Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1260

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Ye Yu actually accepted Nalan Wudao’s invitation to fight?

Around, countless disciples and elders who watched the battle showed their expressions with terrified look.

They thought that after Nalan Wudao came to power, Ye Yu would find a reason, and then step down to admit defeat.

But didn’t expect, this Ye Yu, unexpectedly expressed no fear, just faintly spit out the three words “make it.”

What an imposing manner!

What a disappointment!

You know, Nalan Wudao is not a weak inner courtyard discipline like Chu Feng. He is the top 3 existence on the inner courtyard discipline list, the mysterious existence of second only to 1st place, and the second only to 2st place Murong. War days.

“Nalan Wudao is said to have entered the Spirit Saint realm a few years ago. Ye Yu was only a Spirit Master a few months ago.”

“Ye Yu unexpectedly accepted Nalan Wudao’s challenge. Is he trying to be strong, or does he really have the strength of Saint?”

“I think it’s the latter. Ye Yu must have got a great opportunity. He It shouldn’t be sent to death. Maybe he has the strength to fight Nalan Wudao.”

Around, countless people discuss spiritedly.

Many people have weird expressions. Ye Yu, a newcomer to the Academy who has just joined the Academy for more than a month, is now facing the Ranked 3rd powerhouse of Nalan Wudao.

This is simply a fantasy story.

“Shen old man, is this Ye Yu the discipline of your Azure Dragon inner courtyard?” In the distance, among the leaders of the Pure Peaceful Institute, an old man with gray hair slowly asked.

“Yes, this Ye Yu is the most tyrannical peerless genius in the history of my Azure Dragon inner courtyard. No, genius is not enough to describe him. It should be called an evildoer.” Shen Gutian is the deputy director of Azure Dragon inner courtyard. , At this time, it was naturally red light.

He also absolutely didn’t expect that Ye Yu has grown to this point now.

“Hmph, a genius is indeed a genius, but this child is too arrogant.”

A discordant voice sounded, it turned out to be the Chu Elder Chu Wudao, his old eyes showed a sullen sneer, and he suddenly said: “This Ye Yu dare to accept Nalan Wudao’s challenge. He will definitely die miserably. .”

“Everything is too early to say. When this war is over, whoever loses wins, obviously at a glance.” An old man with a white beard stepped out of in the sky and faded out.

“President Lord!”

“President Lord!”

Almost at the moment when the white-bearded old man appeared, on the battle stage, the big guys of Pure Peaceful Institute changed their expressions and saluted them.

Even Shen Gutian and Chu Wudao are no exceptions.

In front of the old man with white beard, they are very respectful.

Because this old man with a white beard is the president of the entire Pure Peaceful Institute, Lord, the leader of the 4 inner courtyards, and he is in charge of the entire Pure Peaceful Institute, with the power of Supreme.

Many bigwigs have a sense of uncertainty in their eyes.

Could it be that the battle between Ye Yu and Nalan Wudao underneath, even the Chief Chief Lord was alarmed?

However, no one asked.

The chief dean Lord, the cultivation base profound mystery, his idea is not something ordinary people can guess.

Therefore, the big bosses stopped arguing about anything next, and they all stayed quietly beside the white-bearded old man, quietly watching the battle on the stage of life and death below.

“I can feel a dangerous aura from you within the body, but you abolished my younger brother. Today on this stage of life and death, I will completely abolish you.” Nalan said without a word, his tone With a sense of indifference and domineering.

“Are you only talking nonsense?” Similarly, Ye Yu said indifferently, with an undisguised sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“Impudent, die for me!”

Nalan Wudao’s eyebrows showed a subtle angry look, he was loudly roared, and his body was full of immortal divine light.

“weng! ”

He moved towards Ye Yu with a punch, like a volcano erupting, and the terrifying energy in the sky swept out, and suddenly formed a horrible storm, and the whole life and death platform was shaking violently.

This fist, like the roar of an angry dragon, Straight Clashing Nine Heavens, has an extremely powerful force, fierce and powerful.


But Ye Yu didn’t evade, punched out directly, and Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique was launched suddenly, and within the body an extremely powerful force erupted.


A sound of broken bones suddenly sounded.


Almost at the next moment, Nalan Wudao let out a miserable howl.

“What? This fist turned out to be Ye Yu gained the upper hand?”

“It’s horrible. It is said that this Nalan Wudao is a Body-Refining Cultivator, didn’t expect, fights Fleshy body, but it can’t match Ye Yu?”

“Powerful, incredibly powerful!”

Countless disciplines exclaimed all around.

They expressed horror and looked at Ye Yu standing tall and straight like a long spear in the center, with shocked eyes.

They didn’t expect that Ye Yu smashed Nalan’s Wudao arm with a punch.

“Boy, what kind of cultivation technique is your cultivation? How come the Fleshy body is so powerful?”

Nalan Wudao expression with an incredible expression, suddenly cried.

“You are not qualified to know.” Ye Yu said coldly.

“Damn, I want to suppress and kill you!”

Nalan screamed, his whole body actually began to swell, turning into a dragon, covered with scales, cold light.

“Dragon Blood Fighter!”

“This Nalan Wudao within the body has such a terrifying Bloodline.”

“Then Ye Yu is dangerous.”

Many disciplines have expressed surprise.

But at this time, facing Nalan Wudao, who became a dragon Blood Fighter, Ye Yu was just coldly smiled, fearless at all.

“Beat you with one punch!”


Six Paths Reincarnation Fist!

Ye Yu punched out and immediately smashed Nalan Wudao’s arm.


Nalan let out a miserable cry, and his whole body was thrown away.

Ye Yu, win!

At this moment, countless disciplines fell into sluggishness.

How powerful is this newcomer’s discipline?

How can he grow so fast?

At this moment, many of the disciplines are expressions that are unbelievable, looking at Ye Yu standing on the stage of life and death, expressions are in awe.

“I… unexpectedly lost…” Not far away, Nalan Wudao murmured with a panic expression, unable to bear.

Next, Ye Yu sat on the throne of Ranked 3rd disciple in the inner courtyard.

No one dared to challenge him.

One punch defeated Nalan Wudao. With this kind of strength, some people guessed that Ye Yu was already comparable to the first second disciple.

The Sacred Beast Grand Competition went on very quickly, with a few thousand disciples in the inner courtyard, and the comparison was over in almost a day.

And Ye Yu didn’t challenge anything, he sat on the third throne, and everyone around him cast awe.

It was night, Ye Yu was preparing to return to his residence.

But at this time, a delicate silhouette blocked his way.

“Shen Xiaodie?” Ye Yu expression was a little surprised.

The pretty silhouette who stood in her way was a young girl. It was Shen Xiaodie who introduced herself into the Azure Dragon inner courtyard that day, and was also the granddaughter of Shen Gutian, the deputy dean of Azure Dragon inner courtyard.

What did she come to do with herself?

Ye Yu’s eyes were puzzled.

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