Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1264

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“Dead? Are you so confident that you can kill me?”

Ye Yu expression showed a slight smile and said suddenly.

At this moment, his gaze swept over the woman’s buttocks, intentionally or unconsciously, and suddenly let the woman’s pretty face blushed.

“The thief, still watching!”

The woman tenderly shouted again, and then she immediately waved her hand, and a crimson long sword burst out of her palm, instantly rushing towards Ye Yu.

“Little girl, how cruel!”

Ye Yu yelled, punched out immediately, and directly shattered the flying sword of crimson.


“Bumped Cher Junior Sister’s Flying Sword with one punch?”

Around, the three men suddenly expressed shock.

“It turns out that your name is Cher, chick!”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, with a smile in his eyes.

“Any thief, you silence me.”

Ye Xueer’s expression showed a trace of shame and suddenly shouted tenderly.

“If you don’t play with you anymore, I will leave first.”

Ye Yu waved to several people, then jumped forward, moved towards and flew away.

“Stop this kid!”

Behind, the blue clothed man suddenly shouted coldly.

Oh la la !

The next moment, a big net with gleaming aura, hiding the sky and covering the earth, immediately blocked Ye Yu’s path.

“Trifling a net, don’t think of blocking me!”

Ye Yu sneered, his hands suddenly tore, as if there was a torn strength of Heaven, instantly tore the big net into pieces and became a powder.

“Hahaha, you can’t stop me.”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, the silhouette disappeared at the edge of the sky in an instant.


In place, several disciplines roared.

But they can’t help Ye Yu. Ye Yu’s fleshy body is too powerful. No matter what level of battle weapon they take out, they are the fists that can’t stop Ye Yu at all.

Next, Ye Yu didn’t travel far, but returned, lurking behind the four people.

Because this is an unfamiliar place, Ye Yu knows that even if he walks on his own, he will be like a headless fly running around. It is better to follow these people and see the situation.

In the distance, the three men and one woman all returned to their original places.

But they were shocked to discover that the golden rhinoceros they had killed had disappeared.

“Jié jié jié, people of the Purple Moon Palace, you are really brave, you dare to have 4 little disciplines, and you ran out here to look for opportunities.”

A cold laugh suddenly sounded.

“There are people from other forces, is it the Heavenly Demon Sect among these few people just now?” Ye Yu lurked in the distance, expression revealing a trace of doubt.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Next, one after another stepped in a silhouette wearing a black robe and appeared in front of the four disciplines of the Purple Moon Palace.

Those were three youngsters wearing black robe, two men and one woman. The faces of the men were all engraved with magic patterns, and they looked like evil monsters.

And the woman’s stunning face was also engraved with one after another purple ** pattern, which seemed to be full of thrilling beauty.

However, it is clear that these three people are all demonic cultivators, and their eyes are extremely cruel, staring at the four Purple Moon Palace disciplines opposite.

“Heavenly Demon Sect’s powerhouse!”

The four Ziyuedian disciplines have changed their expressions.

They sensed the breath of these three Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses, which were much stronger than them, and they were simply not able to resist.

“This is where we are in charge of the Purple Moon Palace and your Heavenly Demon Sect. If you dare kill my people, you are fighting the entire Purple Moon Palace!”

A purple moon hall discipline suddenly uttered, expression with fear.


But at the next moment, Heavenly Demon Sect grabbed a discipline directly with a big hand, and a big black hand suddenly rushed out of in the sky, crushing the head of the talking Purple Moon Palace discipline, and throwing blood.

The Ziyue Hall discipline did not even have time to react. It suddenly turned into a headless corpse and fell to the ground.

“you guys!”

blue clothed disciple expression furious.

“Why? Purple Moon Palace and Heavenly Demon Sect are old enemies. When you meet us, it is your bad luck!”

Within a few days, Demon Sect Disciple shot, and instantly killed another discipline on the Purple Moon Palace.

At this time, only the blue clothed disciple and the graceful and beautiful Ye Xueer were left in the purple moon hall discipline.

“Everyone, I will give my Junior Sister out, please forgive me!”

Suddenly, the blue clothed man made a sound. He quickly grabbed Ye Xueer with a big hand and sealed Ye Xueer’s whole body strength, and handed her to the three of Heavenly Demon Sect.

“Senior Brother you!”

Ye Xueer’s pretty face is full of surprised and angry.

“Junior Sister, I have wronged you!”

The blue clothed man shot Ye Xue’er and flew in front of Heavenly Demon Sect 3, and immediately he jumped and fled.

“Since we met, no one can leave!”

A man from Heavenly Demon Sect smiled cruelly, and several black chains rushed out of his body, instantly pulling the blue clothed man back and killing him directly.

At this time, only the top grade beauty Ye Xueer remained in place.

The two male disciplines of Heavenly Demon Sect had lustful eyes. They looked at Ye Xue’er’s curvaceous curvaceous lovable body, and their lower body was hot.


Ye Xue’er’s beautiful eyes were full of horror.

“You shout, no one will come to rescue you if you break your throat!” A Heavenly Demon Sect man suddenly smiled cruelly, and he went forward to tear Ye Xue’er’s clothes to pieces.


But at this time, a loud roar came from not far away.

It’s Ye Yu!

He came with a punch at this moment, and directly sent the Demon Sect Disciple that day.


Ye Yu hugged Ye Xueer and quickly moved towards the distance to escape.

“It’s you……”

Ye Xue’er’s beautiful eyes showed a complex color.

She didn’t expect Ye Yu to save herself at the last minute.

“Thank you.”

Ye Xueer said softly, her beautiful face was slightly blushing.

“Let’s run away first.”

Ye Yu glanced at the beauty in her arms, and said slightly helplessly.


“I want to smash that kid’s body for 10000 paragraphs!”

From behind, there was an angry roar from Demon Sect Disciple for 3 days.

They are all horrible cultivation bases with True Immortal 6 Heavenly Layer.

But didn’t expect, the cooked duck was taken away by others.

Moreover, they sense the breath of Ye Yu, but the breath of Saint is too weak.

This kind of ants rescued Ye Xueer away in front of them.

Simply extraordinary shame and humiliation!

Three people roared one after another, took out a golden ancient war chariot, stepped on it, moved towards Ye Yu and chased away in the direction of escape.

For 3 days and 3 nights, the two parties were chasing and catching up.

Finally, Ye Yu discovered a ten thousand zhang iceberg.

“It’s freezing cold here, if you lurking in it, you will definitely not be found.”

Ye Yu expression was overjoyed. He immediately hugged Ye Xueer and rushed into a huge glacier ice cave below.

“Where did the kid go?”

“How did it disappear?”

Heavenly Demon Sect 3 people chased here, all of them lost Ye Yu’s breath and silhouette for a moment.

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