Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1285

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“Yes, this is what I call the Supreme Treasure of the ancient human race, but I don’t know why, a riot broke out suddenly and simply can’t control it, so there’s no other way but to find the powerhouse in your human race. Come here. Look.”

The dark golden tall devil said with a helpless tone.

“Let me see.”

Suddenly, Ye Yu made a noise.

Immediately, in the surprised eyes of the crowd, Ye Yu walked directly into the mountain range and stood under the black giant tower.

What made countless people stare at was that the black giant tower stopped the power fluctuations at the moment Ye Yu arrived.

“Huh? Does this giant tower have something to do with this Human Race kid?” In the distance, the dark golden tall devil’s eyes showed a trace of doubt and incomprehension.

Even his Immortal Sovereign Level other powerhouses are nothing but the problem, but the kid from Immortal Monarch went to solve the problem.

“Boy, my god has finally waited for you!”

A very familiar voice suddenly came from the black giant tower and rang in Ye Yu’s mind.

That’s right.

Shang is loaded in this black giant tower!

This Old Demon dragon that Ye Yu hasn’t seen for a long time.

On that day, when entering the Immortal World plane, Shang used up all his power to let Ye Yu successfully enter the Immortal World plane and fell into a mysterious place.

I didn’t expect, and finally one man one dragon met in this place.

Thinking of this, Ye Yu directly extended the hand, and the black giant tower suddenly became a stream of light, rushing into Ye Yu’s mind.

“Gā gā gā, boy, haven’t seen you for many years, your cultivation base has become stronger and stronger, and you can even enter this abyss and sense my breath.” Shang said suddenly in his mind.

“I also rely on the strength of others.”

Ye Yu laughed, he was very happy about Shang’s return.

This Old Demon dragon, how many years I haven’t seen, is still so strong, and there is such a big movement in this endless abyss.

Immediately, Ye Yu turned around, returned to Linglong Princess, and said: “Princess, it’s all resolved.”

“Not bad.” Linglong Princess nodded.

Her beautiful eyes flashed slightly, seeming to see something, but she didn’t say much, but looked towards the dark golden tall devil, and said: “If you dare to invade the borderland of the Imperial Dynasty in the future, I will definitely treat you This little abyss Demon Race is completely wiped out.”

When the words fell, Linglong Princess suddenly turned into a streak of divine light, and moved towards the endless abyss.

Behind her, the two yellow golden armor soldiers were also coldly snorted, and they turned into two golden lights and left.

And at this time, the huge dark gold ghost, looked towards the last Ye Yu, with an expression of surprise and uncertainty, saying: “Human kid, why can I feel a pure ancient demon source from you? energy, what is your identity?”

“I am the son of Hell.”

Ye Yu looked at the dark golden ghost, smiled evilly, and then stepped into the endless abyss.


Seven days later, the Imperial Dynasty Core Zone.

In a magnificent mansion, Ye Yu, dressed in brocade, is sitting on a great hall in the center of the mansion.

At this time, got the canonization of Linglong Princess, Ye Yu has become a noble in the imperial city.

At this time, Duan Lieyang, the impoverished prince of the Imperial Dynasty, who seemed to have been transformed by Ye Yu at this time, was discovered by some Old Monster hidden in the Imperial Dynasty. He was shocked and immediately recovered Duan Lie. Yang’s prince status.

At this time, Duan Lieyang and Ye Yu can be said to have achieved the Tao by one person.

Outside the mansion, Gu Tiancang stepped in slowly with a sense of awe.

Ye Yu and Duan Lieyang are now different.

“By the way, Brother Ye, 3 days later, there will be a fight between the prince Princess in the Imperial Dynasty. Linglong Princess is a fierce slayer, and she will definitely not participate in such a boring fight. Brother Ye might as well come over and help me, this The final winner of the time competition can enter the ancestral land in the center of the Imperial Dynasty to find good luck. I think Brother Ye will definitely not miss it.”

Duan Fierce Yang God suddenly said with a smile.

“Entering the ancestral land of the Imperial Dynasty, looking for opportunities, I will naturally not miss it. This is a battle, I want to see it, just to understand the powerful strength of your Imperial Dynasty.” Ye Yu laughed and said immediately.

At this time, Ye Yu saw Gu Tiancang not far away, and said with a smile: “General Gu, it’s time to fulfill my promise to you.”

At the end of the words, in Gu Tiancang’s surprised gaze, Ye Yu grabbed his big hand, and suddenly a large hand condensed by the Divine flame directly covered Gu Tiancang’s whole body.


Suddenly, a group of extremely hot flames directly burned Gu Tiancang’s entire body.

Moreover, a wave of extremely powerful gods and demon Power of Fortune rushed into Gu Tiancang’s 4 limbs and 100 skeletons, and began to smelt and transform his body essence, starting from genetic level.

Ka ka ka ……

A variety of new-born powers radiated from Gu Tiancang’s body, filled with an extremely noble god-level aura.

Some moment.


Gu Tiancang’s body bloomed with immeasurable divine light, and he stepped out of the flame abruptly.

At this time, his entire body was turned into a bronze color, flowing with a terrifying immortal luster, just like, this is one Supreme fleshy body with terrifying power.

“Hell bronze Divine Physique!”

Gu Tiancang expression is full of great joy.

Duan Lieyang’s eyes were full of horror, and hurriedly said: “Brother Ye’s methods are unpredictable. In this short period of time, an unrivaled and invincible Divine Physique has been cast, which is simply shocking!”

“Many thanks Lord’s reinvention!”

Gu Tiancang knelt in front of Ye Yu, his expression extremely respectful and awe.

Although Ye Yu is only an Immortal Monarch, at this time in front of Gu Tiancang, it is more terrifying than the existence of the most powerful Immortal Emperor aloof and remote.

In this short period of time, I transformed my ordinary physique into Divine Physique.

This is simply incredible!

If you don’t know that Ye Yu is a human race, maybe Gu Tiancang thinks that Ye Yu is the God’s Son who came out of the legendary kingdom of gods.

“General Gu, you will stay in my mansion and do things for me in the future.” Ye Yu laughed said.

“Must follow Lord around!”

Gu Tiancang stood his watch for loyalty.


Seeing this, Duan Lieyang and Ye Yu both laughed.

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, three days passed in a flash.

On this day, Duan Fierce Yang God came to Ye Yu’s mansion with a hint of excitement.

“Brother Ye, the battle within the Imperial Dynasty is about to begin. This time, you must help me to support the scene!” Although Duan Lieyang has restored his status as a prince at this time, he dare not have it in front of Ye Yu. The slightest arrogance or arrogance is tantamount to courting death.

Therefore, in front of Ye Yu, he always claims to be a little brother.

“Okay, I’m ready too, let’s go, I will accompany you to have a look.”

Ye Yu walked out of the house and suddenly said with a smile.

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