Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1268

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Almost at this moment, Ye Yu speeded up instantly, moved towards the stalwart 8-armed beast running away.


A powerful and fierce might, hiding the sky and covering the earth, immediately covered the entire wild forest.

Behind, the young man sitting on the black gold throne in the distance had an expression of horror, and suddenly roared: “Boy, do you want to die? How dare you move towards this ancient ominous beast handed down from the Great Desolate era? Go, you might as well go back obediently with me. If you enter the area where the 8-armed beast is, you will definitely be suppressed to death by the terrifying coercion in an instant.”

The young man’s expression brought a surprised and angry expression, and suddenly shouted behind his back.

He didn’t dare to chase him down again, because if he chased him up again, I’m afraid Ye Yu is not dead yet. His breath is more powerful and existence will be first discovered by the 8-armed beast.

When the time comes, he is definitely not the enemy of the 8-armed beast.

You know, in ancient legends, 8-armed evil beasts can stand against the Divine Spirit in the sky.

But now, Ye Yu didn’t care at all, moved towards the direction of the 8-armed beast and shot away.


Suddenly, an incomparable coercion instantly fell from the sky, and instantly enveloped the area where Ye Yu was escaping.

“Hahaha, boy, you are dead!”

In the distance, the young man who saw this scene suddenly revealed a trace of very ruthless expression.

But just in the next moment.

“Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique!”

“God’s Will!”

In an instant, Ye Yu roar made a sound. Behind his body, in the sky appeared a horrible god and demon capable of supporting both heaven and earth, tearing apart all the so-called fierce power in an instant.

“impossible !”

In the distance, seeing Ye Yu tear the fierce power of the 8-armed beast so easily, the young man suddenly yelled in horror, “Unable to bear”.

“The next time I see you, you will surely stain the earth with blood!”

Ye Yu turned his head, gave the young man a cold look, and immediately lurked into the wild forest.

After 3 days.

In front of a canyon, Ye Yu stumbled.

At this moment, he was exhausted. After walking in the wild Ling Zhongxing for nearly 3 days, he encountered countless terrifying wild beasts.

Ye Yu suddenly realized that he was really lucky that he hadn’t been eaten by some wild beasts.


At this time, a terrifying neigh suddenly rushed out of the gorge in front.

Ye Yu expression was startled, and he moved towards the canyon and looked at it.

Suddenly, he saw it.

In the middle of the gorge, there is a big river flowing unexpectedly. On the edge of the big river lies a dark-green Flood Dragon. The dragon body stretches several thousand zhangs, which looks like an azure mountain range stretching on the edge of the big river.

“It turned out to be a Blue Flood Dragon.”

Ye Yu expression showed a trace of surprise, and the next moment was about to leave.

The evil beasts at this level, it is better not to provoke them. In this Immortal Ancient Small World, there are dangers everywhere.


But the moment Ye Yu turned around, a terrifying Dragon’s roar sounded from the canyon.


A thousand zhang Blue Flood Dragon rushed out of the gorge and soared 9 days above. At this time, it was staring at Ye Yu underneath, as if looking at a prey.

The dark golden pupils are full of majesty and brutality.

“Not good, this Flood Dragon wants to eat me!”

Ye Yu expression was startled, and jumped straight towards the distance.

But the Blue Flood Dragon was too huge. At this time, it moved towards Ye Yu and swallowed it, and the entire sky became dim.

“Six Paths Reincarnation Fist!”


A terrifying force roared from Ye Yu’s body, he punched out, and immediately blasted on the head of the thousand zhang Blue Flood Dragon, directly blasting the Blue Flood Dragon into the air.

A thousand zhang Blue Flood Dragon flew with one punch!

This scene is very shocking!

“gu lu !”

But at the next moment, a huge mouth opened and he swallowed Ye Yu directly.

Where is the ground above that ground? It turned out to be an Earth Dragon head the size of a hundred zhang, covered with dust and weeds, so Ye Yu stood on it, thinking it was a ground.

“Damn, it was really swallowed!”

In the darkness, Ye Yu expression showed a hint of surprise.

He didn’t expect that what was under his feet was not the ground, but the head of an ancient Earth Dragon.

“Well, since you dare to swallow me, then I will refining your Life Essence!”

Ye Yu coldly smiled.

The words fall.


Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique burst out, black flames gushing out of Ye Yu’s body, and his whole person instantly stands in the sky like an everlasting Divine Furnace.

Around, all the flesh and bones inside the Earth Dragon body began to melt.

At this time, simply nothing can withstand the heat of Ye Yu within the body Divine flame.

“roar! !”

Outside, the Earth Dragon made a painful neighing sound, and it started rolling frantically on the ground. The huge zhang-sized body shredded countless ancient woods around it, and the earth rose with smoke and dust, covering several thousand meters.

At this time, inside the body of this Earth Dragon.

“Great Devour!”

Ye Yu’s whole body is like a stove, and like an incomparable gigantic swallowing vortex, devouring this Earth Dragon’s Life Essence crazily.

boom ~ boom ~ boom ~ ……

A wave of terrifying Life Essence rushed into Ye Yu’s within the body, constantly growing his Life Source.

At this moment, the gods and demons particles of Ye Yu within the body were awakening crazily.


60 10000!

6 120,000!








1,000,000 gods and demons particles!


At this moment, a new terrifying aura spread out from Ye Yu’s body.

Ye Yu only felt that his Life Level had evolved another level.

At this time, although Ye Yu’s spirit strength cultivation base did not improve, his strength did not know how many times he had improved.


Ye Yu loudly roared, a terrifying sound wave, suddenly swept 4 squares, megatron 8 despair.

Ye Yu opened his eyes, and a divine light shot out from his eyes, piercing the ground 100 meters.

At this time, Ye Yu found that there was a huge skeleton around him.

It is the skeleton of Earth Dragon!

Because, this Earth Dragon was completely swallowed by myself, and now there is only this skeleton without a trace of life.


In the distance, the thousand zhang Blue Flood Dragon on the canyon groaned in fear, and was about to move towards the distance and flew away.

“Since you are here, you don’t have to go!”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, he bent over suddenly, his spine lying like a dragon.


A big bow made of black gold suddenly appeared in Ye Yu’s hands.

Heaviness, ancient and vicissitudes, full of an unspeakable sense of weight.

It is the Demonic Prison Divine Bow!


Ye Yu yanked the bowstring abruptly, and instantly a black light arrow as sharp as lance, Tearing the Void, instantly shot through the thousand zhang Azure Dragon in the sky, and directly nailed to death in the sky.

Shoot Heavenly Dragon with one arrow!

This scene happened to be seen by the young man on the Black Gold Throne chasing from behind.

“Impossible! Why is it so fierce!”

For an instant, the young man roared in fear.

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