Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1257

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Ye Yu soon arrived on the 9th floor of Difen Chiyan Palace.

The cultivation contribution point on the 9th floor is too high, so along the way, there is simply no who, and it is empty.

Because of this, Ye Yu had the courage to place the 6 Great Primordial Ghost King Avatars in the Fen Chiyan Palace for refining, and there is no need to worry about anyone discovering them.


Ye Yu flashed to the front of the big formation he had arranged, and with a big wave of his hand, he opened the big formation directly, and he burst into it with another flash.

Suddenly, Ye Yu saw it.

Inside, ghost qi diffuses.

As for the 6 Great Ghost Kings, their bodies have become 100 zhang high, like 6 great beings able to support both heaven and earth, capable of suppressing everything.

These 6 big Ghost Kings, but the powerful True Spirit looted by the 10000 ghost Great Emperor from the Great Ancient Era, Land of Extreme Yin everywhere on the earth, refining entered the picture, and then sealed it until this era.

After the 10000 Great Emperor was resurrected, if there were the rare treasure of the 10000 burial Heavenly Ghost, it might not be directly killed by the human powerhouse hidden away from the ten thousand li.

But what didn’t expect was that the 10000 burial Heavenly Ghost painting was finally snatched by Ye Yu, and the will of the 6 Ghost Kings was extracted and refined into his own Avatar.




At this time, the ghosts of King City were roaring roar, seeming to cheer their new life.

“Who is it? I just refined the demons in my Pure Peaceful Institute!”

Suddenly, a majestic voice sounded.

“Oh, it’s the guardian powerhouse in the Difen Chiyan Palace. It seems that he has noticed the richness of ghost qi here.” Ye Yu expression was startled, and immediately included the six ghost kings in the storage space. moved towards lurking away in the distance.

In a blink of an eye, he disappeared in place.

And almost at the next moment, there was a tremor in the void, and a burly old man stepped out of it.

This burly old man is the guardian powerhouse of the Pure Peaceful Institute in the Fen Chiyan Palace here.

He has an extremely terrifying cultivation base, and has always been guarded in the Fen Chiyan Palace.

But tonight, he changed divine sense, and found a trace of ghost qi appearing underground.

Therefore, the guardian powerhouse immediately became a silhouette.

However, it was obviously too late at this time, Ye Yu had disappeared in place, lurking away.

This old man expression was confused. He looked at the broken array, shook the head, and said, “Could it be that the discipline in my Pure Peaceful Institute is refining what the hell Avatar?”

Whispering, the old man stepped into the void.

On the other side, Ye Yu quickly left the 9th floor and stepped directly onto the ground.

He returned to his residence and began to prepare for the next Sacred Beast competition.

This time, the four powerhouses in the inner courtyard will all participate. When the time comes, it must be the dragon wars, the tiger battles.

Moreover, Ye Yu knows very well that he now has a lot of grievances with people from the Great Family. Their power is like an old tree in Pure Peaceful Institute, absolutely each and everyone powerhouse stand in great numbers, when the time comes I don’t know if it will Will challenge myself.

But no matter what, now I stepped into the realm of Quasi-Saint, with my powerful fleshy body, not to mention the top 50 in the inner courtyard, which is the top 3, Ye Yu is also eligible to compete.

Time flies quickly, and in a blink of an eye, the Sacred Beast competition begins.

On this day, the entire Pure Peaceful Institute became lively, because today is the day of Sacred Beast.

Ye Yu was dragged around by Fang Tianhua and the others around the life and death stage of Big Bi.

Chen Tianqiu and the others are here, standing with Ye Yu.

Around, many of the leaders of the Pure Peaceful Institute have come, including Shen Gutian, the deputy dean of the Azure Dragon inner courtyard.

The big guys all have smiles on their faces, watching the Sacred Beast competition that is about to begin.

After all, this Sacred Beast competition is only held every 5 years, so it is very grand.

It is said that even many Elders who wandered outside all year round returned one after another, and the entire Pure Peaceful Institute suddenly became lively.


Suddenly, an ancient bell sounded.

“The big match begins!”

Almost at this moment, a tall silhouette descended from the sky, shouted loudly.


Almost as soon as his words fell, a silhouette wearing white cloth had already stepped onto the stage of life and death.

It seems to be a discipline of Vermilion Bird Academy, a beautiful white clothed woman, holding a Spirit Sword, beautiful eyes looked towards a blue clothed woman of the top 50, and said: “I want to challenge you!”

When her words fell, there was an exclamation around her.

As soon as this woman came up, she had to challenge the powerful existence of the top 50, which shocked many people.

“I accept the challenge.”

The blue clothed woman, nodded, moved her body and turned into a blue light, already standing on the stage of life and death.

“Get out of the sword.” The blue clothed woman said indifferently.

“Water Moon Sword Technique!”

The white clothed woman’s eyebrows moved, and the long sword in her hand suddenly cut out a curtain of water, and directly shrouded the blue clothed woman.


But at the next moment, an ancient zither appeared in the hand of the blue clothed woman. She slightly plucked the strings, and suddenly a piece of piano sound condensed into a sharp blade in the sky, directly piercing the long sword in the hand of the white clothed woman. The water curtain that came out instantly knocked away the long sword in her hand.

“I lost.”

white clothed woman beautiful eyes slightly dim, suddenly said.

“You let me win”

The blue clothed woman smiled lightly, and then sat back to her original position.


At this time, many people around were expressions of horror.

Sure enough, the powerful disciple ranked top 50 in the inner courtyard, even if it is the last one, is also powerful, beyond doubt.

Next, each and everyone disciple stepped forward to challenge, and on the other Martial Arts Competition Stage, the knock-out competition was also in full swing.

On the stage of life and death, a black robed man appeared again, his name was Chu Feng, a member of the Chu family of Holy City, and his strength, in the inner courtyard, was Ranked 3rd.

At this moment, he stared at Ye Yu underneath with a chill in his eyes, and slowly said: “Boy, dare to come up for a fight!”

At the end of the speech, shua shua concentrated on Ye Yu.

As a powerful disciple of Ranked 3rd X2 in the inner courtyard, Chu Feng actually offered to challenge an unknown kid, which made many people express their surprised look.

“It’s Ye Yu!”

“It turns out to be the terrifying newcomer discipline of the innate talent!”

“After he entered the inner courtyard of the Pure Peaceful Institute, it seemed that in a short period of time, he had offended many Great Family people. Now there are enemies everywhere.”

Around, on the battle stage, many disciplines are discuss spiritedly.

However, Ye Yu has no fear in his eyes and has to step forward to accept the challenge.

“I’m here to fight with you, Junior Brother Ye has recently made great progress in martial arts, not everyone can challenge it.”

Suddenly, Chen Tianchou said aloud.

He stepped to the stage of life and death, coldly said: “If you want to challenge Ye Yu Junior Brother, pass my level first, otherwise you are not qualified to challenge.”

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