Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1283

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But at the next moment, Ye Yu didn’t have any plans to talk nonsense. He roared, and the golden divine light dispersed all over his body. At this time, he transformed into Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique.

Now facing the Demon Race powerhouse, the abyss of an ancient fairy King level, Ye Yu dare not to be big, he naturally wants to burst out his most powerful power.

“Want to fight with me, it’s courting death!”

The Immortal King Demon Shadow roared coldly, and immediately surging with a powerful force, moving towards Ye Yu to kill.


And at this time, Ye Yu also screamed, his whole body suddenly began to burn a kind of extremely terrifying black flames. Against the background of the black fireworks, his body looked extremely tall and domineering, like is a ancient Demon God has revived, because it is monstrous, the method is horrified, to renew the Immortal World land, and kill 10000 1000 creatures with Supreme means.

The rich demonic energy caused many people in the rear to exclaim, even the Linglong Princess had beautiful eyes flashing with surprise.

She didn’t expect that Ye Yu not only has the ancient Golden God Bloodline, but also contains this seemingly orthodox Demon God Bloodline.

In this regard, Linglong Princess became more and more curious about Ye Yu.

And at this time, the immortal demon shadow on the opposite side also showed a slight surprise. He disabled to bear and said: “It turns out that you, a human fellow, are still a fellow practitioner of the immortal. It’s really shocking and stunning, but now, it’s about to be taken The seat is strangled, hahaha!”


But Ye Yu didn’t bother to talk nonsense about the sarcasm of the Immortal King Demon Shadow, he punched and killed him, carrying an endless imposing manner and fighting intent, and instantly came to the Immortal King Demon Shadow’s side.


A fist blasted the past, and all of the fists suddenly began to burn with a rich demon sacred fire. On the dark sacred fire, there seemed to be countless ancient Demon Gods and demons roaring on the roar, falling and wailing.

A punch, Demon God roar, the ghosts and gods are terrified!

This fist suddenly surprised the fairy king and demon shadow.

In his anger, he didn’t want to resist Ye Yu’s this fist at all, but he also blasted a punch, moving towards Ye Yu’s chest and blasted away.



The fists of the two people didn’t meet each other, but each blasted on each other’s chest.



At the next moment, two terrifying rumbling sounds suddenly sounded.

Suddenly, both of them felt a terrifying force rushed into their chests.

For a moment.


Ye Yu only felt that an unimaginable force came from his chest, as if being struck by a towering mountain on his chest, his expression changed suddenly, and the impossible to bear stepped back some distance.

On the opposite side, the demon shadow of the fairy king shook violently in an instant. When Ye Yu’s fist hit the magic armor on his body, he suddenly felt a terrifying force burst out in the strikes.

As if, an iron hoof of an ancient beast in the starry sky stepped on his chest, making the expression of the fairy king and demon suddenly changed.


Almost at the next moment, this fairy king demon shadow suddenly spits out mouthful of blood. The dark magic armor on his chest was directly broken and turned into debris. His entire demon body suffered a huge impact of power and was directly affected. Boom flew to a piece of land in the distance.


The earth was broken every inch by the impact.


At the next moment, the fairy king demon shadow looked extremely ugly, and immediately covered his chest, where all the magic armor was broken.


At this moment, Ye Yu expression suddenly showed a hint of coldness. He instantly stepped on the ground and directly smashed a piece of the ground. Then, his whole body suddenly turned into a cannonball, and he moved towards that fairy king demon shadow. The direction rushed forward, “You are dead! What kind of shit armor on you, under my fist, it is simply impossible to withstand a single blow!”

“good very good!”

At this moment, looking at Ye Yu’s very ruthless killing intent, the fairy king demon suddenly roared. He didn’t expect that Ye Yu’s fleshy body was so terrifying and horrified. He even used his inheritance magic armor. It’s all broken.

The thoughts got to this point, when I saw Ye Yu kill again, this kind of hidden Bloodline within the body of the Immortal King Demon Shadow began to recover.

That kind of power was full of endless majestic power, and the void around him began to tremble at this moment.

And almost at the next moment, the magic armor on this fairy king demon shadow burst open, all of his muscles swelled up, making it seem like an ancient Old Demon giant who has stepped into the ancient times. .

“Boy, the Heavenly Demon Blood of my within the body has been successfully stimulated. Now, my fleshy body is tyrannical many times than before. You can’t break this Majesty’s defense!”

The Immortal King Demon Shadow is difficult to deal with. At this time, there is still a powerful hole card, which is only now revealed.

There is an extremely terrifying breath surrounding him.

His eyes became extremely ferocious and fierce. He suddenly said: “Today, you, a human junior, are able to force this old Bloodline Strength to stimulate within the body inheritance, even if you die in the hands of this Majesty’s. , It’s worthy of this life!”


This fairy king demon immediately roared up, naked eye can be seen, on his burly body, black hair like iron thorns suddenly appeared, and on his head, unexpectedly slowly grew out 2 The quaint vicissitudes of the big horns are full of vigorous meaning.


Ye Yu is fearless, Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique bestows him an unparalleled fleshy body, simply not afraid of any fighting on the fleshy body.

Therefore, at this time, Ye Yu once again condense a demon god cat with terrifying flames burning on it, and was immediately held in his hand by Ye Yu, full of endless iron and blood Qi of Slaughter, instantly tore the void and moved towards Killed in the direction of that fairy king demon shadow.


The void is broken.

“The magic prison divine spear, stab 10000 ancient!”


Accompanied by a loud roar of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, Ye Yu burst into endless divine light all over his body. In an instant, his whole breath became as terrifying as a terrifying ocean.


Suddenly, two sounds that made countless people horrified, they collided together in an instant, making a loud roar sound.




A punch was blasted out, and the void collapsed. The boundless divine light bloomed in the sky, as if the sun and the moon were floating and breaking in it, and the universe was in the cycle of reincarnation.

At this time, the two people are like two extremely terrifying War Gods in the ancient dark age. They all burst out with incomparable power, fighting together, blooming a terrifying and terrible atmosphere.

This scene caused the countless army in the rear to start looking scared.

They didn’t expect that Ye Yu, the Immortal Monarch, could actually fight with a fairy King level demon in the abyss Demon Race, even now, even without falling into the slightest.


Unbelievably strong!

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