Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1279

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And just when Duan Lieyang was about to show off Ye Yu, Gu Tiancang suddenly looked towards Ye Yu, eyebrows slightly frowned and said: “The aura on his body seems to be the weak aura of the lower realm, not our immortal Qi, the powerful source of immortal Qi. Is it a pariah from the lower realms?”

“Untouchable? Gu Tiancang, shut up!”

When Duan Lieyang heard Gu Tiancang’s words, his eyelids jumped, he said: “Brother Ye is an incomparably ancient existence, and his methods are even more incredible. You know my Divine Physique is How did you get here? Brother Ye gave me!”

“What? So powerful? I don’t believe it!”

Gu Tiancang suddenly burst into an incomparably terrifying aura. He was loudly roared, and a ten thousand zhang high golden illusory shadow appeared behind him in the sky, full of Supreme power.

That is an ancient god illusory shadow hidden in his Bloodline. At this time, he was inspired by Gu Tiancang. It is like a horrible god that can support both heaven and earth, and it will shock the entire Human World!

“Give me the suppression!”

But at this time, Ye Yu suddenly coldly shouted, and he grabbed it with a big hand, and suddenly an extremely terrifying Heaven and Earth coercion appeared.


A big black hand covering the sky burning with magic flames, grabbed directly from the sky, and instantly suppressed the golden illusory shadow of the sky, and it was all shattered.


Gu Tiancang suddenly spits out mouthful of blood, his expression was shocked, and he immediately stared at Ye Yu who was standing there. He was dressed in simple azure clothes and looked extremely ordinary, but at this time he burst out with such a terrifying power.

With the huge black hand covering the sky just now, when Gu Tiancang faced it, it was as if he had encountered the resurrection of the ancient gods. He could feel that the ancient willpower hidden in his Bloodline was shaking violently. .

Just like, the courtier met the emperor of aloof and remote and could not resist at all.

In an instant, Gu Tiancang understood that the seemingly ordinary youngster in front of him was absolutely a powerful existence that he could not imagine.


Duan Lieyang suddenly screamed, looked towards Ye Yu, and explained: “My friend has this temperament. Don’t be offended by Brother Ye.”

“I didn’t take it off.”

Ye Yu took back all his power and glanced at that Gu Tiancang lightly, smiling and said: “I just used the simplest way to prove that I am not a pariah in the general’s mouth.”

When the words were over, Gu Tiancang’s eyes showed a trace of fear, he smiled bitterly, and said: “It’s my mistake, didn’t expect this brother Ye, who inherited such terrifying power, is definitely a giant amongst men .”

“This is right.”

Duan Lieyang looked at Gu Tiancang, pats his shoulder, and said with a smile: “How about? If you are willing to partner with me and Brother Ye, I can ask Brother Ye to transform your body and become Divine Physique. “

“What? Really?” Gu Tiancang suddenly expressed a shock, and then he slightly suppressed the excitement in his heart, and said: “How to partner? What can I do?”

“What you want to do is easy. I am in such a downfall. Brother Ye does not have any identity. Therefore, we need you to enter the center of imperial city, find a gap, and insert a new identity into the center of imperial city. In this way, it will be more convenient for our future affairs.”

Duan Lieyang said, even though he is now so desolate, he was also a distinguished prince in imperial city, so he naturally knew some secrets.

Seeing this scene, Ye Yu was also secretly nodded. There was a leader who was familiar with the imperial city. Sure enough, everything was much easier to handle. There was no need to worry about these little things at all.

“By the way, it is said that Linglong Princess is currently recruiting some wandering powerhouses as her guards. Perhaps, I can put Brother Ye under Linglong Princess’s command and speak as a guard first.” Gu Tiancang thought of something, suddenly Said.

“Linglong Princess? Yes, Brother Ye may be very suitable for this position.” Duan Lieyang said suddenly.

“Then there is General Laugu.”

Ye Yu smiled nodded, and then took out a dragon egg from the storage space, saying: “This dragon egg is a dragon egg of Ancestral Dragon that I found when I passed a Dragon Race planet. If the essence of Ancestral Dragon is swallowed, it may help your physique to be further shaped, or even become the body of the legendary Ancestral Dragon, no less than some rare Divine Physique. This, as the little general of the ancient general to help me. Pay it.”

“Small reward?”

Gu Tiancang’s expression trembled violently, and took the dragon egg over. He suddenly felt a kind of Life Essence that was as vigorous as the sea, roaring in this dragon egg, like an ancient angry dragon, sealed in this dragon egg.

“Such a big gift, many thanks brother Ye!”

Gu Tiancang suddenly pats his chest and said, “I’m doing things, Brother Ye, don’t worry, I will help Brother Ye handle it well.”

After 3 days.

Gu Tiancang arranged everything. With Duan Lieyang and Ye Yu, he entered the real imperial city core area.

From a distance, in this ancient imperial city, ignoring the Qionglou Yuyu standing, countless floating palaces hanging ten thousand zhang high in the sky, exuding a terrifying divine light, people can barely open their eyes.

“This is the core of imperial city. I have taken you inside. You can handle the next thing yourself.”

Gu Tiancang said, and then left temporarily.

After all, he is the Great General outside the imperial city and needs to guard outside the imperial city.

“Let’s go, brother Ye.”

Duan Lieyang said suddenly.

But just when two people were preparing to go deep into the area.

A burly silhouette suddenly appeared.

It was a young man with a cold and severe face. He saw Duan Lieyang at this time and suddenly shouted coldly: “Duan Lieyang, you have a serious sin. You were demoted to an area outside of the imperial city by the Imperial Family. Dare to enter this?”

“Duan Tietai, don’t bluff me, I don’t know your temperament. This time I got help from Brother Ye. I got the confidence and I came back naturally. As for my serious sin, hum, it’s just someone deliberately discrediting me That’s all, I got a lot of good things when I went out this time, which is of great help to the cultivation. How about, you help me go to the Imperial Family Center to wipe out my crime, and let me return to the Imperial City Center. Give you some good things.” Duan Lieyang glanced at the young man and said suddenly.

“Hehe, the Imperial Brother understands me.”

Duan Tietai suddenly changed his face and said with a smile: “Your guilt is not too big, as long as you give me those good things, everything is easy to say, go, sit at my place, we brother 2 have not seen you in a long time.”

And when the two people were talking, Ye Yu followed them to a huge luxury palace.

Around, there are powerful guards everywhere, wearing silver armor and holding iron and blood warriors, full of a monstrous Qi of Slaughter, with world-famous mana.

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