Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1278

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What transaction?

At this moment, Duan Lieyang looked at Ye Yu, who had a profound mystery in front of him, with a hint of suspicion in his eyes.

Seeing Duan Lieyang’s suspicious eyes, Ye Yu smiled slightly, and said, “It seems that you still don’t believe in my strength very much, so let’s just say what your physique is in ten-thousand does not Have one’s blazing sun immortal physique?”

“Yes, my physique, inheritance from our Imperial Dynasty ancestor, a powerful emperor’s Bloodline, is an extremely terrifying and ancient physique in the ancient days. Once the development is completed, it will definitely be heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and immortal physique. As soon as it came out, it burned the ten thousand li earth.” Duan Lieyang said, his tone of arrogance.

“Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering?”

Ye Yu coldly smiled and said sharply: “Do you know what is called real heaven-shaking, earth-shattering? In my eyes, what you call the extremely terrifying and powerful immortal physique in your mouth is actually a waste body!”

“You can insult my strength, but don’t insult the Bloodline Strength that my ancestors inherited from!” Duan Lieyang suddenly roared.

“I said it is a waste body, that is a waste body, so let me transform your physique!”

Ye Yu said, immediately without asking Duan Lieyang’s opinion, he shot directly, grabbing Duan Lieyang’s head with one hand.


A terrifying power rushed out of Ye Yu’s hands in an instant, and an incomparably terrifying magical power of Spirit Transformation was instantly instilled into Duan Lieyang’s body.


For an instant, Duan Lieyang felt that his whole body was smelted in a Heaven and Earth furnace. An incredible essential change appeared in his body, slowly giving birth to something that made him feel terrified and horrified. the power of.

“This is the terrifying power from the depths of my genes?” Duan Fierce Yang God looked extremely shocked.

“Yes, what is Bloodline Strength? The real heaven-shaking, earth-shattering physique is to modify genes, not the so-called Bloodline!” Ye Yu Overhead Bang said immediately.

In the boundless universe, there are also technological civilizations. Therefore, Duan Lieyang is impossible to know the common sense of genes.


After 3 days and 3 nights, Duan Lieyang gave a loud shout.

A terrifying flame was released from his body, full of Supreme’s masculinity and flame power.

“Zhiyang Divine Physique! It turned out to be such a terrifying physique! Beyond the existence of immortal physique! I will be able to awaken this level of physique one day!” Duan Lieyang held his hands tightly at this time, feeling the deep surging within the body The powerful vitality, expression of shock and excitement to the extreme.

At this moment, he suddenly looked towards Ye Yu, who was smiling faintly on the other side, and suddenly held cup one fist in the other hand, saying: “Brother Ye’s methods are incredible and unpredictable!”

“It’s okay, I just let you see my methods. Now, you should believe in my ability. Moreover, the Divine Physique I transformed you into is absolutely beyond your Imperial Family disciple of all the same sect races in the Imperial Dynasty. , Your potential is absolutely horrible and incomparable, when the time comes inside the Imperial Dynasty, it will definitely be discovered by your Old Monster in the Imperial Dynasty, and will eventually become the most precious existence in the younger generation of the Imperial Family.” Ye Yu laughed. With a strong confidence.

At this time, listening to what Ye Yu said, Duan Lieyang knew that Ye Yu was not talking nonsense, what he said was the truth.

“With Brother Ye, the throne is just around the corner!” Duan Fierce Yang God looked excited.

In this regard, Ye Yu is just faintly smiled. He looked at the prince in front of him and said: “But I said, this is a deal. I gave you such a great opportunity, and you should also let me mix into the Imperial Dynasty. , I want to find rare treasure and inquire about some news.”

Ye Yu knows that there may be news about Domain Portal users in the Supreme Realm on the vast land of Immortal World like the ancient sky.

Ye Yu knows that if he gets a new domain portal account in the High Realm, then his Celestial Court will become more powerful!

Therefore, for the remaining 6 Supreme Domain Portal users, Ye Yu is extremely coveted.

He came to this kind of ancient Celestial Immortal world, looking for great good fortune and great opportunity to break through cultivation base. On the one hand, on the other hand, he was looking for the remaining 6 Domain Portal users in the High Realm.

Ye Yu knows this road is difficult, but he has to go.

Only when you get the Ten Highest Domain Portal users and wait until you step into the realm of gods, summon countless god-level ancient creatures army, I am afraid that they can fight against the entire terrifying unification Divine Kingdom of the ultimate universe.

At this time, Duan Lieyang said: “I will take you to meet a friend, and cooperate with you, maybe you can get Brother Ye directly into our Imperial Dynasty. After all, I am just a down-and-out prince, and there is no way to do it. Display.”

“Okay, take me to see him.” Ye Yu thought for a while, suddenly nodded.

Next, the two people shuttled many streets and finally came to a pavilion.

“He is in this pavilion, let’s go in.”

Duan Lieyang entered, and suddenly there were a few charming maids leading the way. Ye Yu saw this scene and suddenly understood that it seemed that this Lieyang often visited this place and was obviously very familiar.

“Brother Ye, please.”

Duan Lieyang said immediately.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded, in the surprised eyes of the two pretty maids beside him, moved towards the inside of the pavilion.


Almost as soon as Ye Yu and Duan Lieyang stepped into the pavilion, the surrounding environment suddenly began to change.

The surrounding area turned into a grassland of Birds, Speech, Flowers, Fragrances. In the distance, a big river ran across the ground. Next to the big river, there was a small house, outside of the small house was a general of Iron Horse and Kingo.

The incredible Space Array!

There, the sitting general was a young man. The breath on his body had the realm of Immortal Monarch 9th Layer, which was extremely terrifying.

“This is General Gu Tiancang.” Duan Lieyang introduced to Ye Yu in a low voice.

When the two people moved towards the young general, the young general, Gu Tiancang, suddenly noticed the arrival of the two.

His gaze shifted to Ye Yu, a trace of doubt flashed, but his gaze shifted to Duan Lieyang, and he suddenly said: “It’s you brat, why? I can’t mix in the center of imperial city?”

“Gu Tiancang, don’t laugh at me, take a good look, what physique I am now.”

Duan Lieyang said, and immediately launched the Source Power within the body.


A kind of incomparable Fierce Yang God light was released from Duan Lieyang within the body, dyeing almost the entire sky dome into a golden.

“this is?”

Gu Tiancang turned pale with fright, he stood up with a scream, and came to Duan Lieyang in an instant, and he said in amazement: “This powerful original force? Duan Lieyang, can you fade away Lieyang? Yang immortal physique? Become this terrifying Divine Physique? How did you do it!”

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