Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1263

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Ye Yu is alone, walking on this strange land.

Along the way, he saw a lot of exotic animals.

For example, in the sky, there will be a roar from time to time, that is a jade green evil flood with the size of a hill roaring and flying.

Sometimes, when Ye Yu walks in some forests, he will see some ancient giant ape, the whole body rises above the sky, full of oppression.

In an instant, 2 or 3 days passed.

And Ye Yu suddenly realized that he seemed to be lost, and kept spinning around like a headless fly.

In this regard, Ye Yu felt helpless.

He was not familiar with this strange land at all.

And Ye Yu wondered whether to fly to high altitude to detect some movement regardless of the danger.


There was a sound of sonic boom in a certain direction in the distance.

There seems to be something that is approaching this place quickly.

Moreover, Ye Yu’s perception is terrifying, and he faintly senses a hint of danger.

Suddenly, Ye Yu hurriedly found a remote place, closed his breath and lurked deeply.


In the distance, in a pool of water, a golden rhinoceros was immersed in the water, but at this moment it seemed to be aware of some movement, the huge monster suddenly ran out, with huge eyes staring in one direction in the distance.

“Hahaha, didn’t expect, unexpectedly, in this remote place of Xiangu Small World, you can find this kind of golden rhinoceros. This rhino within the body definitely contains the extremely noble source of Bloodline.”

A loud laughter sounded.

Next moment.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

4 silhouettes descended from the sky.

In the distance, Ye Yu secretly observed that there were 4 youngsters, 3 men and 1 woman.

They seem to be the discipline of a certain Great Influence, and the auras on their bodies are extremely terrifying. According to Ye Yu’s preliminary estimation, they definitely have the strength of the Great Emperor.

This caused Ye Yu expression to vibrate slightly.

It seems that in this Xiangu Small World, as Chief Dean Lord said, there are powerhouses everywhere and crises everywhere.

“I will kill this golden rhino!”

A young man wearing a blue clothed laughed heartily, a thunderbolt long sword appeared in his hand, and immediately Tearing the Void, he cut the golden rhinoceros directly.


The golden rhino made a painful neigh, but to no avail.

Just when a few people wanted to tear the golden rhinoceros carcass apart, and then put all the materials into the storage space.


Suddenly, the blue clothed man made a sound.

With a cold and severe gaze, he suddenly looked towards Ye Yu’s hiding direction, and suddenly said: “You guys go and see if someone is hiding around. I felt a feeling of prying, if it happened The people of Heavenly Demon Sect, it’s more troublesome. They will surely steal our materials secretly.”

“Yes, Big Senior Brother!”

“Yes, Big Senior Brother!”

Several other people, including the woman, hugged the cup one fist in the other hand, and immediately moved towards the surrounding direction to explore.

At this time, the direction that the woman was exploring was the direction in which Ye Yu was hiding.

“Not good, it seems that they have discovered my existence, and there is a woman moved towards my direction. If she is walking a few steps, maybe she will find my trace directly. In that case, I will If you fall into the passive, it is better to take the initiative.”

Ye Yu pondered for a moment, then jumped out abruptly.

“Junior Sister, be careful!”

In the distance, there was an exclamation.

But next moment.


Ye Yu’s speed was extremely fast. Almost at this moment, he had already arrived in front of the woman, and before the woman could react, he buckled her throat.


“Don’t kill me Junior Sister.”

One after another coldly shouted suddenly sounded.

The three young men in the distance, especially the blue clothed man at the head, said suddenly: “Friends of Heavenly Demon Sect, we are lacking hatred and enmity, why do we want to shoot at us?”

“What Heavenly Demon Sect, I have never heard of it.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“Big Senior Brother, that youngster is wearing azure clothes and does not seem to be from Heavenly Demon Sect.” A discipline whispered beside the blue clothed man.

“So, who are you?”

The blue clothed man asked suspiciously.

This area is controlled by their Purple Moon Palace and Heavenly Demon Sect.

“You don’t care who I am, you just know, let me go now, and I won’t kill you Junior Sister.” Ye Yu said suddenly, too lazy to explain to this group of people.

“Well, we won’t hurt you, you let me go Junior Sister soon.”

The blue clothed man said suddenly.

“Big Senior Brother, kill this thief and leave me alone.” The woman suddenly shouted angrily.


But at the next moment, Ye Yu slapped the woman’s ass firmly, making a crisp sound.

“Lord speak, little girl don’t interrupt.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“You! You impudent!”

Feeling the strange sensation of her buttocks spreading all over her body, the woman blushed immediately, and there was an atmosphere in her beautiful eyes.


Another slap on the woman’s ass, Ye Yu laughed and said, “The flexibility is not bad.”

“Big pervert!” The woman was ashamed and indignant.

“All right!”

In the distance, the blue clothed man couldn’t stand it anymore, and immediately gloomy said with a grimace: “Your Excellency, let me go Junior Sister. We promise you won’t hurt you a bit.”

“Go back one hundred meters.” Ye Yu said.


A discipline expression furious.

“Back 100 meters!”

The blue clothed man had a gloomy expression and suddenly shouted.

“Yes, Big Senior Brother!”

Beside him, the two following disciplines immediately cup one fist in the other hand.

In an instant, 3 people went back 100 meters.

But at this time, Ye Yu was nodded, his palms were invisible, and he touched the plump buttocks of the woman who was imprisoned by him, and immediately pushed it away.

“These 3 slaps are the interest you scared me.”

Ye Yu laughed heartily and shot directly moved towards the distance.

“Catch up!”

Almost as soon as Ye Yu released the woman, the blue clothed man’s body showed a trace of fierceness in the distance. He within the body rushed out of a thunderbolt long sword, he stepped up, and immediately caught up with Ye Yu.

“Damn, you are not keeping your promises!” Ye Yu shouted suddenly.

“Credit? In the world of cultivator, there is always intrigue!”

The blue clothed man coldly smiled, suddenly a palm shot out, and a blue great hand seal suddenly fell from the sky.

“Six Paths Reincarnation Fist!”

Ye Yu loudly roared, bursting with great power, and instantly smashed the blue great hand seal that day with a punch.

“You are not the breath of Quasi-Saint, how can you possibly withstand one of my moves?!”

The blue clothed man saw Ye Yu shattered his martial arts trick so easily, and his expression suddenly showed a hint of horror.

At this time, 2 men and a woman rushed over in the distance, and immediately surrounded Ye Yu.

“Any thief, you are dead!”

The woman’s full chest rose and fell, and she suddenly shouted.

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