Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1280

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Next, everything is developing in accordance with the established direction.

After giving countless treasures and bribing that section of Tietai, Ye Yu successfully became a guard of Linglong Princess and successfully blended into the core of imperial city.

Duan Lieyang also returned to the center of the Imperial Dynasty and began to plan his own plans.

On the second day that Ye Yu became a guard under Linglong Princess, he was called to an ancient frontier city.



The sound of terrifying footsteps resounded across the sky.

Here is a barren and boundless wasteland, with dilapidated trees and barren mountains everywhere, out of reach.

At this time, a mighty army, all wearing silver and golden armor, walking, or riding a horse, grandiose, walking on this barren land.

This is an army of human races, vast and vast. The armor of silver and golden is like a sea of ​​gold and silver.

That’s right.

This army is exactly the army of Linglong Princess.

Linglong Princess is not the coquettish Princess who always stays in King City. She is a Princess, until now, who is fighting the land on the frontier, or resisting the attacks of other races and army of creatures.

At this time, the vast ocean of silver armor and golden armor is full of iron and blood Qi of Slaughter.

Jin Ge iron horse, gas swallow ten thousand li like a tiger!

At this time, Ye Yu naturally fought along with it. This time, it is said that some ancient ominous beasts in the Dark Abyss outside the barren area. Those ominous beasts contain huge Life Essence in their body, apart from this, on the battlefield. The huge blood, for Ye Yu, is also equivalent to a treasure trove of existence.

At this time, because Ye Yu is an Immortal Monarch-level cultivator, although it is not a powerhouse, but it is more than enough, he was appointed as the Captain of a small team.

At this moment, Ye Yu was completely draped in a set of golden battle armor, black hair danced wildly in the air, and his imposing manner soared into the sky, with a terrifying pressure.

Behind him, there is a team of more than 500 people. Every soldier is wearing silver armor, looking at the gold armor silhouette riding on the horse in awe.

For Ye Yu, these soldiers knew that this was an expert at the Immortal Monarch level, and he was naturally obedient.

“The frontier will arrive soon. This time, our team must kill countless ominous beasts, win glory for the Imperial Dynasty, and win glory for the Linglong Princess!”

Ye Yu said, with majesty in his eyes. At this moment, he waved his hand violently, and suddenly a black euphorbia with burning magic flame appeared in his hand. The euphorbia, which was more than 3 meters long, was full of ferocious and domineering.

As long as he serves on the battlefield, he can be promoted quickly. Ye Yu is naturally motivated.

At this time, there are a total of about 1000000 troops on this land, all under Linglong Princess’s command. At this time, each and everyone generals and Captain are yelling and strengthening their military power.

“My Imperial Dynasty army has finally arrived, we are saved!”

“It’s finally here, it’s Linglong Princess’s army, this time, the ominous beast won’t be rampant anymore!”

At this time, several 1000000 million troops arrived at the destination. After an ancient border city, the residents of the ancient city burst into violent cheers.

They express excitement.

The army of Linglong Princess is very famous throughout the Imperial Dynasty, and it is the iron-blooded Princess of the entire millions and millions li territory.

Therefore, seeing the grandiose army at this time, the people who defended the city looked relieved.

And at the next moment, a graceful woman in exquisite armor suddenly soared from the front of the army, coldly shouting: “All the army, kill me!”

That is Lingling Princess, with the endless divine light blooming all over her body at this time, and the terrifying breath, like the vast ocean and roar, almost covers the entire sky.




Suddenly, one after another roared loudly, carrying the infinite iron Qi of Slaughter, which immediately dispersed the entire sky.

At this moment, the entire sky darkened for an instant, and the terrifying air roared like an ocean in the entire Heaven and Earth roar, like countless stars falling from 9 days away, full of endless Qi of Slaughter, it seemed to be Crush everything that exists.

This is the spirit of the warrior!

“hong long”

A rumbling sound suddenly came from a distance.

Outside the ancient frontier city, at the end of the devastated and desolate land, a ferocious beast stepped over suddenly.

Its entire body has nearly hundred zhang, stands upright, almost able to support both heaven and earth, and its body is filled with terrible black energy, full of endless evil demon power, it is the ominous beast that leaped out of the abyss.


It stepped on it, as if a large mountain collapsed, and instantly crushed countless ancient buildings. If the ancient city wall hadn’t been imprinted on it because of the extremely powerful ancient formation, it might have been given by the giant beast. The pedal is broken.

“What level of ominous beast is this?!”

“so horrible!”

Countless residents in the ancient city are expressing lose one’s head out of fear, and they all fear.

“I will fight it!”

Suddenly, a long howl sounded from the army.


At the next moment, a burly man burst into power, and he smashed it directly with an axe, and the void suddenly shattered. The abyss giant beast roar sounded, but it was of no avail. He was instantly chopped and killed by the axe into two halves, and the blood was immediately stained red. A piece of land.

“Hahaha, the abyss demonic beast, only this!”

The big man in golden armor roared, laughed heartily.

call out!

But at this moment, a long knife suddenly smashed and killed with the sky above the sky. The terrifying matchless blade glow instantly tore the sky and the earth, the blade glow cold light shining in Nine Provinces, ten thousand li earth, countless people I felt an unstoppable edge.

“oh la la !”

The whole body of the big man who was laughing was directly shredded and turned into a pool of flesh and blood.


“Is a Immortal Monarch level existence!”

Someone exclaimed in the crowd.

At the next moment, with a bang, a tall silhouette covered in demonic energy soared out of the abyss in the distance.

It is the existence of the knife just now. He is covered in armor and his demonic energy is monstrous. It is like an ancient Old Demon from the ancient times. The demonic energy on his body is turbulent ten thousand zhang, and almost the entire sky is blackened. Up.

At this time, his eyes were full of strange blood, and he was holding a vigorous and simple black long knife in his hand. The long knife was stained with blood, revealing a terrifying opportunity.

“Trifling a True Immortal level human ant, dare to scream, really act recklessly!”

This seemed to be an abyss Fiend, his body was extremely terrifying, and he was surging like a vast ocean. At this moment, he said coldly, his eyes full of cruelty and blood.

At the next moment, a voice suddenly rang from Linglong Princess’s army.

“Trifling an abyss Fiend, a thing that is neither human nor demons nor demons, dare to clamor in my Imperial Dynasty army, I will kill you!”

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