Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1272

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“What? Can you strengthen my origin?” The Guangren, that is, the Purple Emperor’s expression, asked immediately with a shock.


Ye Yu nodded, with a strong self-confidence above his face, he immediately said: “However, for the time being, my realm is not enough to fully restore your Peak state, but at least it can continue your broken thoughts.”

“Ye Yu, if you can really revive this seat, what if this seat is a saddle for you.” Originally, the Purple Emperor Cannian had been sleeping for endless years and was about to be wiped out in the long river of years.

But at this time, Ye Yu said that he can continue his life, even if his cultivation base is high, he can fully recover.

Although a little surprised and uncertain, the Purple Emperor was extremely excited.

He originally thought that after handing over the inheritance to Liu Canglan, he could die.

But no one is dead in this world, especially, like the powerhouse of this level of the Purple Emperor, he was an Immortal Sovereign powerhouse during his lifetime, surpassing the existence of Immortal Monarch and the Immortal King. If he restores his full strength, he is definitely unrivaled and The existence of invincible is the Great-Immortal Domain.

“By the way, I have another plan.”

Ye Yu suddenly said, “I have a huge responsibility on my back. This responsibility requires me to have a force and strength that can compete with a universe. Therefore, the space of the Purple Emperor’s relic is so vast and innate. It’s full of qi, just as my base camp.”

“What are you going to fight against is another universe?” The Purple Emperor is a powerhouse in the old age, and naturally knows some secrets that ordinary people don’t even know.


Ye Yu frowned slightly, and said: “I need a strong starting point to serve as a base camp, radiate all around, conquer and unify the entire Immortal World Thirty Three Heavens, and even some other big planes, Spirit Realm, Taigulongjie, etc. Wait, finally unify this fairy and demons civilized universe and confront another ultimate universe!”

“Well, you have such ambitions, I will naturally accompany you!” Zihuang laughed heartily said.

Judging from Ye Yu’s powerful spirit, he is not an ordinary person. If you follow him, you may be able to set foot on Immortal Sovereign in the future, or even Immortal Emperor!

“Death to pursue Young Master!”

Yulian, clear bamboo and stamens, naturally also bowed immediately.

“Junior Brother Ye, what kind of existence is it?”

Looking at the chat and laughing room in front of him was the young man who conquered the stars of the universe, Liu Canglan felt for the first time that Ye Yu was far less simple than he thought.

“Canglan, you should accept your inheritance as soon as possible. I have used Divine Eyes to detect it just now. The Bloodline on you is extremely special and powerful. If it is stimulated, it can burst out the ancient power.”

Ye Yu said, and immediately hit Liu Canglan’s forehead.


A magical power rushed into Liu Canglan’s body instantly, naked eye was visible, her entire body was blooming with infinite divine light, the fleshy body was flawless, and the Bloodline hidden within the body began to recover.


Next to him, Zi Huang Cannian watched Ye Yu’s simple finger, which turned Liu Canglan into a flawless body. Moreover, the Bloodline within the body seemed to be drawn by some terrifying force, and unexpectedly began to slowly recover.

This is an unpredictable method.

Purple Emperor was horrified. Perhaps following Ye Yu, he could really reach a height that he could not even imagine before.

“By the way, Ye Yu, if you use my purple emperor ruins as your base camp, what do our forces call it?” the purple emperor suddenly asked.

“In ancient times, the Celestial Court suppressed 4 parties, Lord of the Celestial Court, aloof and remote, leading the gods and suppressing everything!”

Ye Yu expression revealed a trace of rare majesty, and immediately said: “I am the Celestial Emperor, and I want to establish the Ancient Celestial Court! Therefore, I want to establish an unification power, the Celestial Court!”

Celestial Court!

The Purple Emperor murmured, feeling an unprecedented majesty from it.

“Celestial Emperor !”

Behind, Yulian, Qingzhu and Huasta were all one-knee kneels, suddenly said.

“Celestial Emperor !”

At this moment, even Zihuang is a cup one fist in the other hand.


Ye Yu nodded, then suddenly said: “Your purple emperor ruins need to be remodeled.”

When the words fell, Ye Yu immediately grabbed it with a big hand and shed the power of 10000 1000 gods and demons, like a spring rain that revived the earth, countless towering ancient woods and Qionglou jade faults all began to grow, even the ruined ancient Formation in the ruins of the Purple Emperor. All started to grow and recover.

All this is just like the Divine Spirit method.

“Celestial Court also needs an army capable of conquering everything!”

Ye Yu said again.





Almost as soon as his words fell, four ancient Domain Portal users of the High Realm suddenly appeared in the sky behind Ye Yu.



With the sound of one after another terrifying roar, an army of ancient creatures, ancient demons, ancient angels, Nether World ghosts and Blood Demon from the blood world all stepped out of the 4 portals.

Each one is surprisingly the same realm as Ye Yu, with the realm of True Immortal 6 Heavenly Layer.

Moreover, after stepping into the Realm of True Immortal, these supreme realm ancient creatures from Heaven, Hell, Nether World and Blood Realm have their battle strength countless times stronger than ordinary cultivator.

This army of ancient creatures, although on the surface it is True Immortal 6 Heavenly Layer realm, but in terms of true battle strength, they all have the inheritance of the great Great Divine Ability and Bloodline from the distant ages, which is absolutely comparable to a True Immortal. 10th Layer Peak, even the powerful existence of Immortal Monarch level.

At this moment, in the horrified gaze of the crowd behind, the continuously ancient army of creatures stepped out from the 4 Highest Domain Portal households, covering the entire Purple Emperor relic space. The guard has become the space of Celestial Court base camp. .

“Boom dong!”

But at this time, a violent trembling sound was transmitted from above the sky.

It is this small space that has suffered powerful strikes.

“There are a lot of powerhouses outside, the relics of the purple emperor who coveted me.” The purple emperor suddenly came to Ye Yu’s side and said abruptly.

“Which powerhouse?”

Ye Yu suddenly expressed a trace of doubt.

“Several one-star forces.” The Purple Emperor replied aloud.

“One Star Force?” Ye Yu’s eyes showed a trace of confusion.

“Oh, yes, in Immortal World, all forces are ranked according to the most powerhouse level among them. In one force, there is a powerhouse of the Immortal Monarch level, called a one-star power, and a powerhouse with a fairy king level, called 2 stars, Immortal Sovereign corresponds to 3 stars, Immortal Sovereign corresponds to 4 stars, and the most powerful Immortal Emperor corresponds to a 5-star power.”

Zihuang immediately explained to Ye Yu without any reservations.

At this time, Ye Yu is already Lord of the Celestial Court.

“Yes, two one-star forces, nothing, just right, I took this opportunity to make a name in this immortal world. This immortal world is connected to Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World, which can be said to be a cross The plane, the development of my Celestial Court in this is a good start.”

Ye Yu said, then stepped violently, moved towards the purple emperor ruins and walked away.

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