Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1258

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“What? This Chen Tianchou actually wants to help Ye Yu fight against that Chu Feng?”

“I don’t know what he said is true or false, is Ye Yu really so powerful?”

“Hmph, I think Ye Yu must be scared, so I secretly let them go with the Senior Brother in the inner courtyard to avoid disaster!”

Around, countless disciplines are scowling, discussing spiritedly.

You know, the two inner courtyard top 2 powerhouse disciples are now playing against each other. Therefore, this battle has attracted the attention of countless people, even the big guys.

“Tian Senior Brother Qiu, be careful!”

Ye Yu glanced at Chu Feng and said suddenly.

To be honest, Chu Feng is no more than Spirit Venerable 3 Heavenly Layer, and Ye Yu really has no desire to shoot.

With Chen Tianqiu’s strength and he also refining a lot of dragon soul fruits, It shouldn’t be defeated by this Chu Feng.

“Get up and fight!”

Chu Feng just coldly smiled and shouted for Chen Tianqiu’s initiative to play.


A silhouette suddenly flashed on the life and death stage.

It is Chen Tianchou.

He stretched out his palm, and suddenly drew a long sword from the void.


Showing off one’s ability on the long sword is full of Qi of Slaughter.


Almost at this moment, Chen Tianchou made an instant shot, and the long sword in his hand instantly Tearing the Void, directly cut in front of Chu Feng.

“Void tear Heavenly Sword!”

“It turned out to be this martial arts of good fortune. This Chen Tianqiu deserves to be the tyrannical presence of Ranked 10th 6 in the inner courtyard!”

“This sword technique, few people can block it!”

Around, many disciplines discuss spiritedly.


But at the next moment, a sound of metal collision suddenly sounded.


Everyone was shocked and moved towards the direction where the collision sounded.

They immediately saw that in front of Chu Feng, less than one centimeter away from him, a purple-golden armor immediately blocked the long sword.

“The body protector?!”

“At least it is an Emperor Artifact, otherwise Chen Tianqiu’s horrible sword cannot be stopped!”

“Sure enough, Chu Feng came here prepared. Under the protection of this Emperor Artifact-level armor, who can break his defense?”

Around, countless disciplines are expressions with a surprise, cry out in surprise one after another.

No one would have imagined that Chu Feng had such a rare treasure on his body and was almost invincible.


Chen Tianqiu’s eyes were cold, he quickly backed away, and then the long sword in his hand clanged again, immediately Tearing the Void, and moved towards the opposite Chu Feng to attack and kill.


But once again, the Purple Gold armor directly blocked all of Chen Tianqiu’s sword glow and sword energy.

Chu Feng wore this set of Purple Gold armor and was almost invincible. There was simply no way to break this layer of defense.

“Hahaha, is there no way?”

Chu Feng coldly smiled, his gaze revealed a trace of hideousness, and said sharply: “Since you want to come up to death instead of Ye Yu, then I will fulfill you.”

As he said, Chu Feng smiled very ruthless, and with a big wave of his hand, a big black spear about 3 meters long appeared in his hand. The tip of the spear was stained with blood and filled with monstrous murderous aura.

“this is?!”

“Heaven Weeping Blood Spear! Is that the ancient Demon Emperor Artifact?!”

“It’s an Emperor Artifact, what kind of great opportunity does Chu Feng have?”

Around, all the disciplines are discuss spiritedly, and the expression is horrified.

But at this time, not far away, under the stage of life and death, Ye Yu looked at this scene, showing a slight expression of intricacy.

It seems that this Chu Feng has been instructed by the upper Lord of the Chu family to carry two Emperor Artifacts with both offensive and defensive functions. He wants to take advantage of today’s Sacred Beast competition to kill himself on this stage of life and death.

Because, on the stage of life and death, life and death do not matter, even if Chu Feng used the power of battle weapon to kill himself, others would have nothing to say.

After all, being on the stage of life and death represents life and death from the sky.


On the stage, holding the big blood-stained black spear, the aura on Chu Feng’s body instantly became ferocious and fierce.

The big black spear trembled violently, as if an ancient demon was about to roar from it.

This scene caused many people’s minds to be implicated, as if Heart Demon was born in an instant.

“It’s such a terrifying Demon Race Emperor Artifact. Just listening to the sound makes people uneasy and bloody.”

Many disciplines are expressions with panic.

They didn’t expect that in order to deal with Ye Yu, the newcomer’s discipline, Chu Feng did not hesitate to use 2 Emperor Artifacts. Moreover, it was the kind of extremely rare and powerful Great Emperor soldier with incredible power.


When the long sword in Chen Tianqiu’s hand collided with the big black spear, a huge force burst out, and the aftermath of horror crushed the ground on the stage of life and death.

If it hadn’t been for the powerful spirit formations engraved on the life and death platform, maybe the ground would not only be broken, maybe it would all collapse, or even be completely destroyed.

And just at the next moment.


Chen Tianqiu suddenly spits out mouthful of blood.

His breath wilted in an instant.


“The power of the Great Emperor is terrifying!”

“Two Emperor Artifacts are in hand, you can never win!”

Many of the disciplines of Azure Dragon’s inner courtyard are expressions and sigh.

“Void tear Heavenly Sword!”

Chen Tianchou’s expression was not reconciled, he immediately waved his long sword, and once again strikes out.


Chu Feng’s expression showed a trace of very ruthless, and he instantly shot the big black spear in his hand.

“hong long”

The power of the Emperor Artifact burst out immediately, directly smashing the long sword in Chen Tianqiu’s hand.

“Hahaha, the powerhouse ranked tenth and 6th in the inner courtyard, is also just this!”

Chu Feng laughed coldly. He looked at Chen Tianchou who was vomiting blood in the distance, his eyes flashed a terrifying killing intent.

“Since you are going to replace Ye Yu, you are dead, so I can’t blame me.”

With a whisper in his mouth, Chu Feng expressed a fierce expression. He immediately raised the big black spear in his hand, instantly tore the air and pierced Chen Tianqiu’s head directly.

As long as he stabbed, Chen Tianqiu would fall in an instant, and even the Primordial Spirit would be strangled.


And at this moment, Ye Yu’s coldly shouted sound suddenly sounded.


Almost at the next moment, in front of Chen Tianchou, Ye Yu’s silhouette suddenly appeared.

Big day thunder sword!


A thunderclap sword tore through the air, and directly knocked the big black gun in Chu Feng’s hand to the side. The tremendous force made Chu Feng fiercely back ten steps.

“Really strong horizontal sword technique!”

“Dari thunder sword, this martial arts so difficult to learn, did Ye Yu realize the Great Accomplishment?”

Around, even the big guys at the upper level of the Academy, their eyes were horrified.

“many thanks !”

Chen Tianqiu said, slowly: “Be careful of this Chu Feng, he holds two Emperor Artifacts in his hands. The attacking power is too terrifying.”

“Don’t worry, I will teach him well!”

Ye Yu said suddenly.

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