Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1256

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Rhinoceros demon, a generation of powerhouse immortal king, fall!

Ye Yu sensed the tyrannical force within the body and suddenly laughed wildly.

This time, I really have a big luck.


Putting that simple tripod into the storage space, Ye Yu immediately moved towards the cave and shot away.

After one hour, Ye Yu returned to the original cave.

However, the silhouette of Luo Honglian is missing from within cave.

Under a rock, Ye Yu saw a note with the word “thank you” on it.

The font is graceful, with a faint fragrance.

This silenced Ye Yu slightly.

However, at the next moment, Ye Yu waved with one hand, sucked the note, put it in his arms, and then moved towards and left the cave.

Forget the time, Pure Peaceful Institute’s Sacred Beast competition is about to begin.

Now that I have such a cultivation base, I can definitely amaze the world with a single brilliant feat in Sacred Beast, get rich rewards, and improve myself quickly.

However, less than one hour, Ye Yu walked to a gorge and suddenly felt a wave of murderous aura.

“who is it?”

Ye Yu suddenly coldly shouted in a certain direction not far away.

The words fall.

bang bang bang bang!

An applause suddenly sounded.

“What a keen insight.”

A sarcastic admiration sounded.

Next moment.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

One after another silhouette stepped out, the head of the person, Ye Yu knew, turned out to be Chu Kaitian, this Chu family is Elder in the Pure Peaceful Institute.

“Chu Kaitian, why are you here?” Ye Yu expression was puzzled.

“Hmph, the moment you left the Pure Peaceful Institute, I knew that you entered this wild forest, didn’t expect, after so many days of searching, I finally met you brat, and now, your brat’s death date has come , You killed my Chu family that many young geniuses, sin is unforgivable, and will die soon!” Chu Kaitian said suddenly with a gloomy expression.

“It was your Chu family who provoked me first. I killed them, it was only right.” Ye Yu coldly smiled.

“Impudent, dare to talk back when I die and kill this kid for me!” Chu Kaitian shouted immediately.




Each and everyone black clothed person held a long knife in his hand, bursting into power instantly, moved towards Ye Yu and rushed away, murderous aura.

“It’s too naive to want to kill me just because of you!”

Ye Yu coldly shouted, and a thunderbolt long sword in his hand suddenly condensed.

Big day thunder sword!



Suddenly, a terrifying sword glow directly Tearing the Void, beheading all the black clothed persons that rushed over.




one after another Howling sounded.

How could those black clothed persons withstand Ye Yu’s Power of Slaughter, almost immediately before they were cut off by Ye Yu, their bodies and heads, body dies and Dao disappears, there was no chance of resistance at all.

And watching this scene, Chu Kaitian in the distance was surprised and angry and shocked to the extreme.

He didn’t expect that the ambush he was deliberately planning, in front of Ye Yu, would collapse so fast.

“I will kill you!”

At this moment, Chu Kaitian was furious, and suddenly a long spear appeared in his hand, which directly pierced the void and moved towards Ye Yu to kill.


Ye Yu suddenly coldly shouted, and instantly the big sun thunder sword in his hand smashed down from the air, directly tearing Chu Kaitian’s whole body into two halves, and throwing blood.


Chu Kaitian expressed horror, but he could not escape death.


His whole body suddenly turned into two and a half pieces of meat, falling from the air and staining the ground red.

Looking at the broken body on the ground, Ye Yu is just coldly smiled.


Three days later, Ye Yu finally walked out of this wild jungle and returned to the Pure Peaceful Institute.

He moved towards his residence, on the way, he ran into Fang Tianhua.

“Junior Brother, are you okay!”

Fang Tianhua looked worried.

“It’s okay.” Ye Yu knew that Chen Tianqiu should have returned, and informed the Azure Dragon inner courtyard of the news that he had been chased by the powerhouse.

“Vice Dean Lord is discussing with Chen Tian Senior Brother Qiu and the others, to see how to help you.” Fang Tianhua said immediately.

“It’s okay now, take me to see them.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“it is good.”

Fang Tianhua nodded, 2 people moved towards the depths of the Azure Dragon inner courtyard.

After one hour, two people came to a pond in front of a platform.

In that pavilion, several silhouettes are standing there.

Among them are Shen Gutian, the deputy dean of the Azure Dragon inner courtyard, Chen Tianchou and Big Senior Sister Liu Canglan.

“Boy, you are back!”

Deputy Dean Shen Gutian expressed slightly happy and said suddenly.

“Reporting back to Vice Dean Lord, the discipline returns safely, don’t worry.” Ye Yu suddenly smiled and hugged cup one fist in the other hand.

“It’s fine to come back, you youngsters talk.” Shen Gutian laughed heartily, and then walked away.

At this time, Chen Tianchou could no longer suppress the horror in his heart, and suddenly shouted: “Junior Brother Ye, you really escaped from the powerhouse of the immortal king?”

After the words fell, even Liu Canglan was beautiful eyes flashing a tremor, looking at Ye Yu.

She didn’t expect that she, the newcomer Junior Brother, had such ability.


Ye Yu didn’t say much, just smiled and said.

“Stop talking about it, bad luck.”

Chen Tianqiu pats Ye Yu’s shoulder, changed the subject and said: “There is still some time before the Sacred Beast competition is about to begin. This time, all the powerhouse disciple in the four inner courtyards will participate. By then, it will definitely be a game. The dragon wars, the tiger battles, I look at the breath of Junior Brother, and it seems to have a lot of breakthroughs. It must not be a problem to enter the top 4 this time.”

“Top 50, when the time comes, they will sit on the ring of Sacred Beast. They are Core Disciple recognized by the Academy. If Junior Brother Ye can beat one of them, there is no need to draw lots again and again to carry out the complicated It’s knock-out competition.” Liu Canglan also said.

They know that Ye Yu must be able to beat one of the top 50 Core Disciples.

“When the time comes, I will defeat a discipline.”

Ye Yu said suddenly, then he hugged cup one fist in the other hand and said, “Many thanks Senior Brother and Big Senior Sister for telling the rules of the Sacred Beast competition, otherwise, I’m really a bit confused.”

“It’s okay, this is what we should tell.” Chen Tianqiu immediately pats Ye Yu’s shoulder said.

Previously, Ye Yu had great affection for him, and Chen Tianqiu had long regarded Ye Yu as his brother.

The three people talked for a while, and they left one after another.

On the way, Ye Yu is going to Magical Powers Pavilion to select some powerful martial arts.

He knows that in this Sacred Beast competition, there will definitely be countless powerful geniuses of shocking and stunning. By then, a powerful martial arts will be extremely useful for his own use.

But at the next moment, a strange wave suddenly stopped Ye Yu.

“It’s the mind of the 6 Great Ghost King Avatars that are contacting me. Could it be that these 6 Great Ancient Ghost King Avatars have finally been refined?”

Ye Yu expression was overjoyed, and immediately moved towards the 9th floor of Difen Chiyan Palace.

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