Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1276

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Weng weng!

At this moment, the whole world is full of Qi of Evil that is extremely evil. This is no longer demonic energy, but a kind of evil.

However, Ye Yu had no pupil light. He looked at the ancient dark gold devil with a stern roar not far away, and suddenly said: “You can’t kill me.”

“Jié jié jié, kid, you are too big, you dare to chase me to this Majesty’s Devil Kingdom. Now, you will definitely be suppressed and killed by this seat, or even refining your soul tens of thousands of years, this Just dare to hinder this Majesty’s terrible price!”

The old devil roared, his eyes full of cruel evil.

“I have to say, you are too naive.”

Suddenly, Ye Yu said aloud.

He punched out, and the entire sky was shaking in an instant, and the universe was about to shatter.

“What power is this?”

The old devil expression was terrified to the extreme.

“This is the power of the gods, this is the power you can never resist and stop!”

Ye Yu said word by word, with an incomparable strong aura in his tone, domineering, boundless, with an irresistible majesty.

At this time, Void Grandiose rushed out of a dark river with densely packed devil in it, roaring in it, actually resisting Ye Yu’s punch.

“Hahahaha, the’endless river of devil’ with this seat of worship, boy, you can’t kill this Majesty’s.” The ten thousand zhang devil said sternly, his tone full of triumph.

“Oh, really?”

Ye Yu sneered. He snapped a big hand, and suddenly a big hand burning with devil flame appeared in the void, grandiose, traversing 100000000 10000 Star River, countless laws of brilliance shining in it, almost lighting up the entire devil kingdom .

It is the hand of the master!

At this moment, a kind of Supreme terrifying aura made the ten thousand zhang dark golden devil become terrified, and his whole body was shattered.


He made the roar of fear of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, but it was of no avail.

“hong long”

Ye Yu’s master hand directly caught the so-called endless river of devil, and instantly killed the tall devil.

Next, Ye Yu Perfection completed the task, jumped, and left this little plane.

“You did very well!”

In the small house of the endless flames, Flame Emperor looked at Ye Yu, with a satisfied expression.

“Flame Emperor Senior, where are you, and what do those three universe prisons mean?” Ye Yu faintly felt that Flame Emperor, the transmigrator alliance leaders, definitely knew some truth.

“I can’t tell you this for the time being. You just need to know that as long as you are in the three-sided universe you are in, you are extremely safe. The terrifying powerhouse you really have to face is in your breakthrough three-sided universe. Outside the prison, so now your most important task is to unify the three-sided universe and become the only master of the three-sided universe, and then break through the prison, when the time comes, I will naturally tell you everything!”

The Flame Emperor said, then with a wave of one hand, he handed a group of blazing fire to Ye Yu, saying: “This fire is a trace of my Life Source Fire. If you blend into your body, you can definitely continue to transform it. Your body is also of great benefit to your cultivation technique!”

“Many thanks Flame Emperor Senior.”

Ye Yu hugged cup one fist in the other hand, and then stepped out of the small room, returned from the Transmission Array to the space of the Golden Dragon Black Iron Order, and then all thoughts returned.

In a vast and profound universe, Ye Yu opened his eyes. In the depths of his palm, a flame of terrifying temperature was burning there.


Ye Yu swallowed the blazing fire with a big mouth, and suddenly a terrifying heat appeared within the body, burning every inch of his flesh and blood.

A full decade.

Ye Yu sat in the Universe Starry Sky, finally refining all the flames.

Immediately, Ye Yu had divine light shining in his eyes, and he moved towards the depths of the universe and jumped away.

The base camp established by Celestial Court has the Emperor Avatar in the realm of Celestial Immortal.

However, the Celestial Immortal World of Longevity is the lowest Immortal World in the Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World.

Therefore, Ye Yu is now ready to go to the more advanced Immortal World, to find opportunities, to improve his cultivation base as much as possible, and even to plunder opportunities for the Celestial Court.

If you think about it, if Ye Yu can find any ancient secrets in the high-level Immortal World, etc., as the foundation of the Celestial Court, it can definitely help the rapid development of the Celestial Court.

Now that the Emperor Avatar has the strength of the Immortal Monarch level, Celestial Court is also considered a one-star power.

But Ye Yu is still not at ease, because the forces in the ancient world are too mixed, therefore, Celestial Court needs to become stronger quickly.

And Ye Yu knows that the most defying thing about him is to have 4 portals of the highest realm. As long as he becomes stronger, the army of ancient creatures coming out of the summon of the highest realm Domain Portal will be stronger and more terrifying. Your Celestial Court will be stronger.

Therefore, Ye Yu alone left the Celestial Court and wanted to enter the more advanced Immortal World in search of a more powerful and incomparable opportunity to improve himself quickly.

Apart from this, Ye Yu has 6 remaining Domain Portal users who haven’t found it. It’s time to look for clues.

As long as you gather ten Domain Portal users in the High Realm and hand them over to the Emperor Avatar, your Celestial Court is absolutely indestructible and indestructible, and you can truly start to compete with countless ancient planes and Great Influences to dominate this fairy civilization universe.



Incredibly vast!

Ye Yu flies and shuttles in the Universe Starry Sky. He has experienced countless strange starry domains, black holes, white holes, void collapse, meteorite groups… etc., countless wonders and beauty in the Universe Starry Sky.

Finally, after more than ten years of traveling through the starry sky, Ye Yu finally arrived at his destination on this day.

It is a huge vast plane surrounded by a thick space barrier.

Celestial Immortal world!

In Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World, the oldest and most powerful one.

Its territory is not known how much wider than the longevity sky, which is equivalent to boundless.

“Magic Hell Lance!”

Ye Yu sipped coldly, and the whole body instantly turned into a black light, forming a lance form of burning magic flame, fiercely moved towards that plane space barrier pierced away.


Almost at this moment, Ye Yu felt that he had entered a very viscous space. The surrounding space and Time Flow Speed ​​were extremely slow.


For half a month, Ye Yu was shocked, and finally passed through the indestructible plane barrier. Suddenly, he saw a vast expanse of vast land.

In the distance, there are ancient rivers traversing the sky, countless ancient giant beasts roaring in the wild, ten thousand zhang high sky, there are more than a dozen golden suns hanging, irradiating 10000 objects.

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