Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1259

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Step on!

Ye Yu stepped onto the stage of life and death, while Chen Tianchou, supported by several Azure Dragon inner courtyard disciplines, slowly stepped off the stage and began to adjust his breath.

“Boy, didn’t expect your kendo is quite powerful.” Chu Feng shook his numb hand, and said with a smile.

“Hmph, I don’t need to use a sword to deal with your waste.”

Ye Yu coldly smiled, and even lost the thunderbolt long sword in his hand.

Just now, just in a hurry, Ye Yu cut out the big day thunder sword.

But now, facing this Chu Feng head-on, Ye Yu simply doesn’t bother to use martial arts of kendo.

“You! Too arrogant!”

Chu Feng saw Ye Yu really disperse the long sword, and his expression immediately revealed a trace of extreme gloom.

Ye Yu This is simply an insult to Chi Guoguo.

“Crazy is not arrogant, it’s not you who have the final say!”

Ye Yu smiled coldly, stretched out his palm, beckoned with one hand to Chu Feng not far away, and said suddenly: “Take it, otherwise, you won’t have the next chance.”


Almost at the next moment, Chu Feng’s expression revealed a very ruthless killing intent. The big black gun in his hand burst out with a shocking Heavenly Halberd glow, which instantly pierced the void and shot straight in the direction of moving towards Ye Yu. Away.

“It seems that Chu Feng was completely irritated by Ye Yu.”

“Yes, look at him, he has activated all the power in the Emperor Artifact, the big black gun, and attacked them all. It seems that Ye Yu will be suppressed and killed in an instant.”

“Yes, Ye Yu must be dead.”

“Ye Yu is also too arrogant. He doesn’t even use kendo. Could it be that he wants to use a pair of flesh fists to fight against Chu Feng’s Emperor Artifact, it is ridiculous!”

Around, countless disciplines discuss spiritedly, expressions are sneers.

For this battle, they knew that Ye Yu would definitely lose, and would even be bombarded by Chu Feng’s 2 Emperor Artifacts on the stage of life and death.

Not far away, many of the leaders of the Pure Peaceful Institute were all watching this battle with great interest.

First of all, the two Emperor Artifacts on Chu Feng attracted the attention of many Lord objects.

Apart from this, Ye Yu’s incomparable and powerful innate talent displayed in the inner court assessment at that time was also famous for the entire Pure Peaceful Institute. Many Old Monsters in retreat have heard of this.

Therefore, at this time, the battle between the two people made countless people look forward to it. They wanted to know if Ye Yu was as powerful as Chen Tianchou said.

“2 Fists to kill you!”

Suddenly, Ye Yu said,

“What? Two punches? You too value yourself kid!”

Chu Feng smiled grimly, and suddenly shouted, “Kill me!”


The mighty Emperor Wei rushed out of the big black spear in his hand, tearing everything in an instant, and beheading Ye Yu.

“Six Paths Reincarnation Fist!”


Ye Yu punched out, the whole void is broken.

At the next moment, in the horrified eyes of countless people, they saw that Ye Yu collided with the big black gun with a punch.


crack crack ka-cha ……

With the sound of metal breaking, everyone expressed shock.

They saw that the big black spear in Chu Feng’s hand started to break apart inch by inch.


Seeing this scene, countless people held breath cold air.

Ye Yu smashed an Emperor Artifact with one punch?


How can it be?

Unbelievable and incredible!

Countless people have expressed horror and awe, Ye Yu, how has it become so powerful now?

At this time, even some of the bigwigs who were secretly watching were shocked by expression.

Ye Yu, it seems that he only joined Pure Peaceful Institute a few months ago.

How long has it been, and how has it become so terrifying?

The eyes of countless people were shocked, and the expression was almost sluggish.

“impossible !”

At this time, Chu Feng let out an incredible roar.

He looked at the big black spear that was shattered in his hand, his eyes frightened.

He looked at Ye Yu, expressing fear.

What is this power?

What is this fleshy body?

How can one force an Emperor Artifact to be shaken, or even crush it completely?

“I said, you only have one chance!”

Suddenly, Ye Yu said aloud.


He exploded again and moved towards that Chu Feng with a punch.


Chu Feng’s expression was frightened, and he roared immediately.

However, Ye Yu will naturally not show any mercy.

He punched out and directly smashed the Purple Gold body armor battle armour on Chu Feng.

Immediately with a “pu”, Ye Yu punched Chu Feng directly through the chest, bringing out a puff of blood.

“You…you?!” Chu Feng felt the pain in his body, expression surprised and angry.



Ye Yu punched out again and directly beat Chu Feng into a blood mist.

“The strength of horror!”

“It’s too strong, so strong, it’s hard for me to breathe!”

“This Ye Yu was originally unknown, and this Sacred Beast competition, I am afraid that it will really rise completely.”

Many disciples looked at the azure clothes silhouette on the stage of life and death, all of them were expressions of fear and awe.

Ye Yu, this newcomer.

He was originally known for relying on the powerful innate talent, but now, with his incomparable strength, he has shown his incomparable strength to countless people.

He, impressively, has already emerged from the abyss and has grown into a True Dragon!

“Little boy, you dare kill my Chu Feng, the genius of the Chu family, and you have damaged 2 Emperor Artifacts of my Chu family. It is act recklessly!”

Suddenly, an old voice sounded.

The voice is grandiose, with a terrible majesty.


In an instant, a huge pressure covered the sky, and instantly suppressed the stage of life and death to pieces.

“Chu Wudao!”

Ye Yu expression showed a trace of coldness, and said sharply: “On the stage of life and death, life and death are irrelevant. If you dare to take action against me, you will regard my Pure Peaceful Institute sect rules as nothing, and Pure Peaceful Institute Headmaster Lord as nothing!”

Ye Yu, regardless of the actual situation, first put a big hat on the Chu Elder.

Although the Chu family is one of the Six Great Families in Holy City, if you really encounter a big guy like Pure Peaceful Institute Headmaster, it is definitely an ant-like existence.


Chu Wudao’s expression revealed surprised and angry, he immediately retracted the imposing manner, his face was pale, and he sat back in his position.

“hmph! ”

In this regard, Ye Yu was coldly snorted, and immediately stepped down from the stage of life and death.

But at this moment.

“You are Ye Yu, the kid who beat my younger brother Nalanyu?”

Suddenly, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

It was a white clothed man. At this moment, his body flickered directly on the stage of life and death.

“Nalan has no way!”

“Ranked 3rd powerhouse in the inner courtyard!”

Around, all the disciplines changed their colors, looking at the white clothed man.

Nalan has no way?

That dude big brother of Nalanyu?

In an instant, Ye Yu thought of what happened in Nafang City that day.

It seems that Nalanyu told him his big brother after returning.

Now, this Nalan is innocent, he must shoot himself in this life and death stage.

However, Ye Yu has no fear at all. He looked towards Nanalan Wudao indifferently, and said indifferently: “Let’s do it.”

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