Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1261

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“Xiaodie Senior Sister, what can you do for me?” Ye Yu asked immediately.

“You remember calling me Xiaodie Senior Sister, it’s not bad.”

Shen Xiaodie’s beautiful eyes were bent into a pair of crescents, and her white tender hands stretched out, suddenly pats Ye Yu’s shoulders.

This made Ye Yu slightly helpless and could only give a wry smile.

This Shen Xiaodie is the granddaughter of Shen Gutian, the vice-president of Azure Dragon’s inner courtyard, and is regarded as the heir of his immediate boss.

“Grandfather asked me to call you over.” Shen Xiaodie said.

“Vice Dean Lord is looking for me?” Ye Yu expression showed a trace of doubt.

“You are stupid, you won the third throne of this Sacred Beast competition. Not only will the Academy provide rewards, but my grandfather will definitely give you a lot of benefits, Aiya, hurry up with me.”

Shen Xiaodie pulled Ye Yu and ran towards the depths of the Azure Dragon inner courtyard.

Along the way, Shen Xiaodie’s pretty little face was full of curiosity. She looked at Ye Yu and clicked one’s tongue in wonder and said: “didn’t expect, you are pretty good, even Nalan Wudao can beat , Moreover, I lost a punch.”

“It may be that Nanalan hasn’t made any progress, so I caught up.” Ye Yu laughed casually and said suddenly.

Next, Shen Xiaodie chattered and asked many questions.

Ye Yu always responded with a smile. Chatting with this innocent little girl still made Ye Yu very relaxed.

In less than a moment, the two people have already reached the depths of the Azure Dragon inner courtyard.

In front of a vermilion pavilion, several silhouettes stood there.

Ye Yu looked over and saw that those people were Deputy Dean Shen Gutian, Big Senior Sister Liu Canglan, and Chen Tianchou.

However, at this time, Chen Tianqiu’s pale expression disappeared. He saw Ye Yu’s arrival, his expression was delighted, and he said: “This time, Ye Yu Junior Brother, you really are the chief of Azure Dragon for us. It’s the third powerhouse in the inner courtyard. This is an achievement that no one can achieve in the Azure Dragon inner courtyard for many years.”

“Fuck.” Ye Yu smiled and said.

“Having strength means having strength, there is no need to be humble.” Liu Canglan glanced at Ye Yu and said lightly.

“Well, let’s talk first.”

Shen Gutian suddenly said with a smile.

Next, several people entered the pavilion one after another.

“At this time, in order to celebrate Ye Yu’s Great Accomplishment, I asked the Chief Dean Lord for instructions and decided to let the three of you, the three most promising disciplines in our Azure Dragon inner courtyard, enter the “Xiangu Small World” “Mid.” Shen Gutian said with a smile.

“Xiangu Small World?”

Chen Tianqiu’s expression showed a trace of doubt. Obviously, he had never heard of this name.

But Liu Canglan was surprised by the beautiful eyes and blurted out: “Vice Dean Lord, isn’t the Xiangu Small World channel closed ten years ago? Can it be opened now?”

“Of course it can be turned on.”

Shen Gutian was nodded, and said with a smile: “As long as the Chief Dean Lord takes action, you can easily open the passage of the Immortal Small World. This Small World is a major continent after the Great Desolate is broken. The powerhouses of Great Influence are all snatching opportunities in it. Therefore, if you enter, it also depends on whether you are willing to enter it.”

“Xiangu Small World? The powerhouses of the Great Influence in Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World. Could it be that this Xiangu Small World connects all the planes of Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World?” Ye Yu expression showed a hint of thought.

“I quit.”

What surprised several people was that Chen Tianchou directly opted out.


Ye Yu is puzzled.

You know, there are countless great opportunities in the Immortal Small World.

“I know my strength.”

Chen Tianqiu smiled bitterly and said: “I know exactly what I should do and what I should not do. If I enter, I will definitely be a drag on Ye Yu Junior Brother and Big Senior Sister. Moreover, during my time, I have to go back to my family to take a look. My family has encountered some crises and is still waiting for me to deal with it, so I will not enter.”

“So good.”

Shen Gutian nodded, said: “Your current realm is too low. If you enter, there may be a mortal danger. It’s better to go back to the family, and you can get experience on the road.”

“En.” Chen Tianqiu immediately nodded.

“Ye Yu boy, then you and Canglan this girl will enter the ancient Small World together, remember, you are in it, except to trust each other, don’t believe anyone, people are deceitful, you must be careful, this is both an opportunity , Is also a life and death crisis.” Shen Gutian said solemnly.

“Yes, deputy dean.”

Ye Yu and Liu Canglan are both cup one fist in the other hand.


3 days later, the Pure Peaceful Institute is deep.

This is a great mountain peak, Ye Yu and Liu Canglan, following Shen Gutian, standing behind an old man with a white beard.

This white-bearded old man is the most powerful person in the Pure Peaceful Institute, the Chief Dean Lord.

Ye Yu’s heart was inwardly shocked. He inspired Divine Eyes and wanted to watch the real cultivation base of the chief director, but in the end he saw a vast starry sky, and he couldn’t guess his strength at all.

For the first time, Ye Yu suddenly felt that Pure Peaceful Institute is not simple.

The other Elder and the Dean of the Inner Court are all fine, but the Dean is too strong, far surpasses any Pure Peaceful Institute.

Even Ye Yu had the illusion that the chief director was countless times more powerful than the powerhouses that he met that day.

The powerhouse at this level is invincible even if you step into the Universe Starry Sky.

Why should he be buried in this little Pure Peaceful Institute?

Ye Yu was puzzled, but on the surface it was expressionless.

He knew that if the Chief General saw something abnormal, there might be some unnecessary troubles.

At present, I still use all the resources of Pure Peaceful Institute to continuously improve myself.

The half-year appointment with the Flame Emperor only left about 2 months.

This Xiangu Small World may be its own breakthrough.


And at this time, the Dean took the shot.

With a big wave, he moved 100000000 10000 Star River.

Ye Yu and Liu Canglan, even Shen Gutian, are expression inwardly shocked.

They saw that in the sky in front of the Chief Dean, there appeared a void channel that traverses 100000000 10000 Star River, leading to the dark end at the other end.

“1 month later, I will lead you out, this month, take it well.”

The Chief Dean said, he grabbed it with a big hand and directly sent Ye Yu and Liu Canglan into the void channel.

“President, they…” Shen Gutian showed a trace of worry in his eyes.

“There is a kid named Ye Yu, don’t worry, the two of them will live together in harmony.” The Chief Dean said, with an inexplicable tone in his tone.


A strong sense of syncope!

It was almost an instant, and it seemed to be an era that long.

Ye Yu opened his eyes suddenly, and he saw that he had come to a strange land.

And Liu Canglan was lying in her arms at this time, with a soft lovable body, she was still in a coma.

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