Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1277

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However, what shocked Ye Yu most was that the space of this ancient Celestial Immortal world had frozen to the extreme.


Ye Yu flicks with the finger, and suddenly his fingers collided with the space, making a metal trembling sound, which was extremely terrifying.

You know, Ye Yu can tear space at will on some low-level planes, but after entering this ancient Celestial Immortal world, he found that the space inside has actually solidified to this level. It is worthy of being the most in the Thirty Three Heavens Immortal World. The ancient vast plane.

Apart from this, along the way, Ye Yu saw countless towering mountains of 1000 zhang high, all piercing the clouds into the sky, and rivers, all spreading among hundreds of thousands, without an end, making people feel the vastness of the world. these all are magnificent spectacles.

“hong long”

Suddenly, the earth was shaking.

Ye Yu suddenly looked towards the distance, where, a green mountain stretching among hundreds of thousands, unexpectedly began to move, and immediately jumped 9 times.

It was simply not a mountain, it was a giant dragon sleeping on the ground with tens of thousands of years. Its dragon body almost turned into a landform. When it woke up, it was simply The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

“Let’s walk on this land first, and take a look at what power this Immortal World land has.”

Ye Yu thought in his heart, this Immortal World land should also be contended for hegemony by the powers, separated by the group, and chaotic.


A powerful force erupted from within the body, Ye Yu suddenly moved towards the distance and flew away.

Flying at a high altitude, Ye Yu moved towards looking down, suddenly saw a piece of vast land, magnificent mountains and rivers.

After flying for nearly a few months, Ye Yu finally arrived at an extremely majestic ancient city, standing on the vast ground ahead.

Ye Yu flew over, and divine sense shot down, and immediately sensed the residents of the ancient city, many of them were Heavenly Palace, the existence of virtual fairy level.

It seems that in the Immortal World, not all powerhouse stand in great numbers, there are still many ordinary existences.

Looking at it at a glance, Ye Yu discovered the strict hierarchy of this ancient Celestial Immortal world.

Many residents of Heavenly Palace and Xuxian realm were forcibly organized to become the lowest level guards, standing in this ancient city.

However, Ye Yu is not at all interested in this ancient city. What he is looking for is the real Great Influence, which contains immortal ancient inheritance and countless treasures of opportunity.

Therefore, Ye Yu flew over directly.

Next, Ye Yu passed through an endless volcanic area. The entire land was burned by endless Raging Flames and turned into a blazing ocean, and the entire sky was stained red.

If it weren’t for Ye Yu Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique’s extreme tyranny, I’m afraid it would have been burned into fly ash by the power of that flame.

On the way, Ye Yu also encountered many powerhouses in this ancient immortal world.

In the next few years, Ye Yu has been on his way. He flew through countless ancient places, the death dunes of millions and millions of li, the burial site of 10000 and 1000 solitary graves, and the Absolute Beginning Mine where the ancient creatures are hidden. , The completely snow-covered ice and snow demon field… wait.

Ye Yu finally saw what is meant by the vastness of the earth.

And on this day, Ye Yu finally saw an ancient Imperial Dynasty, boundless, spreading on the magnificent ground ahead.

Endless divine light shines in the sky!

10000 1000 Heavenly soldiers will be guarding 4 sides!

It is a huge Holy City, suspended above ten thousand zhang high.

The boundless territory, Immortal Qi hazy 4 Fang Tianyu, people have an urge to worship when facing this Ancient Giant City.

This should be the capital of an ancient Imperial Dynasty.

Ye Yu thought in his heart, and shot directly past.

After entering the ancient city, Ye Yu suddenly found that the streets were full of people, and it was a prosperous scene.

But just when Ye Yu was ready to get to know this ancient city.


A cold violent shout suddenly came from behind.

It was a group of soldiers patrolling in this imperial city. All of them were draped in extremely hard armors, with ancient arrays imprinted on them. They were emitting this strong divine light with great power.

“Boy, who you are? Where did you come from?”

Among the soldiers in this group, a guard leader headed by him said suddenly, with a vigilant expression on his face.

And just as Ye Yu was about to speak, a hearty laughter came from a distance, “Shi commander, this is my friend, you go down first, I happen to be here to meet him.”


The guard commander looked at the silhouette walking behind Ye Yu and said respectfully.

“Why do you want to help me?” Ye Yu turned around, and suddenly saw a young man who was shaking a folding fan in his hand, looking at himself with a smile on his face.

“You should also be a wandering cultivator, I am a prince of the Imperial Dynasty, and now walking in this imperial city, just to find a wandering cultivator like you, brother, and complete the great cause for me.”

The young man said, with an arrogance between his brows.

“I don’t have time to help you accomplish something.” Ye Yu glanced at the arrogant so-called prince, and said suddenly.

“You know, I saved you, you have to know how to be grateful and seeking to repay the kindness.” The young man said suddenly, finally showing a trace of anger between his brows.

“saved me?”

Ye Yu coldly smiled and said, “Do you think the guard can do anything to me? Trifling wants me to serve you, how is it possible.”

When the words fell, Ye Yu turned around and was about to leave.

“Trifling, a kid from Immortal Monarch 2nd Layer, dares to ignore the order of this Imperial Prince. It’s really arrogant. I want to see how powerful you are and whether you have arrogant capital.”

As the young man said, he immediately moved towards Ye Yu and grabbed it.

“Get lost!”

But Ye Yu turned around and slapped it with a palm. Suddenly, a terrifying energy coercion directly shook the young man’s whole body power, and he was blasted out.

“How is it possible! Your original power is so tyrannical. My fiery sun immortal physique can’t resist your Source Power. What kind of physique are you? Is it the legendary Divine Physique?”

The young man shouted in horror immediately.


At this time, Ye Yu suddenly moved and came to the young man in an instant, saying, “Follow me.”

After one hour, in an Inn, Ye Yu stared at the young man in front of him.

Or Duan Lieyang, he is just one of the degraded princes in this imperial city.

“Are you going to kill me?” Duan Lieyang showed a trace of fear and looked at Ye Yu who was facing the faint smile.

“Why should I kill you.”

Ye Yu shook the head and said: “I want to make a deal with you.”

“What deal?” Duan Lieyang said suddenly.

For Ye Yu, Duan Lieyang’s heart is completely in awe and fear.

Under that palm just now, the imposing manner that broke out was simply not something he could resist, it was like facing an ancient god.

Duan Lieyang suddenly understood that Ye Yu definitely has Great Destiny and great inheritance.

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