Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1281

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The moment this voice fell, countless people in the ancient city were expressions shocked.

They moved towards looking far away, and suddenly saw a silhouette wearing a gold armor and holding a pitch-black euphorbia, stepping out of the army and flying directly above the sky.

It is Ye Yu!

If you want to get close to the Imperial Family Center as soon as possible and get the appreciation of Linglong Princess, it is naturally the fastest way.

Now, Ye Yu naturally took the initiative to play.

Although this abyss Fiend has the realm of Immortal Monarch 9th Layer, it is very powerful, but Ye Yu is not afraid.

It happens that this time can use this abyss Fiend to make oneself famous.

“hong long”

The extremely terrifying power was revived within the body of Ye Yu.

The blood, like a vast ocean, roars like an angry dragon within the body roar of Ye Yu.

“Immortal Monarch 2nd Layer? You think you can kill me? It’s ridiculous!”

The abyss Fiend fiercely smiled and cruelly said: “It seems that you are still a Captain in this army. Well, I will let you blood-stain this wasteland and see who else you dare to look down on me. The powerhouse of the abyss Fiend clan !”

Almost at the moment when Fiend’s words fell in the abyss, an incomparable gigantic black beam of light suddenly rushed out of his body, and instantly Tearing the Void, blasted in Ye Yu’s direction.

The lacquered black light column contains powerful power, like a black gold casting, flowing with immortal divine light, which can almost kill the earth and kill 10000 ancient times.

“This kind of power? This Abyss Fiend, is it the Royal Bloodline of the Abyss Fiend clan?”

Feeling the horror of the lacquered black light pillar, many people changed their colors and became worried for Ye Yu.

After all, on the surface, Ye Yu’s cultivation base is much lower than that of the abyss Fiend.

An Immortal Monarch 2nd Layer and an Immortal Monarch 9th Layer are still very different.


At this time, Ye Yu didn’t say much, he shot directly.


Ye Yu slammed his hands, and immediately slashed the black golden spear in his hand to the front.


The Euphorbia was full of endless vigor, and suddenly cut the black beam of light.

“Oh? Interesting!”

Opposite, the abyss Fiend’s eyes condensed, and Sen coldly smiled and said: “It seems that without real power, you really can’t kill your Stinking Insect!”


Fiend roared in the abyss.

boom ~ boom ~ boom ~ ……

Suddenly, naked eye could see that in the horrified eyes of countless people, Fiend’s entire body in the abyss began to swell violently, and pieces of ancient pitch-black vigorous scales began to grow on the surface of his skin, full of incomparable evil aura.

The scales glowed with an extremely cold luster under the sunlight, with many mysterious magic patterns engraved on them, which seemed to be an extremely ancient transformation technique.


And at the next moment, Fiend of the abyss has become an incomparable gigantic Demon Race giant, covered with scales, shimmering in black, full of an extremely terrifying oppression.

“Hahaha, the kid of the human race, this seat inspired the immemorial bloodline within the body, and became the ancient giant of the Demon Race in my abyss. The fleshy body is invincible. This time, you must be crushed to death by me fiercely, like a crushed one. Stinking Insect crushed to death like that.’

The Demon Race giant roar roared, as if it had come from the ancient times, with monstrous energy all over his body, exuding an incomparable terrifying aura.


The terrifying matchless Ominous Fiend Qi burst out. At this time, the abyss Fiend moved towards Ye Yu suppress and kill instantly.

However, at this moment, Ye Yu is full of golden divine light.

Ye Yu has swallowed up an unknown number of Bloodlines since his cultivation. Under the focal point of ten thousands, he naturally impossible to expose the power of Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique. At this time, what he inspires is a kind of ancient golden Bloodline.

“hong long”

At this moment, Ye Yu stepped on the sky, radiating immense divine light all over his body. The pitch-black euphorbia he held in his hand had long turned into a golden immortal color, exuding an extremely terrifying, iron-blooded air. The metal shook the sky and shook the wilderness.

High in the sky, Ye Yu’s body was full of golden color. At this moment, in his golden pupils, he stared indifferently at the huge abyss Demon Race giant in the distance, without any emotion.


Almost at this moment, Ye Yu instantly Tearing the Void, the golden spear in his hand was smashed and the void collapsed. In an instant, the entire Heaven and Earth was shaking.

Truly outrageous!

This terrifying fleshy body, with an unstoppable power of war, caused the giant Fiend of the abyss to tremble suddenly. ,


He raised the long knife in his hand, which had spread nearly ten thousand li at this time, and instantly resisted Ye Yu’s golden spurge.


The long knife collided with the Euphorbia, and suddenly an extremely terrifying wave broke out, causing the entire earth to be shattered.


Next moment, Ye Yu simply didn’t hesitate, his arms surged with incomparable surging weather force, instantly holding the golden spurge in his hand, and smashing it down, almost like a towering mountain oppressing it.


Almost at the next moment, the long knife in the hands of the giant Fiend of the abyss was suddenly shattered by strikes.



Accompanied by a terrifying howl, the entire body of the abyss giant was smashed into two halves by the golden halberd, and countless blood flowed down, staining this desolate frontier.

Killed with a halberd?

In the rear, countless generals are showing astonished expressions.

What is this battle strength?

It’s horrible!

The power erupted by that halberd just now is probably comparable to the power of an immortal King level.

“Not bad.”

In the distance, those Linglong Princess beautiful eyes flashed, revealing a hint of surprise.

She didn’t expect that there is such an expert hidden in her army.

But at this time, after Ye Yu smashed the abyss Fiend with a halberd, he left no traces and swallowed the blood essence of the abyss Fiend.


Suddenly, a stream of terrifying heat exploded in him within the body.

Next, Ye Yu only felt that his cultivation base pride was rapidly improving.

Immortal Monarch 2nd Layer!

Immortal Monarch 3 Heavenly Layer!

Immortal Monarch 4 Heavenly Layer!


cultivation base in this brief moment stop.

Ye Yu unable to bear gave a long roar, that terrifying howl, so that countless people were refreshed.

This is the real horror powerhouse on the battlefield!

This kind of killing is the battlefield!

“Who is it? dare kill my son, courting death!”

But at this moment, suddenly, a voice full of endless power, grandiose, came from the abyss in the distance.

Followed by.


The sky was shattered, and an incomparable dark magic hand was grabbed from the sky, covering ten thousand li or so, grandiose, covering the sky and the sun, full of the coercion of endless terror.

In an instant, the earth of ten thousand li all broke apart.

“It’s the fairy king powerhouse!”

Ye Yu immediately noticed the incomparable atmosphere.

“What about the fairy king, I will kill you like slaughtering dogs!”

However, what made everyone turn pale with fright was that Ye Yu didn’t even regress, but rushed to the sky to fight the owner of Heaven Covering Demon Hand.

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