Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1270

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The surroundings were desolate and desolate.

Ye Yu led the 3 females, moved towards a certain direction and flew away.

There seemed to be power fluctuating.

However, on the way, an incomparable gigantic black mutant scorpion suddenly emerged from the depths of the earth and directly blocked their way.

“It is a mutant demon scorpion of the ancient age, at least with True Immortal level strength!”

3 In the female middle school, Yulian slightly covered her red lips, she said with a horror in her beautiful eyes.

“I’ll try it.”

Qingzhu was wearing a light azure dress. At this moment, she stepped forward, and instantly grasped her palm, a piece of divine light spilt down, and suddenly turned into a sharp sword, and moved towards the hundred zhang black scorpion on the ground ahead. .

when! when! when……

But then, what made the three women shocked was that those sharp swords stabbed the devil scorpion and did not harm it at all.


Moreover, this also aroused the fierceness of the magic scorpion, which looked up to the sky with endless fierce power.

“evil creature ,courting death !”

Ye Yu said, he coldly shouted and pressed it with one hand in an instant.


Suddenly, a big hand burning the Divine flame instantly tearing the Void, directly smashing the magic scorpion to pieces, and the flesh and blood essence was instantly swallowed by Ye Yu.

“The power of very powerful!”

“Lord really divine might be the world!”

Around, the three women all looked horrified, crying out in surprise.

Half a day later, Ye Yu led the three women to a piece of Raging Flames Fire Sea.

There, the peripheral zone, one after another silhouette stood there, all wearing black robes, looking at the demonic energy densely.

“These are the other forces competing with you this time?” Ye Yu suddenly said.

“Yes, Lord.”

Yulian nodded, said: “The group of people are from the Demon Domain, but they are also a small force in the Demon Domain. Not at all powerhouse, Lord, if you take action, you can definitely suppress them all!”

“Look at the situation first.”

Ye Yu nodded.

Immediately, the four people descended on the edge of the fire sea. Not far away, the group of black robed men glanced at this place, and one of them, a significantly taller Han, stepped out immediately.

His gaze was fierce, looking at Ye Yu and the others not far away, he suddenly roared: “Those who are acquainted, leave quickly, this area is not something you can come to.”

“Oh? What if I don’t leave?”

Ye Yu looked at the big black robe man, faintly said.

“The seat will kill you directly!”


A terrifying force burst out from the black robe man’s body in an instant, a huge axe blade appeared in his hand, and the Void instantly moved towards Ye Yu and cut it down.

“Divine spear!”


Ye Yu within the body rushed out of the power of gods and demons, and suddenly a lance of Divine flame appeared in his hand.


Ye Yu loudly shouted and threw lance out of his hand directly, tore the sky directly, and directly shattered the axe blade in the hand of the big black robe. Immediately, lance continued to pierce the head of the big black robe. Nail it to the ground on the edge of the fire sea.

“Martial Uncle !”

“Who is that person, how come Martial Uncle couldn’t resist even a single move in his hands and was suppressed and killed?”

Not far away, a crowd of black robe disciples were shocked. They looked at Ye Yu with horror on their faces.

At the next moment, Ye Yu looked at them suddenly, coldly said: “Now, immediately disappear, otherwise, you will all be directly killed by me just like your Martial Uncle.”

Ye Yu’s voice contained an irresistible dominance, full of a supreme dominance, and immediately made the black robe disciple tremble, and suddenly said: “Yes, Lord!”

“It’s Lord!”

“Lord, I’m leaving now, don’t kill me!”

each and everyone black robe disciple all turned pale with fright one after another, suddenly moved towards the distance and flew away.

“Lord’s strength, what level has it reached?”

At this moment, behind Ye Yu, the three women all showed surprise, and there was unabashed awe flashing in the beautiful eyes.

You know, the black robe guy just now is the Martial Uncle of the black robe disciple, at least they have the strength of the Immortal Monarch level.

But that was the case, but Ye Yu still suppressed and killed with a spear, nailed to the ground, it was terrifying to the extreme.


And just when the 3 women were very shocked.

Suddenly, in the endless fire sea, a huge wave of flames burst into the sky.

In the blazing waves, a purple-golden lotus suddenly appeared.

“It’s Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth spiritual medicine. Sure enough, this fire sea has been conceived for 1000 years, and finally a peerless medicine has been bred!”

3 The women exclaimed at this time, their faces all excited.

“Only one Fire Lotus flower?” Ye Yu’s brows moved slightly.

“We are willing to let Lord refining!”

3 Women all said one after another.

“Very well, I have the same intention.”

Ye Yu nodded with satisfaction, and then he grabbed it with a big hand, and immediately grabbed the Fire Lotus flower in the palm of his hand and swallowed it directly.


A horrible flame power broke out in Ye Yu’s within the body instantly, and his spirit strength cultivation base instantly soared.

Spirit Saint!

Spirit Emperor!

Go to Heavenly Palace!

In Heavenly Palace!

Go to Heavenly Palace!


Xianxian 1 Heavenly Layer!


Virtual fairy 9th Layer!


Finally, the spirit strength cultivation base in this brief moment stopped.


Ye Yu loudly roared, an extremely terrifying aura, like a wild wanton, suddenly rushed out of his whole body.

Ye Yu just felt very happy in his heart.

The familiar powerful force returns again.

“All three of you have gong!”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, then 3 pointed out.

Xiu! xiu! xiu!

one after another divine light rushed into the body of 3 women instantly.

At the next moment, the bodies of the 3 females are bursting with divine light, naked eyes are visible, and some of their innate shackles within the body are all broken through.

Ye Yu input a power of gods and demons to the 3 women, so that their bodies were transformed, and moved towards a higher level evolved once.

“many thanks Lord !”

“many thanks Lord !”

3 Women have expression said with great happiness.

At this time, they were absolutely in awe of Ye Yu.

The power that rushed into them within the body just now had the terrifying Power of Fortune of Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth.

3 The woman immediately understood that Ye Yu’s secret was absolutely terrifying.

“You can call me Young Master from now on.” Ye Yu smiled and said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Yulian, Qingzhu and Huarui all bowed.

They have peerless looks and graceful figures. They are all proud and arrogant Goddess level figures.

But at this time, they were all admired by Ye Yu and became his loyal followers.


At the moment when the 4 people were about to leave, a terrifying Dragon’s roar suddenly came from a distance.

“Which little bastard, dare kill my True Demon Sect Elder, he is simply tired of living!”

An old, cold voice suddenly came from a distance.

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