Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1286

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Ye Yu and Duan Lieyang traveled through Qionglou and Yuyu, and finally came to a vast battlefield.

Around, there are each and everyone watching the jade platform. Above, there are already a lot of Imperial Family disciples, each and everyone, there are men and women, all wearing noble brocade robes, obviously the prince and the Princess. , His face is full of arrogance, it seems that no one looks at it.

Think about it, these princes and princesses are all nobles of the Imperial Dynasty in the central Imperial Dynasty, and they are naturally aloof and remote.

Ye Yu and Duan Lieyang walked to their place, and immediately watched the battle quietly.

But the moment they just sat down.

“Yeah, isn’t this our Ten Third Prince? It is said that you were implicated in the court and the opposition for sheltering a corrupt official. You were demoted to the Imperial Dynasty periphery zone, didn’t expect. I saw you in the center of the imperial city. .”

A slightly cold voice sounded, and the tone was mixed with a bit of ridicule.

When Ye Yu and Duan Lieyang heard this, they both turned slightly.

Suddenly, in their vision, a few young men wearing golden dragon robe came slowly, seeming to be an alliance of princes.

“9 The prince and the Tenth Imperial Prince.” Duan Lieyang’s pupil light revealed a trace of surprise.

However, at this time, he faced this former opponent, and there was no so-called fear at all.

Because, with Ye Yu by his side, his original physique has also transformed from immortal physique to Divine Physique, surpassing all the princes. Duan Lieyang is now in his heart and simply looks down on these people.

Therefore, Duan Lieyang just sneered coldly at the sneers of the 9th prince and the Tenth Imperial Prince, and then said to side Ye Yu: “brother Ye, we drink, don’t worry about clowns.”

“Okay.” Ye Yu also smiled nodded and raised the wine glass in front of him.

And seeing the two people so comfortable, simply didn’t bother to pay attention to themselves, the 2th prince and the Tenth Imperial Prince suddenly showed a cold killing intent.

They looked at each other, and then nodded.

“Ten Third Prince is a good Yaxing, and this friend of Ten Third Prince is also a good Yaxing. Why not, let me try your cultivation base to see if you are qualified to enter the Imperial Dynasty Center.”

When the words fell, the two princes shot suddenly, and suddenly ten thousand zhang divine light broke out on the body, and the bright radiance surged into Heaven and Earth, shaking the mountains and rivers.

Although these two princes are vicious in their hearts, their strength is extremely tyrannical. After all, they are the inheritance of the Imperial Dynasty in the center of the ancient sky. Naturally, each and everyone has a world-class inheritance and an endless accumulation of resources.

Over time, no matter how bad their aptitude is, they all have extremely powerful battle strength, and they are definitely peerless genius who scorn everyone of their generation.

But at the moment when 2 people shot.

Ye Yu was about to make a move, but Duan Lieyang laughed heartily and said: “Two Stinking Insects, don’t bother Brother Ye to make the move, let me solve it!”


Almost as soon as Duan Lieyang’s words fell, the Divine Physique in his body suddenly burst out with an extremely terrifying Fierce Yang God light, like a small sun, starting to burn within the body of Duan Lieyang, and then crashed. The power of the extremely terrifying sun burst out.

At the moment when Duan Lieyang appeared within the body of this terrifying aura, the two princes who shot not far away changed their expressions.

“This kind of power? How is it possible, Duan Lieyang, what fortuitous encounter did you get!”

“Impossible, you are just a fallen prince, how can you awaken such a terrifying Divine Physique!”

The imposing manner of Two Great Princes was suppressed by the powerful pressure on Duan Lieyang in an instant.

The divine light all over their bodies was forcibly suppressed and converged to within the body.

At this time, Duan Lieyang stood up abruptly, and the two princes on the opposite side knelt down abruptly.

Because the pressure from Bloodline and in the depth of one’s soul is too strong, they can’t resist at all, and they can’t resist it by any means. If they are facing a Supreme king, they can’t have anything to disobey. idea.

If there is, it is death.

“Duan Lieyang, you…how do you become so strong now, how can it be!”

The two princes who were crushed to kneel on the ground were all suffocated to the extreme.

They looked unbelievable. Duan Lieyang, who hadn’t seen him for many days, was now so terrifying that he was so terrifying.

At this time, many people around moved towards this place and looked over.

Their expressions are full of surprise.

Because, kneeling on the ground at this time, it turned out to be the other two powerful princes, not Duan Lieyang, the desolate prince.

Feeling the awe gaze from the surroundings, Duan Lieyang was satisfied with the nodded, and immediately looked at the two princes in front of him with cold eyes, and with a violent wave of his sleeves, he directly lifted the two princes into the air and fell into the distance, very embarrassed.

“Haha, Brother Ye, come, let’s continue drinking.”

Duan Lieyang was in a good mood and was full of ambition, but he knew that these were bestowed by Ye Yu. Without Ye Yu, he would still be a downright prince struggling at the bottom.

Even now, I am afraid that they have been taken away by the army and become cannon fodder on the battlefield.

Therefore, Duan Lieyang admires Ye Yu sitting in front of him very much.

This scene shocked many people around.

Duan Lieyang now has such a terrifying strength, is it related to that mysterious youngster?

Otherwise, Duan Lieyang would have no explanation.

However, this thought only flashed through the hearts of some caring people. When most people saw Ye Yu’s unpretentious image, they looked contemptuously.

“Duan Lieyang, a country untouchable, you can be regarded as a treasure, is there really no one to take refuge in you?” A sharp voice sounded not far away.

When the words were over, Ye Yu looked slightly, and suddenly saw a young man in armor approaching. He was handsome and handsome, with a magnificent head and a kind of iron-blooded Qi of Slaughter.

It seems that it is a battle-tested generation.

However, his gaze at the moment was with a gloomy look. He looked at Ye Yu who was sitting there quietly drinking, and said with a smile: “I heard that this is the newest canonized Viscount of Linglong Princess. It is said that he was in the frontier. The land fights and kills an abyss demon of the fairy King level. I don’t know if it’s a boast, but it’s just a show of Linglong Princess that’s all.”

The young man in armor spoke, his eyes faintly discernable provocation.

He has the cultivation base of the fairy king 1 Heavenly Layer. In the court and the wild, He Linglong Princess seems to be a hostile camp. Therefore, when he came over at this time, he naturally wanted to test Ye Yu’s details.

However, Ye Yu glanced at him indifferently, indifferently said: “You can test me, but the price is death, you…are you sure you want to test?”

Ye Yu spoke at this time, although his tone was flat, but he carried an undisguised killing intent.

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