Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1269

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“You dare to chase after?”

Ye Yu stared sharply at the young man who happened to emerge from the jungle not far away.

“No, I dare not!”

The young man suddenly panicked loudly roared, and instantly moved towards the distance and flew away.

“Since you are here, don’t leave!”

Ye Yu coldly smiled and grabbed it with a big hand.


The void trembled, and a big black hand that traversed the sky suddenly covered 1000 li or so, and he grabbed it with a big hand, no stronghold one cannot overcome, and immediately grabbed the young man, as well as the black gold throne under him.

“Lord, spare!”

The young man looked terrified and immediately roared.


But Ye Yu didn’t show mercy at all. He looked without mercy, and instantly squeezed the black gold throne with a big hand.

“My fleshly body strength today is absolutely comparable to an Immortal Monarch powerhouse!”

Ye Yu expression was excited.

Next, Ye Yu ran into the gorge, looking for the corpse of thousands zhang Azure Dragon.

It’s night, starry.

At this time, in the canyon, Ye Yu held the thousand zhang Azure Dragon in mid-air and began to barbecue with the magical fire.

The smell of meat, diffused 1000 li or so.

Around, many beasts are roar.

But at this time, Ye Yu rushed out of the body of an illusory shadow connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, able to support both heaven and earth, and exited from the entrance of the suspension canyon to deter all the beasts.

All night, Ye Yu ate all the thousand zhang Azure Dragon.

He is full of dragon prestige, divine light blooming.

Ye Yu feels whether he has overnutrition.



And at this time, several silhouettes flew from a distance, standing above the void.

Those are several beautiful women with graceful figures.

At this moment, one of the dimly figured women looked at the huge Azure Dragon skeleton on the canyon floor, and suddenly beautiful eyes gave birth to a hint of surprised and angry, and suddenly looked towards Ye Yu and said: “Thief, you ate my pet beast?”

“Your pet? Sorry.”

Ye Yu lazily glanced at these women, and then prepared to leave.

“Thief, where to run!”


A woman was full of divine light, her jade hand stretched out, and an emerald green wicker burst out of her palm instantly, like a sharp sword, cutting through the world.


Ka-cha !

But next moment, Ye Yu just flicks with the finger, directly shattering the wicker that the woman took out.

“What?! So tyrannical!”

Several beautiful women are all expressions shocked.

Next moment, a woman stepped forward and said: “Who is your Excellency?”

“The nameless person.”

Ye Yu glanced at the woman, not caring about being authentic.

“An unknown person? That could not be better!”

Another beautiful woman suddenly said: “My name is Yulian, and they are my Junior Sisters. They are called Qingzhu and Huarui. Our three sisters are here this time to compete with the other party for the remains of Ancient Supreme Expert Cave. Mansion, your Excellency is so tyrannical, our 3 sisters would like to ask you for your help. The reward is absolutely generous.”

“Cave Mansion, the remains of Ancient Supreme Expert?”

Ye Yu eyes flashed and said: “Okay, it just so happens that I am also looking for good luck, so I will go and see with you.”

“very good !”

“Your Excellency is so powerful, it has surpassed True Immortal and entered the rank of Legendary Immortal Monarch!”

The other two beautiful women immediately said pretty face joyfully.

Next, Ye Yu and these three sisters came to a place in front of a big mountain.

There, several young men were standing there.

At this time, they looked at Ye Yu, their expression showed a trace of coldness, and suddenly said: “Three Junior Sisters, where did you find the wild boy?”

“Senior Brother, his name is Ye Yu, he is a powerful Loose Cultivator. If you join us, you will be able to seize the opportunity.” Yulian, wearing a red dress, said suddenly.

She glanced at Ye Yu with beautiful eyes, and there was a trace of sorry.

“Hmph, there are enough of us, this wild boy, hurry up and get Ben Shao away!”

The young man wearing black clothed suddenly smiled coldly.

Tone, with a domineering tone.

“The person who rolls is you!”

Suddenly, Ye Yu said aloud.

He grabbed it with a big hand, and the palm of the Divine flame of the burning magic prison suddenly moved towards the black-clothed youth man and grabbed it.

“Dare to shoot against Ben Shao, courting death!”

The black-clothed youth man smiled cruelly, and directly took out a blood-colored long sword, revealing endless ferocity.

But next moment.

Ka-cha !

Ye Yu’s demon flame hand directly smashed the blood-colored long sword, and directly caught the black-clothed youth man.

“impossible !”

The black-clothed youth men’s expression is horrified.


But the next moment, Ye Yu coldly smiled, without leaving his hand, he smashed his head directly with a palm and killed him instantly.


“courting death !”

Beside the black-clothed youth man, several followers were expression surprised and angry, and suddenly burst of power, moving towards Ye Yu and rushed away.

“All are for me!”

Ye Yu loudly roared, punched out, everyone shattered their bodies, and blood was thrown into the sky.

In an instant, all fell!

Behind the scenes, three beautiful women, Yulian, Qingzhu, and Huarui, were all shocked by their expressions.

This Ye Yu is so amazing?

Kill the Senior Brother who is the same realm with them in one move? !

“Lord !”

In an instant, the three women all possessed themselves, respectfully.

“Rest assured, although your Senior Brothers were killed by me, all treasures in this Ancient Supreme Expert’s Cave Mansion will belong to us!”

Ye Yu said immediately.

“Lord divine might be the world!”

The three beautiful women are all expressions of joy.

Next, under the leadership of Ye Yu, several people moved towards the depths of the great mountain.

According to the three women, the entrance to the cave mansion is in the depths of the big mountain.

Less than one hour, 4 people came to the center of the big mountain.

Here, the Supreme Divine Ability was refining into a hollow piece by the power. There stood a Space Gate with endless divine light. It should be the entrance to the Ancient Supreme Expert ruins.

“Lord, the entrance to the ruins is just behind the gate of light.” The 3 females were graceful, following Ye Yu at this time, and suddenly said respectfully.

“Not bad.”

Ye Yu nodded, then said: “When the time comes into it, everything must listen to me, including another force competing with you. If you encounter it, you must speak arbitrarily, and I will deal with everything.”

“Yes, Lord!”

3 Women who have seen Ye Yu’s strength are very well-behaved.

At the next moment, the 4 people stepped into the light gate.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Almost at this moment, the silhouettes of the four people disappeared in front of Guangmen.

After a short burst of dizziness, four people appeared in a ten thousand li area.

“This is the world in the ancient vestige?”

Ye Yu expression showed a hint of surprise.

He originally thought it was either the dark underground world, or the ancient land of some wild beasts.

But didn’t expect, it was a desolate area with ten thousand li red land.

Around, there were dilapidated black trees and old crows neighing everywhere.

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