Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1275

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“Such a huge starry sky giant beast corpse may contain this huge energy core inside. I will first see if there is any. If there is, then it is really a great opportunity when I go out.”

The appointment with the Flame Emperor is about half a month, so Ye Yu is not in a hurry.

“hong long”

Ye Yu leaped, suddenly turned into a lance of burning flames, and directly pierced into the body of the giant beast in the starry sky that stretched several ten thousand meters.

This corpse is extremely hard, probably the most powerful Immortal Grade. It can’t be broken, but Ye Yu’s fleshy body has long been comparable to a Taoist instrument. Therefore, his incarnation demon lance was pierced in an instant. The corpse of a giant beast in the starry sky.

Immediately, Ye Yu entered the corpse of the giant beast within the body of the starry sky, where, in a piece of flesh and blood, a group of gems blooming with terrifying divine light was wrapped.

That is the core of this starry sky giant beast, with an extremely surging Life Essence.

In an instant, Ye Yu grabbed the core into the palm of his hand.

Next, Ye Yu took out the corpse of the giant beast in the starry sky, ready to find a remote planet refining the core.

But at this time.

“Who are you? Hand over the core, this starry sky giant beast we have followed for more than 500 years, and finally waited until it died. Now you sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, really act recklessly!”

Suddenly, two white clothed men appeared in the starry sky, blocking Ye Yu’s way.

There are 2 people, one is holding a golden mace, the other is carrying this lance, showing off one’s ability.

2 people are realm with Immortal Monarch 9th Layer, if they are in some low rank fairyland, maybe they are Old Ancestor characters in a one-star power.

But at this time, they provoke Ye Yu.

“Get lost!”

Ye Yu grabbed it with a big hand, two big hands that covered the sky with burning magic flames, suddenly burst out from in the sky, and instantly grabbed the two white clothed man into his hands, refining.


“No?! You dare kill my people?!”

They roared heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and howl like pigs, but to no avail.

Because they were horrified to find that they had no ability to resist at all in the face of Ye Yu, a small True Immortal.



With two extremely stern roar sounds, these two powerhouses of the Immortal Monarch 2th Layer were instantly refined into two immortal dao laws by the Divine flame in the hands of Ye Yu.


Ye Yu took a big mouth, and immediately swallowed all the two Life Source and immortal dao laws.


A surging energy burst into Ye Yu’s within the body, and Ye Yu’s cultivation base was also in this brief moment into a frantic promotion.




Immortal Monarch 1 Heavenly Layer!

Ye Yu’s eyes suddenly brightened, and at the same time, the Great Destiny power that the Emperor Avatar got from Celestial Court was also divided into half of the in the sky from the underworld, and instilled into Ye Yu’s body.

Although this is the force of air luck, it is an extremely pure force of air luck, without any cause and effect.

All the causes and effects are borne by the Emperor Avatar, Ye Yu simply doesn’t have to worry about it.


The huge luck passed, Ye Yu’s cultivation base broke through again and stepped into the Immortal Monarch 2nd Layer.


Next, Ye Yu found a dead planet floating quietly in the Universe Starry Sky. He descended on this planet and began to refining the core of the giant beast in the starry sky.

Suddenly, strands of extremely huge Life Essence began to flood and explode within the body of Ye Yu.

His cultivation base, at this moment, I don’t know how many times it has improved.

However, his spirit strength cultivation base has not improved, and Ye Yu is all used to awaken the gods and demons particles.

100 100000 Gods and Demons particles!

1.2 million gods and demons particles!


2,000,000 gods and demons particles!

The terrifying power of the gods and demons roared within the body roar of Ye Yu, like an angry dragon roaring for 9 days.

At this moment, Ye Yu only felt that his battle strength had soared to an unprecedented height.

This head is alive with a starry sky giant beast of 10000 years, and the Life Essence contained in a core is too majestic. That’s why Ye Yu has made such terrifying progress now.

After refining, the half-year appointment finally arrived.

“Big Summoning Spell!”

Ye Yu sat cross-legged deep in the dark starry sky, and his consciousness instantly entered the Transmission Array palace in the Golden Dragon Black Iron Order.

He recognized the inheritance array of the endless flame field and immediately teleported it.

Still in that small room, Ye Yu’s figure appeared, and immediately saw a black robed sillhouette.

It is the Flame Emperor!

“Flame Emperor Senior.” Ye Yu Weiwei cup one fist in the other hand.

“You are here, yes, the cultivation base has been restored.”

Flame Emperor laughed, and then said: “I will send you into the Battle Qi world. You can save me when I was a teenager. With your current strength, it should be easy to complete this task.”

When the words fell, Flame Emperor waved his big hand, and suddenly, a light gate appeared in front of the two.

“go in.”

Flame Emperor smiled and said.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded, immediately stepped into the light gate.

A turn of the sky.

Next, Ye Yu suddenly found out that he had come to a plane that compares Earth Grade.

In the distance, a boy in black shirt is in a mountain range, watching a woman fight with an evil beast.

“This should be the Flame Emperor of the boyhood.”

Ye Yu’s eyes showed a hint of thought.


And at this time, on the sky of Battle Qi world, an incomparable gigantic Space Crack suddenly cracked. A big hand with demonic energy was immediately grabbed from it, and the young Flame Emperor underneath was attacked. kill.

“impudent !”

Ye Yu coldly smiled, punched out directly and smashed that big hand.


In the crack, there was a roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

“Who is it? Just undermined my evil Demon Sovereign plan!”

A very surprised and angry voice suddenly came from the big crack.

“What are you, dare to call yourself emperor, today I will suppress and kill you here!”

Ye Yu burst into infinite divine light all over his body, he moved towards the sky and stepped away suddenly, stepping into the world behind the big crack in an instant.

“hong long”

An extremely terrifying Evil Power made Ye Yu frowned.

This kind of Evil Power, even Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, is faintly rebelling, even if it is swallowed, it is only swallowed a bit, Ye Yu feels that the silent thought in his heart suddenly arises.

“This is Source Power!”

Ye Yu expression was shocked, he suddenly moved towards looking into the distance, and suddenly saw an ancient dark gold devil with a body of 1000 zhang high, standing there, one arm had been smashed by himself.

“Boy, who are you? How can I know my plan in advance, I want to completely suppress and kill you!”

The 1000 zhang high ancient Old Demon roared fiercely, and the thick black light eyes were full of cruel and evil meanings.

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