Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1255

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Mu Tianyang’s body was all white, Ye Yu could feel a kind of horror to the extreme swordsmanship from his plain eyes.

This is an extremely terrifying kendo power!

Ye Yu’s heart tightened, but on the surface, his expression remained motionless, even showing a trace of “fear”, and he stubbornly said: “Big…Lord, what are you…saying…how can I not understand…”

“Are you sure you are not lying?”

Mu Tianyang’s voice is very flat, but with an irresistible majesty.

If it is an ordinary person, I am afraid that he will show his feet in an instant.

But who is Ye Yu?

He has experienced so many winds and waves, and this little mental oppression is simply nothing to him.

“Lord, I really don’t know.”

Ye Yu said aloud, expression with just the right amount of tension.

Mu Tianyang stopped talking, he stared at Ye Yu closely, then turned and left without a trace of nostalgia.


On the spot, Ye Yu puts out a breath slightly.

Just now, he was really afraid that Mu Tianyang 2 would kill himself without saying anything.

However, perhaps he is just a dispensable ant in his eyes, and he may be too lazy to kill himself.

The thoughts got to this point, Ye Yu felt a sense of urgency.

I swallowed that many Dragon Soul Fruit myself, and ascended to the Spirit Venerable level, which was still too low.

But Ye Yu is confident in his heart. As long as he gives himself time, these so-called peerless Heaven’s Chosen are all ant-like existences in front of him, destined to be trampled under their feet.

When Ye Yu was thinking secretly, a sneer suddenly sounded.

“Jié jié jié, there is a human brat with such strong blood and energy. It seems that I am lucky.”

It was a miserable laughter full of infinite ferocity.

Almost at this moment, Ye Yu felt an extremely fierce aura, and suddenly moved towards himself and invaded.

He turned around abruptly, and suddenly saw a broken silhouette, staggering from a distance.

“It’s you!”

Almost at this instant, Ye Yu recognized the identity of the silhouette.

The person who came was a tall and sturdy man with rhino horns on his head, but at this time, half of his body was shattered, blood was flowing on his body, and his appearance was extremely miserable.

This silhouette is exactly one of the big rhino demon brother Ye Yu saw that day.

However, there was only one left at this time, and it looked so miserable, covered with densely packed sword marks and wounds.

It seems that he was chased by Mu Tianyang so embarrassed and even almost killed.

However, even though he was almost hunted down and killed, the great rhinoceros was also full of power at this time, and his entire body exuded a terrifying and terrifying aura.

It seems that as long as he shoots, he can kill any powerhouse.

This is the majesty of the fairy King level!

“What are you doing?” Ye Yu expression was wary.

“What do I have to do?”

The rhinoceros demon had a tragic expression, and violently ruthless said: “This seat is about to fall now, and the original power within the body has dried up to the extreme. Naturally, it is going to devour your blood energy. This seat can sense it, although you are only one The small human Spirit Venerable, but you within the body seem to contain an extremely monstrous blood energy, that is something that makes this seat extremely longing, give it to me!”


Almost at this instant, the rhinoceros demon immediately moved towards Ye Yu and grabbed it.


The void shattered, and Ye Yu slammed back, but was still affected by the aftermath. He groaned and his body almost broke apart.

“Really strong horizontal fleshhy body!”

The rhinoceros demon’s expression became more fiery, and he immediately roared: “Boy, you are destined to be the main medicine in my furnace cauldron!”


He grabbed it again with one hand, and this time he finally confined Ye Yu and directly included him in the Heaven and Earth Bag.

As night fell, the rhinoceros demon took Ye Yu to a hidden cave.

In the cave, there is a huge Ancient Plain Cauldron.

4 square 4 square, full of a breath of ancient vicissitudes.

Under the tripod, there is a fire burning raging, and in the tripod, each and everyone Qizhen spiritual medicine is full of surging essence.

“Hahaha, this seat is going to refine a Rebirth Good Fortune Pill, the medicine ingredients are all ready, and it happens to encounter you brat this tyrannical fleshy body, as the main medicine, it will be swallowed by this seat!”

The rhino demon laughed and threw Ye Yu directly into the cauldron.


At the next moment, cover the cauldron lid directly.

Outside, the rhinoceros demon’s aura was exhausted to the extreme, but he knew that if he refines a Rebirth Good Fortune Pill, it can not only recover from the original, but even break and stand, invincible in the whole world!

At this time, Dingzhong.

“So hot!”

Ye Yu expression showed a trace of struggle.

However, he thought of what happened to him at this time, and his expression suddenly became gloomy.

“Hey, no, this temperature can’t hurt my fleshy body!”

Ye Yu’s eyes lit up.

Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique gave him the terrifying fleshy body, making Ye Yu almost an unkillable Xiaoqiang.

At this time, Ye Yu had a crazy idea in his heart. He took a big mouth and swallowed all the spiritual medicines in the tripod.

“Hahaha, I also did Brother Hou once.”

Ye Yu laughed in her heart.

These medicine ingredients were all found by the fairy king suffering untold hardships, the great rhinoceros demon, but at this moment, they all became Ye Yu’s wedding clothes.

“Boom~ boom~ boom~ ……”

A breath of terror brewed in Ye Yu’s body.

At this moment, Ye Yu only felt that his whole body was extremely hot, and his spirit strength was increasing crazily.

Spirit Venerable 1 Heavenly Layer!

Spirit Venerable 2nd Layer!

Spirit Venerable 3 Heavenly Layer!


Spirit Venerable 6 Heavenly Layer


Spirit Venerable 9th Layer




An extremely powerful breath erupted from Ye Yu’s body, and he roared fiercely, feeling that his whole body was full of incomparable terrifying power.


Ye Yu punched out and immediately blasted the cauldron lid.

“How is it possible! Boy, you are not dead yet, and you have a breakthrough?!” The rhinoceros demon’s expression was horrified.

There was no movement in Cauldron just now, and he was still happy, Ye Yu must have been completely refined.

But now, didn’t expect it will be like this.

“impossible !”

The rhino demon roared and immediately moved towards Ye Yu to kill.

“Fight close, you are trifling a remnant, destined to be killed by me!”

Ye Yu coldly shouted.

Six Paths Reincarnation Fist!


A fist of pure gold color suddenly smashed into the void, directly smashing an arm of the rhinoceros demon.


The rhinoceros demon was suffering roar, he expressed panic, looked towards Ye Yu, and suddenly said: “What kind of physique are you, how can you not even be able to refining the fire in the heart of the earth!!”

“Those who are about to die, why know that many!”

Ye Yu coldly smiled, punched out again, and smashed the head of the rhinoceros with a direct “pu”.

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