Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1266

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“I saved you, just doing it casually. What kind of identity you are, to me, simply is of no use.”

Ye Yu looked at the black clothed woman in the ice cave, and said with a calm expression.

“Right, what is your name?”

Ye Yu asked suddenly.

“Longxinyue.” The black clothed woman said suddenly.

“Longxinyue, the name is good.”

Ye Yu smiled casually, and then he came to Long Xinyue’s face. He looked at the beautiful face in front of him and couldn’t help but murmured, “What a beautiful face, why is it necessary to engrave magic patterns?”

“This is caused by my cultivation technique. If you don’t like it, I can disperse it.”

Long Xin Yuewei slightly redd her face, and then she moved her mind, naked eye was visible, and all the magic patterns on her beautiful face dissipated.

Almost at this instant, a devastatingly beautiful face suddenly appeared in front of Ye Yu.

Ye Yu looked at the suffocating face and couldn’t help but said, “That’s great.”

At the next moment, Ye Yu looked at the wound torn by the ice and snow giant ape in Long Xinyue’s abdomen. He was slightly frowned and said, “This wound is too big, and I need to take off my entire coat.”

“What? The whole top?”

Although Long Xinyue is the person of Demon Sect, she seems to be just pretending to be evil. She is in front of Ye Yu at this time, like a frightened little bunny. At this time, she heard what Ye Yu said, on the snow-white skin. It was stained with red clouds.

“You just take it off… that’s it…” Long Xinyue blushed, very attractive.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded.

He didn’t want to take advantage of others or take advantage.

It’s just that Godson Moon’s injury requires the entire coat to be taken off.

At the next moment, Ye Yu slowly faded his entire upper body black shirt under the slight tremors of Long Xinyue.

Suddenly, a white body was exposed in Ye Yu’s field of vision.

The two tempting snow white groups and the skin are glowing with red clouds at the moment.

Ye Yu turned a blind eye, put his big hand on the wound of Long Xinyue’s abdomen, and started to run the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, attaching a trace of the power of the gods to it.

The power of Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique has a powerful and unmatched recovery ability, and it should be able to quickly heal the injury of Godson Moon.

At this time, looking at Ye Yu’s serious face, Long Xinyue’s beautiful face revealed a faint shyness.

It should be extremely absurd to let a strange man look at his body in this way.

But at this time, Long Xinyue did not feel the slightest anger, some, just a little bit shy and ecstatic.


Feeling Ye Yu’s big hand moving on her lower abdomen, Loongson Yue felt a strange feeling all over her body.

A faint color appeared in her beautiful eyes, and she actually slowly leaned her soft lovable body against Ye Yu’s body.


Ye Yu expression was surprised.

With a burst of feminine fragrance, he suddenly felt a weak and boneless lovable body leaning in his arms.

Ye Yu was slightly intoxicated by the fragrance.

After one hour.

Ye Yu walked out of the ice cave.

“How’s it going?” Ye Xue’er’s slightly cold and stunning face showed a hint of joy when she saw Ye Yu.

“It’s okay.”

Ye Yu smiled softly.

“You saved this woman, are you afraid that she will turn back?” Ye Xueer wrinkled Xiaoqiong’s nose.

“That’s her business, I’m going to have a clear conscience.”

Ye Yu faintly smiled and walked to Ye Xueer’s side.

“It’s so cold.”

Ye Xueer murmured, and then she gave birth to a trace of crafty in her beautiful eyes. She leaned her lithe and graceful figure on Ye Yu’s body. The two proud groups rubbed Ye Yu’s arm either intentionally or unintentionally.

Feeling the softness of his arms, Ye Yu smiled helplessly.

He stretched out his hand, put Ye Xue’er’s lithe and graceful figure into his arms, and said: “If it’s cold, hold it tight.”


Ye Xueer gave a soft spit, but her pretty face was slightly blushing.

The night falls.

The entire glacier and snowfield was plunged into darkness.

In the ice cave, Ye Yu, Ye Xueer, and Long Xinyue surrounded a fire.

Ye Xueer and Long Xinyue had nothing to say, they were originally enemies.

Had it not been for Ye Yu here, maybe the two women would have been fighting.

“Do you know the remains of the Purple Emperor?” Ye Yu asked suddenly.

“Remains of the Purple Emperor?”

“You actually know the remains of the Purple Emperor?”

Ye Xue’er and Long Xinyue 2 females have surprised looks on their delicate faces.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Yu stroked his nose.

“I am still talking about it.”

After all, Long Xinyue is the daughter of Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master. She knows more than Ye Xueer.

At this time, her beautiful eyes glowed with a hint of splendor, and said: “The Purple Emperor Ruins are the most powerful ancient inheritance in the ancient Small World this area. It is said that the owner of this Purple Emperor Ruins, the Purple Emperor, is a Immortal in the ancient times. Sovereign Level does not exist, surpassing True Immortal, Immortal Monarch, and Immortal King, it is an extremely terrifying existence.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Ye Yu nodded.

Next, the three people talked a lot with each other.

And Ye Yu also learned a lot of useful news from the conversation with the two women.

But as the night gets late, the air gets colder.

“Big pervert, I’m going to sleep with you tonight.” Ye Xueer said out, with a delicate tone.

Even, she looked provocatively at the opposite Godson Moon with her beautiful eyes.

But Longxinyue just faintly smiled in response, saying: “I will go to sleep outside.”

After that, Long Xinyue walked directly out of the ice cave.

“This Demoness is finally gone.”

Ye Xueer smiled happily, then looked towards side Ye Yu and said: “Big pervert, I can say in advance, this Young Lady is just too cold, so I promised to sleep with you, you don’t want to do anything to me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do something and so on to you.” Ye Yu touched his nose and said helplessly.

“Then go to sleep, this Young Lady has been tired all day, so sleepy.”

Ye Xueer opened her fragrant shoulder, her soft lotus arm, and immediately hugged Ye Yu, breathing gently in his arms, like a lazy cat, falling asleep in a blink of an eye.

One hour later, Ye Yu put down the sleeping Ye Xueer, he turned around, moved towards the ice cave and walked outside.

There, under the moonlight, Long Xinyue stood there, she was tall and peachy, light and graceful figure.

At this time, the magic lines on the face disappeared, and he changed into a black long dress to outline his perfect lithe and graceful figure. His behavior turned out to be dignified and elegant, his black hair was like lacquer, his skin was like jade, and his beautiful eyes looked forward. There was an indescribable charm between the smiles.

At this time, she is like a peony flower in bud, beautiful but not seductive, gorgeous but not vulgar, 1000 charming and 100 charming, incomparable.

“Thou art a good person, but what a devil.”

Ye Yu sighed lightly.

“I grew up in Heavenly Demon Sect, and my father is Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master. If I don’t cultivate demons, how will I serve the people in the future.” Long Xinyue sighed softly and said slowly.

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