Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1284

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Ye Yu!

This squad leader of the Immortal Monarch level was able to fight a fairy king from the abyss to the present.

Moreover, he has not fallen into a disadvantage, it is simply breathtaking, and his heart is shocked to the extreme.

Is this still the Captain of a small team?

This kind of strength is enough to become a general-level figure in the army.

“Linglong Princess’s army is indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Any Captain who comes out of a small team has such a tyrannical battle strength.”

“The leader of the gold armor squad, this time is really showing off. Maybe after this battle, this squad Captain will be promoted to Great General.”

Many people around are discuss spiritedly.

And every soldier in the squad led by Ye Yu has expressions and awe looking at the silhouette of the fighting in the distance, and they all look at the extreme worship.

They knew that their Captain had an extremely terrifying battle strength, but didn’t expect it to have such a powerful strength, and they would fight an abyss demon containing the Imperial Family Bloodline into such a miserable appearance.

“Princess, this person can be of great use.”

A general walked under Linglong Princess’s command and said suddenly.

“Not bad.”

Linglong Princess nodded immediately said: “You don’t need to take action for the time being. I want to see how the hidden’mysterious powerhouse’ in my army can reach a level.”

Linglong Princess said, beautiful eyes looked at Ye Yu on the battlefield in the distance, revealing a faint splendor.

And this time, on the battlefield.

“hong long”

A mountain was shattered. Ye Yu looked at the demon shadow of the fairy king in the distance, showing a trace of cold expression, saying: “The abyss Demon King of the fairy King level is also just this.”

“You! Boy, how dare you ridicule this seat? Courting death!”

That fairy king demon shadow loudly roared, must increase his strength and fight Ye Yu again.

But at this moment.

“Magic Hell Lance!”

Ye Yu screamed coldly, a lance was condense in his hand, and a few 100000 gods and demons within the body burst into everyone’s power.

In an instant, Ye Yu’s whole body was directly Tearing the Void, stepped in front of the abyss Demon King, and directly pierced his chest with a spear.


The violent sound of broken flesh and blood sounded, and the magic prison lance possessed an incomparable edge, with an endless Qi of Slaughter, which almost shattered the void.

In an instant, a horror like Destruction Will directly destroyed all the vitality of the abyss Demon King within the body.

Even the divine sense that the abyss Demon King wanted to escape in his mind was instantly torn and shattered by the Supreme God’s will in that tragic demon lance, turned into powder, and disappeared directly into this between world.


At this time, in the abyss in the distance, there were waves of screams.

It seems that there are 10000 1000 Abyss Demon mourning.

Because their leader, their Supreme King, died on the desolate ground outside, without even a trace of candid thoughts escaped.

At this time, the countless human races behind them are cheering excitedly.

“Lord divine might!”

“Lingling Princess’s army, sure enough, nothing that cannot be broken, these abyss Demon Races should converge, otherwise the army will directly attack your abyss and wipe out all the abyss demon heads.”

Around, countless people are admiring.

The scene on the dark battlefield just now was too shocking.

Ye Yu was dressed in yellow golden armor, and lance in his hand crucified the abyss Demon King to the ground at once, full of boundless domineering, and a kind of iron-blooded Qi of Slaughter of golden iron horse.

This is the true powerhouse, the battlefront!

“Sure enough, there are 2 brushes!”

In the distance, many of the abyss Demon Races that begin to stir are all staring fiercely at the tall and straight silhouettes standing on the battlefield, with fear and awe in their eyes.

That human powerhouse is really incomparable.

Obviously it is an Immortal Monarch level existence, but it is capable of erupting such a powerful force, directly suppressing and killing a king in their abyss Demon Race.

“it is good!”

Suddenly, a happy voice sounded.

It’s Linglong Princess. Following the two guards wearing gold armor, she stepped into the dark night.

Her beautiful eyes have the divine light of Supreme, and she slammed out two rays of sky, rushed directly into the abyss, and violently said: “Abyss Demon Race, we always minds their own business, why this time we are going to launch such a riot, Regardless of all consequences, attack my Imperial Dynasty frontier, why?”

Although Linglong Princess is a female generation, her tone is full of a kind of overbearing Qi of Slaughter.

At this moment, her voice fell, and the endless demonic energy burst out of the endless abyss.

In that endless demonic energy, a dark golden throne rose slowly.

Above the throne, sat a tall devil with dark golden all over.

His face was stern, with a faintly hideous, monstrous power, staring at Linglong Princess, and suddenly said coldly: “Princess Lord, we are not to attack your Imperial Dynasty territory, but in my endless abyss, a human race The Supreme Treasure releases its power and stirs my endless abyss into Heaven and Earth turning upside down. But in this case, this seat has discussed with your Lord in the Imperial Dynasty, but no one pays attention to this seat. Therefore, this There is no way, as long as this method is used to attract your attention, I hope you can help us suppress the Human Race Supreme Treasure!”

“Terran Supreme Treasure?”

Linglong Princess beautiful eyes showed a trace of thought, and then said: “Okay, I will take a look at you.”

At the end of the speech, Linglong Princess took the two yellow golden armor soldiers who followed, and then walked to Ye Yu’s side. Linglong Princess said: “You did good this time, and strengthened the power of my human army. This time Journey to the Abyss , You follow me.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Ye Yu naturally hugged the cup one fist in the other hand, and immediately followed Linglong Princess, in the enviable eyes of countless people, following the dark golden devil on the throne, moving towards the endless abyss.


Several people flew together and fell into the interior of the endless abyss.

Suddenly, Ye Yu saw a vast expanse of dilapidated and barren land. On the land, there were wandering demons and the abyss Demon Race everywhere, which seemed monstrous and barren in demonic energy.

At this time, Ye Yu finally understood why these abyss Demon Races wanted to attack the territories of the human race on the ground every day.

“It’s in that direction.”

The dark golden tall devil led the way, and several people came to a black mountain.

Among the mountains, a black 9-Layer giant tower was trembling violently. The countless Demon Races around who wanted to stop in the past were torn into pieces by an invisible force in an instant, which was extremely bloody.

“This is the Supreme Treasure of the human race in your mouth?” Linglong Princess slowly said.

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