Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1271

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“It must be those black robe disciple who have gone back to file a complaint!”

Yulian’s stunning face showed a trace of anger, and said: “At that time, the Young Master should have killed them all.”

“No problem.”

Ye Yu shook the head and said: “My cultivation base has not been fully recovered. If I can kill a few more powerhouses and swallow it, it may speed up my recovery.”


3 In the female middle school, the stamen, who has been relatively silent, suddenly uttered, and the beautiful eyes glowed with a hint of brilliance: “In the depths of our own sect, there are quite a few old monsters in retreat. If the Young Master can swallow them, maybe they can directly Reached the cultivation base of the Young Master Peak period.”

“This when the time comes.”

Ye Yu said, then moved towards looking into the distance.

There, on a Black Demon Dragon, stood a strong middle-aged man.

Holding a long knife in his hand, the blade pierced through the sky, and suddenly said: “Are you the kid who killed my True Demon Sect?”

“Who did the kid say?” Ye Yu said suddenly.

“Little boy said you…No, you dare to fight with me!”

The middle-aged man expression was furious, and suddenly roared, his body stepped into the void, the long knife tore the sky, and suddenly moved towards Ye Yu and rushed over.

“courting death !”

Ye Yu coldly smiled and grabbed it with one hand.


A big black hand with demon flame burning instantly burst out from in the sky, blooming invincible divine light, directly smashing the middle-aged man’s Blade Qi, the aftermath was unabated, and the ground was blasted to pieces, beginning Collapse, as if the end of the world is coming.


The middle-aged man was blown away by a huge force, suddenly spits out mouthful of blood in his mouth.

“This child really strong, I am not an opponent, run away!”

At this moment, the middle-aged man quickly moved towards the far distance, panicking.

“In front of my eyes, still want to run away? It’s too naive!”

Ye Yu smiled coldly and immediately stretched out his big hand again.

Master’s hand!

Hung dong!

The huge unmatched big hand, grandiose, covering everything, directly enveloping the middle-aged man.


Ye Yu crushed the middle-aged man with one hand and swallowed all his Life Source.

The bottleneck of the virtual fairyland immediately breaks through.

True Immortal 1 Heavenly Layer!

“And the magic dragon!”

Ye Yu looked towards the huge dragon that traversed the sky again. He grabbed it with one hand, and he could hold Heaven and Earth and grab the dragon directly.


The dragon screamed, but to no avail.


Ye Yu took a big mouth and swallowed the magic dragon instantly.

Suddenly, a powerful and terrifying Long Yuan burst into Ye Yu’s within the body, causing Ye Yu unable to bear roar towards the sky.

True Immortal 2nd Layer!

True Immortal 3 Heavenly Layer!


True Immortal 6 Heavenly Layer!

The cultivation base is firmly in True Immortal 6 Heavenly Layer.

Ye Yu faintly smiled and said: “I really hope to have more powerhouses.”

At this time, the cultivation base has almost recovered to its Peak period, and countless Magical Powers have all recovered.

“Divine Eyes!”

“Watching 10000 things!”

At this time, Ye Yu’s eyes bloomed with two divine light connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, seeing through the entire Xiangu Small World.

“Remains of the Purple Emperor!”

Ye Yu suddenly saw a relic space, like a space bubble, attached to a place in the sky in the ancient Small World.


Ye Yu took the three females of Yulian, Qingzhu and Huarui, directly smashed the void, stepped into the empty space, and soon arrived at the peripheral zone of the purple emperor ruins.

However, the entire relic of the Purple Emperor was protected by a thick space barrier.

“The Master’s Hand!”

Ye Yu blasted out with one hand, tearing everything in an instant, with the mighty power of heaven and earth, directly tore a gap in the space barrier.


Ye Yu led the three women, and they rushed into them.


Almost as soon as a few people stepped into the purple emperor ruins, an extremely terrifying pressure suddenly descended from the sky.

“Crack crack …”

At this moment, the bodies of several people were about to collapse.

“It’s the powerhouse Cannian in this ancient vestige!”

Ye Yu shouted and said, “God and devil will, break me!”


A stalwart illusory shadow instantly emerged from Ye Yu’s back in the sky, rising 9 thousand zhang from the ground, and surging the sky, instantly shattering the powerhouse in the purple emperor ruins.

“What kind of power is this? Outsider, who are you? Why does this seat feel a breath of ancient gods from you?”

A surprised and angry voice sounded in the entire Heaven and Earth site of the Purple Emperor.

“Because I am God!”

Ye Yu coldly smiled.

He is ready to take action to completely obliterate the powerhouse Cannian in the purple emperor ruins.

Any existence that disobeys one’s will will be completely annihilated.

But at this moment, a familiar woman’s voice suddenly sounded, “Ye Yu, don’t make a move. It was just a trace of the purple emperor Senior’s remnant manifestation, and he has no hostility.”

“Cang Lan.”

Ye Yu heard that the voice was Liu Canglan talking.

According to the direction of the sound wave, Ye Yu stepped away immediately, and in the blink of an eye, he came to a floating palace beyond a thousand li.


Ye Yu flashed onto him, and a huge array of Heaven and Earth suddenly lit up around him, trying to trap Ye Yu.


Ye Yu loudly roared, a terrifying sound wave swept across the four sides, instantly shattering all those big arrays.

He directly entered the floating great hall.

In an instant, Ye Yu saw Liu Canglan’s graceful figure sit cross-legged in front of a cloud of purple energy, and was fully refining.

“Ye Yu!”

Liu Canglan’s expression was delighted, and he stood up immediately, moved towards Ye Yu and walked away.

“Cang Lan.”

Ye Yu stretched out his hand and hugged Liu Canglan’s graceful and soft lovable body directly into his arms.

In this strange Xiangu Small World, the two people are naturally very close to each other.

“They are?” Liu Canglan saw the three girls behind Ye Yu at this time. They were all immortal, graceful and devastatingly beautiful. Her beautiful eyes flashed suddenly and surprisedly said.

“The three of us are all followers of Young Master.”

Yulian stepped forward and slowly said.

At this time, they have been following Ye Yu with all their heart.

“Are you the youngster who broke my last thoughts just now?”

A voice sounded.


In the distance, in the purple light cluster in the center of the great hall, a stalwart silhouette came out. The five officials were blurred, and he was a bare man.

“Senior should be the owner of this relic space.” Ye Yu hugged the cup one fist in the other hand, and said: “Just now, please forgive me. I have to do it too.”

“No problem.”

The purple bareman glanced at Ye Yu, and then sighed softly: “My heir, to have your presence by your side is not shameful to her Bloodline and identity.”

“Master.” Liu Canglan said slightly.

“In this relic space, there are many powerhouses outside that are coveting them. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to hold on for long, and my source of the Purple Emperor will be exhausted.” The purple bareman said immediately.

“Perhaps, I can strengthen the origin of Senior.” Ye Yu suddenly said.

“Oh? Do you have a way?”

The stalwart purple naked man turned around abruptly and stared at Ye Yu.

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