Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1265

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“It must be in the World of Ice and Snow below. Let’s search separately!”

One day, Demon Sect Disciple said suddenly.

“it is good.”

The other 2 people were nodded.

At this time, in an ice cave.

Ye Yu and Ye Xueer are lurking in it.

But Ye Xueer’s cultivation base is low, and there is no such powerful fleshy body as Ye Yu Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique.

Her lovable body started slightly, her expression struggling, and said: “I… so cold… so cold…”


Looking at Ye Xueer’s appearance, Ye Yu gritted his teeth and directly hugged Ye Xueer’s lovable body in his arms.

“So warm.”

Ye Xue’er’s beautiful face returned to her red color, and she felt that Ye Yu’s body was like a big stove, full of monstrous blood.

This shocked Ye Xue’er.

However, Ye Xue’er blushed with embarrassment in the arms of a strange man like Ye Yu.

But she didn’t say anything, nestled in Ye Yu’s arms. This reliable feeling made her very infatuated.

Feeling the soft body of the beautiful woman in her arms, Ye Yu smiled wryly.

He originally wanted to leave, but when he saw that Ye Xueer was about to be caught by that person, he finally couldn’t hold back the shot.

“By the way, can you tell me what is going on in this Xiangu Small World this area? What are the forces of the Purple Moon Palace and Heavenly Demon Sect?” Ye Yu suddenly thought of something and asked immediately.

Ye Xueer heard it, her pretty face turned red, she actually snuggled in Ye Yu’s arms, did not move, her pink lips moved lightly, “Purple Moon Palace is my sect, and Heavenly Demon Sect is also a small sect. We, Two Great Sects, control the entrance to this area of ​​Xiangu Small World, and also control all the resources in this area. Our two sects are our old enemies. We learn from the discipline. Once we encounter them, we will definitely face each other. And the upper sect also defaults to this. Cruel rules, because this can quickly select true powerhouses.”

“So that’s how it is, it seems that I inadvertently broke into the exclusive territory controlled by your Two Great Sects.” Ye Yu nodded, finally understood.

“You can enter this area, I also feel very curious. The only two entrances in this area are controlled by our Purple Moon Hall and Heavenly Demon Sect. How did you get in?” Ye Xueer’s pretty face revealed A hint of curiosity asked.

Ye Yu finally understood the power of the President of Pure Peaceful Institute at this time.

The Chief Dean Lord, with just a wave of his hand, was able to directly open a space tunnel of this level, ignoring any Space Imprisonment, ignoring any Immortal World barriers, and just forcibly opened up a space channel and sent himself and Liu Canglan into it. This fairy ancient Small World.

It is simply too scary!

Ye Yu shook the head and said: “I was sucked into it by a space turbulence, and then unfathomable mystery, I came to this area.”

“It turned out to be the case.”

Ye Xueer nodded.

Immediately, she moved her lovable body lazily, and she was very comfortable in Ye Yu’s arms.

That kind of warm feeling made Ye Xueer very infatuated.

However, Ye Xueer obviously did not sense Ye Yu’s abnormal changes. She stretched out her tender lotus arm and hugged Ye Yu. Her bright and beautiful eyes looked towards Ye Yu and whispered: “You saved me…”

However, at this time.


A roar sound suddenly sounded outside.

That seems to be a terrifying giant beast in roar.

“Go out and see.”

Ye Yu let go of Ye Xue’er in his arms, and suddenly jumped, moved towards and ran outside.

In the ice cave, Ye Xueer looked at Ye Yu who ran out quickly. There was a rare hint of playfulness in her beautiful eyes.


Outside, Ye Yu’s silhouette appeared, and he immediately saw it. In the distance, in a cold great valley, a lithe and graceful silhouette was surrounded by a group of tall and majestic giant ape.

The graceful silhouette is the only woman among the 3 Heavenly Demon Sect.

Her face is engraved with purple magic lines, but her figure is very hot, curvaceous, curvaceous, lithe and graceful, her body is moving, and she has the beauty of an evil monster.

At this moment, she seemed to be looking for Ye Yu and Ye Xueer, and happened to hit the old nest of an ice giant ape. She was surrounded by a tyrannical ice giant ape. Simply can’t escape, it seems that the next moment is about to be caught. The giant ape is torn apart.


The Heavenly Demon Sect woman slashed out with one sword, and immediately killed an ice giant ape.

But this was of no avail. More and more ice and snow giant ape roared frantically, moving towards the Heavenly Demon Sect. The woman gushed out, seemingly not to kill this woman, and vowed not to stop.


The woman was hit by a giant ape of ice and snow, and immediately spit a mouthful of blood. Her abdomen was torn open a huge gap, blood flowed out, and her breath was exhausted.


A huge ice and snow giant ape yelled at the sky, and suddenly stepped on it, and it was about to crush the Heavenly Demon Sect woman into mash.

“Am I going to die like this?”

The Heavenly Demon Sect woman, with a trace of despair and ashes on her beautiful and demon face.

But at this moment.

“Dari thunder sword!”

A cold shout suddenly blew from the sky.

Next moment.


A shocking sword energy instantly Tearing the Void, directly shredding the giant ape of ice and snow.

“It’s you!”

On the ground, the expression of the Heavenly Demon Sect woman was shocked.

“You are hurt.”

Ye Yu grabbed it with a big hand and immediately hugged the lithe and graceful body of the Heavenly Demon Sect woman, and walked away directly.

Within cave, Ye Xueer saw Ye Yu come back, but she held a black robe woman covered in blood in her arms.

“is her?”

Ye Xueer’s expression was startled, and her beautiful eyes showed a hint of coldness.

“You help her change her clothes to stop the wound.” Ye Yu said suddenly.

In fact, for Ye Yu, whether it is Purple Moon Palace or Heavenly Demon Sect, they have nothing to do with him, he is just an Outsider.

What he has to do now is to look for Liu Canglan, and then see if he can get some good luck and improve his cultivation base.

But didn’t expect, but encountered a series of things, and the reaction was too late.

As for these two women, Ye Yu will naturally not fail to save.

“I won’t save the people of Heavenly Demon Sect.”

Ye Xueer hummed softly, and immediately moved towards outside the ice cave.

“You help me treat the injury. My father is Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master. If you treat me well, I will definitely let my father give me a great reward.” The Heavenly Demon Sect woman said with a pale expression suddenly.

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