Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1287

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The cold tone made the air become deadly.

At this time, countless pairs of eyes looked over and suddenly saw the confrontation between the young man and Ye Yu.

Above the ruling and opposition parties, there are many open strife and veiled struggles.

Therefore, at this time they are naturally happy to watch the good show.

At this time, hearing the icy killing intent carried in Ye Yu’s tone, the young man’s eyes showed a trace of ugliness.

Ye Yu’s words are obviously a threat from Chi Guoguo. If he agrees to Life and Death Battle, then if Ye Yu really has the strength to fight the immortal king, he will just ask for a dead end.

“Hmph, when the time comes, it’s clear to you.”

The young man was coldly snorted and then turned and moved towards one direction.

He can’t see the depth of Ye Yu, so he can only choose to step back.


Duan Lieyang naturally mocked at his back.

However, this time.


A chime suddenly sounded throughout the core area.

At the next moment, above the martial arts stage in the center, the Formation lights up, forming an egg-shell-like bucket space.

If there is a powerhouse in it, it will not damage the surrounding buildings.

It is said that the power of this Protection Formation Law can resist the destruction of other powerhouses at Immortal Sovereign Level, so there is no need to worry at all.

At this time, Ye Yu looked around slightly, and suddenly saw a lot of princes and princesses, all of them entered their seats, behind, or around, more or less some strange people followed.

The breath of those strange people is very tyrannical. They are definitely experts and powerhouses in the cultivation world. They each have their own powerful means. Once they are shot, they are absolutely terrifying existence.

After all, those who can enter the Imperial Dynasty core area, if they don’t have 2 brushes, are also impossible to enter it.

And when Ye Yu was thinking secretly, a silhouette suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

It was a burly robust man with a dragon horn on his head. It seemed to be a big monster in a Dragon Race.

At this time, his face was arrogant, with an unquestionable majesty between his eyebrows, provoking everyone on the stage.

“Boy, this Dragon Race big demon is a big complement.” Old Demon Long Shang’s voice sounded in his mind.

“I’ll go down and kill it and devour it for you.”

Ye Yu nodded.

The old partner for many years, he naturally understood what Shang meant in an instant.

“Well, that god will wait for you brat greatly showing divine might.” Shang immediately laughed.


Ye Yu’s body moved, and instantly rushed into the Formation platform.

Suddenly, Ye Yu found that the surrounding scenes were beginning to change. It was no longer like a fighting platform at all, but turned into a vast desert of death, exuding a breath of lifelessness everywhere.

At this time, the dragon race monster in the distance looked at Ye Yu’s face with a slight surprise, and suddenly smiled contemptuously, and said: “Where is the wild boy, even Small World is not clear about it, as long as the 2 is participating in the battle. After everyone enters this bidoutai, the engraving array in this bidoutai will evolve an expansive Small World. Moreover, this Small World is not an illusion, but a real Small World space. The spectators outside through the Formation It’s like watching two powerhouse battles in another world through a plane of time and space.”

“Many thanks you explained so much for me, I will make your death easier later.” Ye Yu faintly smiled.

“Impudent! Not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, the kid who really thought he was invincible, it was really ridiculous. Today, in the eyes of countless Imperial Family disciples, this king will kill you 10000 evil kid, even Yes, this king will finally devour the fleshy body of you brat, hahaha, on this stage of life and death, regardless of life and death, boy, you are dead!”

The Dragon Race big demon said, with a natural brutal tone. His eyes flashed with blood-colored divine light, like two red lanterns, full of an extremely terrifying and terrifying aura, as if he was looking at him. In the middle, the soul will be crushed.


Ye Yu didn’t talk nonsense, a lance appeared in his hand.

This lance is dark and deep, burning with flames, and filled with a Fiendgod Aura, Death Power. When this lance appears, the time and space around Ye Yu is slightly distorted.

“Gā gā gā, Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique cultivation. Later, the more powerful it can burst out, the boy, I will kill this Dragon Race monster, the original god is already impossible to bear!”

Shang’s voice rang in his mind.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded, leaped forward, directly Tearing the Void, moved towards the Dragon Race and rushed away.


The big monster Dragon Race saw Ye Yu rushing forward, and his expression suddenly revealed a trace of brutality. A blood-colored long knife suddenly appeared in his hand. The long knife pierced the air, full of endless blade glow.


Suddenly, a blade Qi with a sky-reaching and majestic shore was released from the bloody long knife in the hand of the Dragon Race great demon, cutting the ten thousand li land in an instant, almost cutting this piece of death desert with a single blow.


Ye Yu pupil light is fearless, the magic prison lance in his hand waved up in an instant, and it turned into a black light. It was extremely sharp and directly collided with the Blade Qi. In an instant, the collision made an incomparable gigantic rumbling sound.


A mushroom cloud covering millions and millions li soared into the sky.

The terrifying aftermath of formidable power almost cuts the surrounding array into pieces in the bucket.

Outside, many people watched the Imperial Family disciple on the battle stage, and watched the competition in the Small World. They all showed a hint of shock.

They didn’t expect that in this First Stage battle, there was such a terrifying collision and power aftermath.

Looking at the battle stage, the young man who wanted to test Ye Yu was wearing an armor. At this moment, he watched the terrifying aftermath of the collision in the Small World, and his eyelids jumped fiercely.

The center of the collision just now, not to mention a fairy king 1 Heavenly Layer, is a powerhouse of the fairy king 9th Layer, I am afraid it will be torn into countless pieces, and even the direct Primordial Spirit will be wiped out.

And this time, in Small World.

The smoke and dust of the collision were all dispersed, and two figures of them slowly appeared.

It is Ye Yu and the Dragon Race monster.

However, at this time, the chest of the Dragon Race great demon was directly pierced by a pitch-black lance.

However, he was not at all death, but stared fiercely at Ye Yu in front of him, and said fuzzy in his mouth: “I don’t believe it!”


An extremely terrifying Bloodline Strength suddenly burst out from within the body of the Dragon Race great demon.

The Dragon Race demon went backwards frantically, and suddenly the entire human body gradually expanded, instantly turning into an extremely huge dragon.

The long dragon covers the sky and the sun. The dragon body is vigorous, covered with cold and dark scales. Under the sunlight, it shines with cold metallic luster, full of endless Ice-Cold Qi and senran killing intent.

“Boy, I want you to die!”

The sound of endless rage came from the ferocious mouth of the long dragon, shaking the Star River.

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