Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1282

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Ye Yu is going to fight the Demon Race powerhouse, the abyss of a fairy King level?

In this scene, countless people in the rear are expressions.

Their gazes were unbelievable, because Ye Yu merely a trifling Immortal Monarch level, but was going to challenge an immortal king?

This is simply the biggest joke in the world.

However, Linglong Princess didn’t make a move from the back. She looked at Ye Yu not far away with a pair of beautiful eyes, waiting indifferently.

She wanted to see how powerful this expert suddenly appeared in her army, and where his upper limit battle strength was.

“Hmph, trifling one by one Immortal Monarch, dare to impudent in front of this seat, it’s a courting death!”

A coldly shouted sound suddenly came from the sky.

Next moment, a burly shadow suddenly appeared at the entrance of the distant abyss.

It was a man wearing a black battle armour. He watched Ye Yu dare to attack him, his eyes were extremely cruel, his expression was extremely gloomy, and he said fiercely: “The imprint of the devil, suppress me!”

Almost at the moment his words fell.


With a violent wave of his palm, an old black big seal of 4 squares and 4 squares appeared in his hand.

Immediately, he threw away vigorously.


The black big seal was originally only palm-size, but now it has instantly expanded to become the size of a mountain.


The terrifying black big seal, carrying an extremely rich demonic energy, suddenly moved towards Ye Yu to suppress it.



And during this period, heads of Black Demon Dragon, roaring roar, flew out from the black seal.



But at this time, Ye Yu also had no fear and punched out directly.


The terrifying golden light gushes out from Ye Yu’s body, instantly blooming incomparable scary colors, directly forming an incomparable gigantic fist, and blasting among the two dragons.

Hong long long !

Hong long long !

At this moment, even though the space on the Immortal World was very solid, it was overwhelmed and began to crack and crack.

Ye Yu’s fleshy body was too terrifying, and directly smashed the two huge black dragons.

“How can it be!”

In the distance, the shadow of the abyss of the fairy King level suddenly changed its expression, and said in horror that the impossible to bear.

He didn’t expect that Ye Yu, the little Immortal Monarch, had such a terrifying force.

“This general’s very powerful Bloodline!”

“Yeah, just like the invincible Golden God is a, terrifying strength!”

In the rear, many soldiers were discussing, their eyes showed awe.

No matter where it is, as long as it is a powerhouse, it is naturally admired and awed by everyone.

“hong long”

But at this time, a vast black river rushed out of the distant abyss and instilled in the black seal.



Another dark dragon rushed out of the big seal.

“Your Heavenly Demon Great Seal, is it a Qi Luck Weapon, the power in it is exhausted, and it can still be restored through the faith of the countless abyss Demon Race you led?” Ye Yu suddenly said. .

After the words, the fairy king demon shadow suddenly glanced at Ye Yu in surprise, and then coldly smiled and said: “You human brat is experienced and knowledgeable. However, even if you understood the truth, can you kill this seat? Ben As long as you use this great seal of the demon to continuously consume your power, when your power is exhausted, the seat will definitely suppress and kill you fiercely, even imprison your soul, and then fiercely tortured for 1000 years. , You kill this Majesty’s son is a capital crime.”

“Hmph, it’s not that I haven’t encountered the weapon of faith cohesion. It’s very simple. As long as I smash this great seal of the demon, you will definitely not be able to use any power of faith.”

Ye Yu said coldly smiled.

“Boy, how do you know?” In the distance, the Immortal King Demon Shadow suddenly expressed shock.

However, at the next moment, he immediately grabbed it, and wanted to suppress and kill Ye Yu.


Ye Yu coldly shouted and moved towards the huge fairy king and demon shadow instantly.


Hong long long !

The space was shattering every inch, but the big seal of the demon in the hands of the fairy king demon shadow is constantly deriving new power to resist the power of Ye Yu’s Supreme attack.

“Must hurry up and destroy the Great Demon Seal of that day, after that, this Demon Shadow will absolutely no longer be able to rely on the power of faith!”

Ye Yu thought in his heart, and immediately looked for the direction of the Demon Dayin that day, and then suddenly a very strong mood appeared on his body.


A lance appeared in his hand, completely dark, burning with magic flames, releasing an extremely terrifying breath, revealing a magical intent to kill 10000 and 1000 creatures in the world.


At this moment, Ye Yu’s whole body’s strength burst out, and he felt that his body was about to burn.

At this moment, Ye Yu’s battle strength reached a peak state.

Immediately, Ye Yu smashed into a void, and his whole body was like an arrow from the string, and suddenly moved towards the direction of the fairy king and demon shadow.

boom ~ boom ~ Bang …

At this moment, Ye Yu’s whole body tore through the space. He held that lance in his hand, possessing the edge of Supreme, and instantly caused all the imprisoned forces around him to shatter.


The demon lance is indestructible and possesses the sharpest sharpness in the world. It pierced the Demon Great Seal of that day and broke into pieces in an instant.

“Ah! Boy, you dare to destroy this Majesty’s Demonic Artifact, you damn! You damn!”

The demon shadow of the fairy king roared sternly.

that the Great Seal of the Demon is the source of its power, and being destroyed by Ye Yu at this time is equivalent to his lack of follow-up power and the belief support of his own Demon Race people.

From now on, if he runs out of power, he will be directly suppressed and killed by other powerhouses.

The thoughts got to this point, the expression of the fairy king demon shadow is extremely terrifying, he smiled cruelly, stared at Ye Yu, and roared: “Today, I will definitely suppress and kill you, this kid to 9 You!”


Almost at the next moment, the fairy king demon smiled coldly, he was loudly roared, and he was immediately covered with a layer of noble black armor, one after another golden stripes densely covered on it, full of noble and elegant atmosphere .

Like is a, the dark Great Demon King who came from 9 secluded, full of endless power.

“This hell armor is made of Foreign Domain Stars Iron. Even if it is a low-level Dao weapon, it cannot break this Majesty’s defense. Boy, you are dead, you can’t kill this. Seat, this seat will consume you to death!”

The Immortal King Demon Shadow laughed cruelly, and in his tone, there was a monstrous killing intent.

At this moment, countless soldiers in the rear are expressing fear.

This fairy king demon shadow is too powerful and terrifying.

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