Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1273

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Outside the Purple Emperor Ruins, countless cultivators, led by two powerhouses, are attacking the space of the Purple Emperor Ruins.

Two Great Influences, namely Purple Moon Palace and Heavenly Demon Sect.

They are the two most powerful forces in the small area of ​​Xiangu world.

In Purple Moon Palace and Heavenly Demon Sect, there is an Immortal Monarch level power, so they can dominate this small area.

On the side of the Purple Moon Palace, there is a graceful woman. She is full of cold air, like an iceberg Goddess, standing in the void, surrounded by the ice Grand Dao.

On the side of Heavenly Demon Sect, there is a burly middle-aged man standing with a black robe, with a majestic face and a monstrous murderous aura.

At this time, under the leadership of Two Great Powerhouses, the disciplines of countless two sects are all pouring out their power frantically, all of them attacking the protective great formation of the purple emperor ruins.

“Who is it? Dare to attack my Celestial Court?”

Suddenly, a majestic voice sounded.


At the next moment, Ye Yu’s silhouette appeared outside the space of the Purple Emperor’s ruins. He stood in the void, and his gaze shot across countless cultivators outside. An invisible pressure made everyone impossible to bear body trembled.

“Trifling is a True Immortal, dare to call itself Celestial Court, it is ridiculous, die for me!”

The Palace Lord of the Purple Moon Palace, is a Bingxue Goddess, she reached out with one hand, and suddenly a big hand of Chilling Ice instantly Tearing the Void, carrying the endless majesty, was about to obliterate Ye Yu.

“Those who violate the majesty of Celestial Court, kill without mercy!”

Ye Yu said aloud, and he also stretched out a hand.


in the sky grabbed an incomparable palm of the demon flame, the monstrous divine force traversed the void, directly blasted the big ice hand of the Palace Lord of the Purple Moon Palace, turning it into ruins in the sky.


The Demon Flame’s big hand is not forgiving, and continues to move towards the distant Star River to capture it, to kill the Purple Moon Palace Palace Lord.

“You are nothing but Realm of True Immortal, how can you have such a tyrannical power?”

The Purple Moon Palace Palace Lord expression was shocked, and on the beautiful face, there was an expression of horror.

“The dead don’t need to know so much!”


Ye Yu grabbed it with big hands, and immediately imprisoned the Purple Moon Palace Palace Lord.

“Next, I want you to see with your own eyes that all the disciplines of your Purple Moon Palace are dead!”

Ye Yu said coldly, his eyes full of killing.

“Celestial Court army, suppress and kill these rebels!”

Ye Yu spoke out, with endless majesty in his tone.

“hong” “hong” “hong”

Almost at this moment, a large and tall army of ancient creatures, all wearing the silver battle armour of Celestial Court, holding the axe and blade of the sky, moved towards the countless disciplines of the Purple Moon Palace and rushed away.




Accompanied by one after another howl, the heads of each and everyone disciple were cut off, and blood was thrown into the sky.

“Do not?!”

The icy Goddess-like Palace Lord of the Purple Moon Palace uttered a loud roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.


But at the next moment, Ye Yu squeezed the Palace Lord with a big hand and directly crushed the Purple Moon Palace Palace Lord. He swallowed the Life Essence of the Purple Moon Palace Palace Lord. Suddenly Ye Yu only felt that his Life Source was stronger.

In the distance, Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master, who was watching this scene, knelt down and screamed: “I Heavenly Demon Sect is willing to acknowledge allegiance Celestial Court!”

“A wise man submits to circumstances!”

Ye Yu nodded, stretch out your hand, a streak of divine light ring immediately enveloped Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master, saying: “This is the glory of the gods blessed by this Celestial Emperor. You have this divine light ring shrouded, cultivation twice The results for half the effort, and even the Divine Ability handed down from many ancient times.”

“Many thanks Celestial Emperor reward!”

Feeling the terrifying power in the divine light ring, Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master said respectfully.

“By the way, is your daughter called Longxinyue?” Ye Yu suddenly said.


Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master said suddenly.

“You must train her well in the future.”

Ye Yu said something pointedly, and then stepped back to the remains of the Purple Emperor.

Among the ruins, Yulian, Qingzhu, and Huarui are all pretty faces full of excitement.

They didn’t expect that Young Master was so powerful, and with just a few tricks, they suppressed the two major and one-star forces.

“The three of you should cultivate well. I have great expectations of you. In the future, when Celestial Court fights All Heavens Myriad Realms, you must be my left and right hands.”

Ye Yu looked at the three women and said immediately.

“Yes, Young Master!”

3 women are all saying.

It was night, deep in the purple emperor ruins, Ye Yu was sitting withered in a great hall.

But at this time, a graceful silhouette flashed into the great hall.


Ye Yu opened his eyes and looked at the pretty lady who had come before him.

“Young Master, the slave and maid will dress you…”

Yulian’s pretty face is ruddy and beautiful, she slowly attached to her lower body, holding it…

The next day.

Ye Yu woke up in the cultivation, lying beside him was an ivory-white lovable body.

With both hands stroking the soft and smooth back, a smile flicked across Ye Yu’s mouth.

“hong long”

In the sky, a rumbling sound suddenly sounded.

“Celestial Emperor !”

Outside the great hall, an ancient demon wearing a silver armor walked in. Its hideous bloody eyes looked towards Ye Yu, full of respect, and said: “The people of Heavenly Demon Sect have already breached the sphere of influence of the Purple Moon Palace. The ancient world this area has become the territory of my Celestial Court.”


Ye Yu nodded, stepped off the bed and said, “Any other news?”

“Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master said that he found a purple light Sacred Beast that had been sleeping for 10000 years from the Purple Moon Palace. It has an extremely strong Life Source. You may be interested in Celestial Emperor.”

“Purple light Sacred Beast?”

Ye Yu nodded, said: “Let me take a look.”


That ancient demon was loudly roared, and 100 ancient angels flew from a distance, carrying a huge golden palanquin.


Ye Yu stepped up, the golden palanquin immediately started, moved towards the purple emperor ruins and drove away.

After one hour, Ye Yu descended to the Purple Moon Palace.

“Welcome to Celestial Emperor!”

“Welcome to Celestial Emperor!”

“Welcome to Celestial Emperor!”

One after another, a respectful voice suddenly sounded.

That is the Demon Sect Disciple of each and everyone. They all stood in the void and started to worship the place facing Ye Yu.

These disciplines are all panic from the heart, supporting each and everyone of the golden palanquin for Ye Yu. The ancient angels are tall and shrouded in holy light, with a sense of Supreme holiness, full of endless majesty, filling their hearts. It’s awe.

“Where is the purple light Sacred Beast?” Ye Yu expression said majesticly.

“it’s here.”

Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master stepped forward, expression with endless respect, and said: “Celestial Emperor please.”



Two people stepped, shuttled through the endless space, and came to a purple ocean.

The purple ocean is surging and surging, but in the center, there is a giant beast that traverses the sky, and a giant beast that emits purple divine light is lying prone on the hilt of the sword.

“This is the giant beast embryo born from Universe Source Strength?”

Ye Yu’s Divine Eyes swept away, and his expression suddenly showed a hint of surprise.

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