, and at this moment he coldly shouted: “Come on!”


A horrible sword cry that seemed to have been uploaded from 9 days, suddenly made the entire film of Heaven and Earth tremble.

That zhengzheng sword cry resounded 9 times.


Suddenly, the white clothed youth finally drew the sword.

Zi La Zi La…

As he drew his sword, there were waves of horrible sword energy around him, causing countless earth to fall apart, and all expressions of all people showed fear.

“Mu Tianyang! Do you really want to kill us regardless of taboos?”

The red-clothed stunning woman expression as cold as ice and frost. At this time, her beautiful eyes were full of ugly colors, and she suddenly shouted coldly.

“To me, you are just a bunch of stepping stones that’s all. Today, my sword stains the blood of you big monsters, just to prove it!”

The white clothed youth spoke out indifferently, his tone full of coldness and unabashed arrogance and killing intent.


Next to the red-clothed stunning woman, the rhinoceros 2 brother also showed an expression of anger.

They didn’t expect that they and the others are just his Sharpening Sword Stone in front of Mu Tianyang.

The thoughts got to this point, several people are expressions ugly.

But feeling the more and more terrifying sword intent between Heaven and Earth, the red-clothed stunning woman and the big rhinoceros brother 2 both yelled and moved towards the distance and flew away.

“I want to escape now, late!”

Mu Tianyang coldly shouted and finally pulled out all the long swords.


A horrible sword glow instantly tore through the sky and the earth, directly covering the three silhouettes in front.


one after another Howling sounded.

At the next moment, I felt the horrible cold sword intent, Ye Yu was peeking in the distance, and I was slightly shocked by the expression.

Sure enough, there are too many horror Heaven’s Chosen hidden in the Immortal World.

The sword just now was too terrifying. I am afraid that even his current fleshy body strength is irresistible and will be torn into pieces in an instant.

However, Ye Yu expression also has strong self-confidence. His eyes are bright, and he suddenly muttered: “One day, I will have such terrifying strength. When the time comes, even if it is the Immortal World, I can also smile. , I was furious.”

Thinking in his mind, Ye Yu suddenly moved towards the distance and shot away.

Regardless of whether Chen Tianqiu can find the ancient powerhouse of the Pure Peaceful Institute to rescue him, now he is out of danger.

Ye Yu returned to this wild jungle, and began to search for Demonic beasts and beasts to fight, and then devour their blood, train their fighting skills and strengthen their Life Source.

It was night, and the moon was as cold as water.

Ye Yu moved towards the wild jungle.

With everything ready, Ye Yu is naturally ready to return to the Pure Peaceful Institute to start the Sacred Beast competition.

This time, he must compete for the top spot.

But on the way, Ye Yu saw a silhouette lying in the mud.

It is a red-clothed silhouette.

“is her?”

Ye Yu expression showed a hint of horror.

He saw that lying in the mud was the beautiful red-clothed woman, one of the five powerhouses of immortal kings, who seemed to be from Monster Race.

Now that I encountered it, Ye Yu would naturally not die.

He walked directly over and hugged the soft lovable body of the red-clothed stunning woman.

Suddenly, there was a burst of fragrance.

“Let me down!”

Suddenly, the red-clothed stunning woman said, her jade hands clasped Ye Yu’s throat, her voice was cold and she carried a killing intent.

“Big sister, I am saving you. Look at your body, how many scars, bloody mouth is cracked!”

Ye Yu waved his hand and said suddenly.

When Ye Yu said that, the red-clothed beautiful woman with pretty face slightly red, she noticed the serious injury on her body, slowly lowered her hand, and whispered: “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, saving a life is better than building a Level-7 Buddha statue. I have no idea about you.”

Ye Yu said, and then walked towards one direction with the red-clothed stunning woman moved towards.

Soon, Ye Yu found a cave.

He took out some medicine from the storage space and prepared to apply it to the wound on the woman’s body.

However, the clothes on the red-clothed stunning woman are worn firmly.

This made Ye Yu a little embarrassed and hesitated.

“Take it off.” The red-clothed stunning woman said indifferently.

However, in that faint tone, Ye Yu heard a hidden shyness.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded.

He slowly faded away from the red-clothed stunning woman.

Suddenly a perfect carcass appeared in front of her eyes. Although some areas were full of scars, the other exposed skin was white and smooth, slightly dazzling.

“What are you doing?” The red-clothed stunning woman’s voice sounded.

“Oh, okay.”

Ye Yu reacted and immediately began to apply the wounds with his hands.

But in this process, it is inevitable that some other parts of the woman will be encountered, causing the red-clothed stunning woman’s lovable body to tremble slightly.

Finally, the medicine was applied, and the red-clothed stunning woman put on her clothes.

There was a red glow on her stunning face at the moment, and she looked bright and beautiful, but she whispered: “Today’s matter, many thanks to you, but you must not spread it out, otherwise, I will catch up to the ends of the earth. , Will kill you, and then I will commit suicide.”

“Suicide? Why?” Ye Yu asked immediately.

“You saved me, I killed you, I will naturally be buried for you.” The red-clothed stunning woman said, as if she was telling an extremely common thing.

“Relax, this matter is just a secret belonging to the two of us.”

Ye Yu immediately assured Pats.


Red-clothed stunning woman nodded.

“By the way, you don’t know what your name is?” Ye Yu asked suddenly.

“Luo Honglian.” The red-clothed stunning woman slowly said.

Ye Yu is not sure if this is the pseudonym that the woman said casually, but he still said: “My name is Ye Yu.”

“Ye Yu, this name is ordinary, but you are extraordinary.”

Luo Honglian chuckled, and in an instant, 10000 people lost their color.

“Luo Honglian, you hit me with a sword, it is impossible to escape far!”

Suddenly, a coldly shouted sound suddenly exploded from the sky outside.

“Not good, Mu Tianyang actually chased and killed him.” Luo Honglian’s expression was suddenly startled.

“I went to see.”

Ye Yu asked Luo Honglian to stay within the cave, and then slowly stepped out of the cave.

After one hour, Ye Yu came to a clearing.

But in front of him, a white clothed youth came.

“I ask you, have you ever seen a red clothed woman?” Mu Tianyang slowly said, with a cold tone.

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