Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1262

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At this time, Liu Canglan was in a coma, lying in Ye Yu’s arms.

Smelling the faint fragrance of women, Ye Yu expression showed a hint of helplessness.


And at this time, Liu Canglan slowly woke up and turned around.

When she opened beautiful eyes, the first thing she saw was Ye Yu’s helpless face.

At this moment, Liu Canglan suddenly noticed something, her expression changed slightly, she wanted to move, but she found that she was powerless.

“When you passed the space channel, your body suffered the impact of space turbulence, so now it is impossible to move.” Ye Yu was really afraid that Liu Canglan would misunderstand something, and quickly explained.

This woman, shouldn’t you think that she has drugged her?

“I know.”

Looking at Ye Yu’s explanatory expression quickly, Liu Canglan whispered, and a trace of shame flashed through the beautiful eyes.

After all, she was lying in Ye Yu’s arms at this time, and the two of them were still lying on the ground, this posture was extremely strange.

If there are people who don’t know, watching from a distance, I’m afraid they really think what the two of them are doing in the wild.

“I will carry you on my back.”

Ye Yu spoke out, and then regardless of Liu Canglan’s disagreement, she directly carried her entire lovable body behind her back.

They moved towards a certain direction, ready to find a cave to rest.

“I still hold you.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

When the words were over, Liu Canglan was also nodded, and some fragrant sweat was born on her white forehead.

Next, Ye Yu held Liu Canglan in his arms.

However, Liu Canglan’s pretty face suddenly became blushing when he was aware of Ye Yu’s straight eyes, but she didn’t hide it. On the contrary, Liu Canglan even stood up slightly, as if deliberately made Ye Yu see more Be clear.

Seeing Liu Canglan’s action, Ye Yu almost stared out.

“Finally found a cave.”

Ye Yu took a deep breath and found a cave in the distance.

He quickly moved towards that direction and ran away.

Within cave, Ye Yu put down Liu Canglan’s delicate body.

“I’ll go out to see if I can find some medicine ingredients for tempering fleshy body, maybe it can help you recover quickly.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“Well, be careful,” Liu Canglan whispered.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu laughed and walked out directly.

At this time, he took a breath.

This Liu Canglan is really top grade in the world, with a curvaceous body and a stunner.

Especially the frosty Goddess-like temperament on her body makes people have a desire to conquer.

However, Ye Yu doesn’t have too many ideas about Liu Canglan. The most important thing for him now is to improve his cultivation base.

Oh la la !

In the sky, the thunderbolt flashed, and the heavy rain suddenly overturned.

Throughout the day, Ye Yu really found some useful medicine ingredients.

He returned to the cave and found that Liu Canglan was wearing only a sling tulle, and his snow-white skin shone with a charming luster under the moonlight.

“The clothes outside are wet.” Liu Canglan gave this explanation.

Ye Yu didn’t say much. He put the medicine ingredients in front of Liu Canglan, and said, “All these medicine ingredients are mashed and applied to your body to penetrate into your skeleton. It only takes half a day. , You will be able to restore your body’s mobility.”

When the words fall, Ye Yu will turn around and walk away.

But at this moment, a soft jade hand held Ye Yu.

Liu Canglan’s beautiful eyes carried a strange color, and said lightly: “I can’t move at all now, how can I have the strength to smash these medicine ingredients, please help me.”


Ye Yu had no choice but to start smashing the medicine ingredients and smearing Liu Canglan with his hands.

The whole process lasted almost one hour.

“Successfully accomplished.”

Ye Yu took a breath and finished applying.

At this time, Liu Canglan put on his clothes.

The next day, Liu Canglan finally recovered his ability to act.

2 people walked out of the cave and were about to explore this ancient Small World.

But at this moment.

“The purple emperor ruins are opened and the inheritors are locked.”

A cold, empty voice suddenly sounded in the sky.

At the next moment, Ye Yu suddenly saw that a piece of purple light descended from the sky, and instantly enveloped Liu Canglan on the side.

Immediately, Liu Canglan’s entire body suddenly disappeared in place.


Ye Yu cried out in surprise, but to no avail.

Liu Canglan seemed to have absorbed an ancient Inheritance Land by the purple light.

“It seems that her within the body has any special imprint or bloodline, so it was swallowed by the relics of the Purple Emperor. This is also a good thing. Maybe Canglan can obtain any powerful inheritance, that is one Great opportunity and great good fortune.”

Ye Yu thought in her heart, she was still more optimistic.

But now, looking at the empty surroundings, he couldn’t help but smile, and he became a lonely man again.

Thinking of the tenderness between the two of them last night, Ye Yu felt warmth in his heart.

Next, Ye Yu stopped hesitating and started walking in this strange land.

According to Chief Dean Lord, there may be other Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World Great Influence people in this ancient Small World. If you encounter them, you still have to be careful.

Immortal World, no matter how small the power is, the background cannot be underestimated.

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