Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1267

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“I have no way.”

There was a trace of fatigue in Long Xinyue’s beautiful eyes. She was lightly sighed, and slowly walked in front of Ye Yu, and whispered, “Can you talk to me tonight?”

“of course can.”

Ye Yu is nodded, laughed, embracing Loongson Moon’s soft lovable body, caressing the beautiful woman’s back with both hands, slowly saying: “How about I tell you some stories?”

“your story?”

Long Xinyue raised her head slightly, she saw Ye Yu’s eyes, as if they had condensed endless vicissitudes of life.

For some reason, Ye Yu feels distressed from the bottom of Loongson Yue’s heart.

“It’s my story.”

Ye Yu smiled lightly and began to say: “Once upon a time, there was a disobedient young dude. One day he suddenly got a mysterious system, that system can…”

All night, two people hugged each other.

Day 2.

Ye Xueer woke up and found Ye Yu lying beside her.

“Hehe, big pervert.”

Ye Xueer looked at Ye Yu’s calm face. Suddenly the pretty face blushed slightly. She slowly moved her beautiful face up, and her pink lips lightly kissed Ye Yu’s face.

“what happened?”

Suddenly, Ye Yu opened his eyes.

“Big pervert, you are pretending to be sleeping on purpose!”

Ye Xueer’s pretty face suddenly turned red, because she took the initiative to kiss Ye Yu and was discovered by Ye Yu.

“Ignore you.”

Ye Xueer snorted and moved towards outside the ice cave.

By coincidence, she saw Long Xinyue walk in from outside.

“Hmph, Demoness.”

Ye Xueer murmured and walked directly out of the ice cave.

“Saving this pretty Eldest Young Lady, do you feel tired?” Long Xinyue looked at Ye Yu, with a gentle expression in her beautiful eyes.

“Ye Xueer is just a bit naughty that’s all, she is not bad in her heart.”

Ye Yu laughed.


At this moment, a violent rumbling sound suddenly sounded outside.

“They are here.”

Loong Xinyue looked towards Ye Yu, with an expression of reluctance.

She suddenly walked to Ye Yu’s body, with red lips printed on Ye Yu’s face, and then Long Xinyue turned around and said, “Don’t worry, they won’t chase you anymore. If there is a chance, must come to Heavenly Demon Sect to find I.”

At the end of the speech, Long Xinyue put on a black robe, and her stunning face was covered with purple stripes. When she moved, she instantly disappeared in place.

“she left?”

At this time, Ye Xueer walked into the ice cave and asked in a low voice.

“Yeah, she’s gone.”

Ye Yu nodded, immediately looked towards Ye Xueer, and said, “I will send you to a safe area, and you will find the people in the Purple Moon Palace by yourself.”


Beautiful eyes carry a reluctance, but Ye Xueer knows that she must go back.


3 days later, in a peripheral zone, Ye Xueer hugged Ye Yu one hour tightly, and without looking back, moved towards the distant Yujian and flew away.

“Big pervert, you must come to the Purple Moon Hall to find me in the future.”

Ye Xueer’s voice came from a distance, and disappeared in the air in a blink of an eye.

Ye Yu saw this, smiled and shook the head, then turned and left.

He still finds the remains of the Purple Emperor first, and then finds Liu Canglan.

However, just when Ye Yu turned around to leave.

“Jié jié jié, boy, the past few days have a lot of good fortune in love affairs!”

A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Next moment.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three silhouettes suddenly appeared in front of Ye Yu and surrounded him.

Those were three young men wearing black robe. They all had magic patterns on their faces and their demonic energy was monstrous. Each of them was a cultivation base with True Immortal 3 Heavenly Layer, so powerful.

Obviously, this is the person from Heavenly Demon Sect.

“What are you guys that dare to stand in my way?” Ye Yu suddenly said, with a murderous intention in his tone.


A black robed man said with a smile: “Boy, you are really tired of living. Now I will give you two choices. First, kneel before us and destroy the cultivation base. Second, we will take action. You kill!”

“I choose the third one, I want to kill all of you!”


Almost as soon as Ye Yu’s words fell, he punched out, instantly shattering the void, and shattering the nearest black robed man.

The black robed man didn’t even have time to let out a miserable cry, and instantly he was bombarded with Ye Yu’s powerful punch, turning into a blood mist.

“Not good, this guy Fleshy body is too tyrannical, stay away from him!”

The remaining two black robed man suddenly expressed surprise.

“It is already late!”

Six Paths Reincarnation Fist!



Ye Yu 2 punched out, and immediately smashing void, the powerful fleshy body, instantly pierced the two black robed man through the chest, throwing blood into the blood hole, and instantly killed them all.

“Boy, you dare kill my subordinate, courting death!”

Suddenly, an extremely cold voice rang from the sky.


A huge black gold throne descended, and on that throne sat a tall young man, staring coldly at Ye Yu below, cruelly said with a smile: “Longxinyue can only belong to me, dare you touch her , It’s a capital crime!”

“die for me!”


The young man on the black gold throne showed a black big bow in his hand and shot a black gold arrow instantly.


The black gold arrow instantly pierced the void and directly penetrated Ye Yu’s chest.

Oh la la !

Golden’s blood shed.


Ye Yu made a painful roar, like an angry dragon roaring.

He immediately realized that this young man was a powerhouse of the Immortal Monarch level and could not be resisted.


In an instant, Ye Yu was moved towards the distance and galloped away.

“Boy, you can’t run away!”

The young man on the black gold throne, very ruthless, smiled and chased him in the direction moved towards Ye Yu instantly.


From behind, an arrow exploded and pierced Ye Yu’s body again.

“If it wasn’t for Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique to be strong enough to give me a powerful Life Source, maybe I would have been shot to death by now!”

Ye Yu yelled.

And behind, the young man on the black gold throne had a terrified look on his face.

There are 9,999 arrows of Immortal Grade in his hand.

At this time, they were all shot by himself, piercing Ye Yu’s body, but Ye Yu was still jumping around, almost making the young man stare out.

And at this time, on the way the two were chasing, a wild jungle suddenly appeared in front of them.

“A good chance to get out!”

Ye Yu’s eyes lit up, and he jumped straight into the wild forest.

“Boy, wherever you go, I will completely suppress and kill you!”

In the rear, the young man on the Black Gold Throne suddenly roared.

He also sat on the throne and dashed into the wild jungle.


In the distance, a ten thousand zhang eight-armed beast roared from the depths of Great Desolate, fierce and mighty, and seemed to be exercising daily.

But Ye Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw this scene.

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