Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1274

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Ye Yu looked at the purple light Sacred Beast in the middle of the ocean at this time, his expression was surprised.

At this time, the Divine Eyes of the magic prison burned with flames, and he immediately saw through the origin of the purple light Sacred Beast, which was clearly a lifeform condensed by Universe Source Strength, equivalent to an embryo.

For this kind of embryo, no consciousness has been born yet, and it is the most suitable thing as External Body Incarnation. If it can be refined successfully, Ye Yu feels that this External Body Incarnation is more suitable for becoming Lord of the Celestial Court than himself.

Because, to become the Lord of the Celestial Court, it bears the power of causality of the entire fairy universe civilization.

Ye Yu knows that this kind of secret air luck and causal power is very terrifying, and there may be a huge crisis in the future. Therefore, Ye Yu naturally does not want to carry it personally. Now encountering this purple light Sacred Beast, it happens to be A perfect emperor incarnation.

Just do it!


Ye Yu grabbed it with one hand and activated the Dominator’s hand. In an instant, a big hand that covered the sky across the sky, wrapped the halo of countless Divine Laws, causing the entire void to collapse.

“The strength of horror!”

Behind the scenes, the Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master expression is full of fear, and the color of awe in the pupil light is more intense.

But at this time.


A sword cry suddenly sounded. The sword cry was very ear-piercing, like a sword cry in the sky. When an ordinary cultivator heard it, it was absolutely an instant that the whole body was pierced by the word intent diffused in the void.

“Hah! ”

But Ye Yu was only coldly smiled, the dominator’s hand covered it, and instantly shrouded all the infinite lightsabers released from the piercing sword, and then fiercely crushed it.

Immediately afterwards, a tragic roar sound came from the sky-piercing sword.


It is the sound transmission of Cannian inserted in the great sword of the sky.

“Who are you?” Ye Yu coldly said.

“Lord spare my life, I’m just the Sword Spirit of this Celestial Emperor sword, guarding this Universe Source embryo here, didn’t expect, but I met Lord you!”

The big sword that thrust into the sky shrank suddenly, and suddenly turned into a 3-foot green peak, with endless sharpness, extremely sharp, almost like Tearing the Void.

“Celestial Emperor sword, not bad.”

Ye Yu nodded, with a big hand, grabbed the Celestial Emperor sword into his hand, and immediately he felt a terrifying edge rushing from the blade, almost with the power of cutting Heaven and Earth.

“The Celestial Emperor sword, then, serves as the saber of my Emperor Avatar.”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, spit out Innate Qi directly, and rushed into the purple light Sacred Beast within the body.

In an instant, this group of Universe Source Strength began to change shape.

“Devil Hell Sacred Fire!”

Feeling the resistance of the Universe Source Strength, Ye Yu’s eyes suddenly cold, he shouted aloud, and an ancient melting pot of gods suddenly appeared, directly starting to smelt the Universe Source embryo.

Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique is a mysterious cultivation technique, but the white clothed lady brought into the three-sided universe from a place outside the “three-sided prison”. It has incredible power. The Source Power of the fairy universe, although it is It was Supreme, but under the smelting of the Gods’ Furnace derived from Ye Yu Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, it immediately became softened.

Slowly, Ye Yu began to smelt the mass of embryos into his own form.

In the end, a tall and tall silhouette, wearing a nine dragon golden robe, wearing a flat Celestial Emperor crown, there is no emotion between the eyebrows, and some are just majestic and arbitrary dominance.

His face is exactly the same as Ye Yu’s.

Suddenly, Ye Yu had a deep connection with the Emperor Avatar refined from his Universe Source embryo. No matter which plane of time and space it was in, Ye Yu could immediately sense the idea of ​​the Emperor Avatar.

“Finally succeeded in refining. From then on, I am Lord of the Celestial Court!”

The Emperor Avatar and Ye Yu naturally have the same will. At this time, the Emperor Avatar spoke exactly the same voice and tone as Ye Yu.

They are simply a will, dominating 2 bodies.

And this is also Ye Yu’s insurance method. He himself becomes Lord of the Celestial Court. In the future, he may be drawn by some secret cause and effect, but now, there is no need to be afraid of everything. With the Emperor of Universe Source embryo refining Avatar is simply perfect.

Next, Ye Yu took the Emperor Avatar and returned to the space of the Purple Emperor Ruins, or Celestial Court.

“Celestial Emperor !”

each and everyone ancient angels, ancient demons and other ancient creatures all bowed.

Although the emperor Avatar is another “Ye Yu”, the original will is exactly the same. These ancient creatures powerhouse from summon among the 4 highest domain portal households naturally obey the orders of the emperor Avatar.

Ye Yu handed over all the 4 High Realm Domain Portal users to the Emperor Avatar. Moreover, everything in the Celestial Court, as well as absorbing the luck of the huge believers, etc., was handed over to the Emperor Avatar.

Ye Yu alone, walked out of Celestial Court.

He is going to come to Spirit Realm, incorporate some of the people he has connected into the Celestial Court he has established, and help them transform the physique, all to become the pillars of his Celestial Court and work for himself.

At the same time, Spirit Realm will be in chaos, and entering the Celestial Court created by itself is the safest.

Spirit Realm, Heavenly Sword Gate, is still that peaceful scene.

But at this moment, a streak of divine light suddenly poured down from the sky above the sky, and finally formed a ten thousand zhang high white light silhouette.

It is the manifestation of Ye Yu’s will from Immortal World.

“All my friends and old friends, follow me to the Immortal World, enter the Celestial Court, and become the General of the Celestial Court!”

Accompanied by a majestic voice, the entire Spirit Realm was in panic.


After half a month.

Celestial Court is the base camp of Celestial Court.

At this time, the Emperor Avatar is sitting in the entire Celestial Court, and countless ancient armies are roaming throughout the Celestial Court, which is completely a severe war machine.

Apart from this, Celestial Court has opened countless branches, all of which are in the charge of Ye Yu’s old friends, and jointly created a brilliant Great Emperor Dynasty.

At this time, Ye Yu finally handled everything, and he finally had time to fulfill his responsibilities.

That is, the half-year appointment with the Flame Emperor.

whoosh whoosh!

Ye Yu left the ancient world, left Celestial Court, and moved towards the depths of the starry sky.

At this moment, although he is only Realm of True Immortal, the powerful fleshy body given to him by Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique is comparable to an Immortal Monarch, and even is a fairy king, without fear of any so-called void storm.

He shuttled through the endless Star River, and saw each and everyone civilization and power, there are planets, continents, etc., there are creatures living there.


“weng! ”

In the depths of the starry sky, in a black hole, a huge monster suddenly emerged. The grandiose has a few ten thousand meters.

It turned out to be a giant beast!

“No, it’s a corpse!”

Ye Yu expression moved, he could not feel any fluctuations of Life Aura from the starry sky giant beast. It should be a starry sky giant beast. After the death of the starry sky giant beast, the fleshy body is immortal, drifting freely in 4 places in the universe.

I didn’t expect, but I was met by myself.

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