Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1288

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The terrifying murderous aura diffused in the sky. When the Dragon Race monster was in human form, Ye Yu’s divine spear directly pierced his chest, and his heart suffered extremely severe damage.

Therefore, at this time, the Dragon Race monster turned into a dragon, and it was also full of boundless killing for Ye Yu. His nature was a violent Demonic beast, and he naturally had a killing heart for Ye Yu.


But at this time, Ye Yu was equally fearless. The Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique in his body was launched suddenly, and suddenly a horrible magic flame soared on his surface.

The terrifying fierce demon flame burns, and Ye Yu’s whole person is set off like an ancient Demon God stepping from the ancient age, with incomparable battle strength, terrifying.

At this time, outside of Small World, on the stands, many princes and Princesses watched the battle inside, their eyes shaking.

They didn’t expect that such a fierce battle broke out in First Stage.

Moreover, what shocked them most was Ye Yu’s strength.

This little boy who followed Duan Lieyang had such a terrifying strength.

In this battle, many people in the Imperial Dynasty Center began to secretly investigate Ye Yu’s identity and background.

As a result, they suddenly discovered that Ye Yu turned out to be a member of Linglong Princess’s General, and, it seems, not long ago, Linglong Princess personally canonized the noble title of Viscount.

You know, the existence of Linglong Princess personally canonize the title is enough to explain its out of the ordinary.

And this time, in that Small World battlefield.

“Boy, I’m going to kill you, and then smash every bone of yours, and then eat them all! Hahaha!” Above the sky, there was a roar sound of thousands zhang long dragon, and the voice was full of cruel killing intent and Slaughter Qi.

For Ye Yu, this Dragon Race monster is the heart of the killer.

“Don’t worry, you can’t kill me. In the end, I will kill you and you will be defeated!” Ye Yu said indifferently, with a faintly discernable majesty.

But at this time, the Dragon Race big demon simply didn’t believe it, he sent out a huge hand of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, grabbed the palm of his hand, and suddenly shattered the void, and instantly he was a paw shot in the direction of moving towards Ye Yu.

“Divine spear!”

But Ye Yu’s attack was very simple and rude. He appeared in his hand a lance of the burning of the devil’s sacred fire, full of endless sharp air, as if nothing that cannot be broken, nothing that cannot be broken.


Ye Yu jumped, and his expression suddenly turned into a black lightning, holding the lance in his hand directly, fiercely moved towards the dragon claw and stabbed away.

“hong long”

The terrifying blast sounded suddenly, Ye Yu found that the lance in his hand had directly pierced the huge dragon claw.


The Dragon Race big demon let out a horrible cry, extremely violent, his expression showed horror, and he hurriedly said, “Boy, what kind of battle weapon are you? How could it be possible that even this Majesty’s dragon claw, which has been practiced for 1000 years, is all Broken directly?”

“You don’t need to know so much, you just need to know, you are dying!”

Ye Yu said coldly, with an unquestionable majesty in his tone.

“Well, this is what you forced me.”

The long dragon roared, and his entire dragon body all split up and in pieces turned into 9 small black dragons in the horrified eyes of countless people.

“The technique of Dragon Race Avatar is interesting.” Old Demon Long Shang quack said with a big smile in his mind.

And at this time, the 9 small dragons suddenly roared, and then screamed: “Let’s arrange the Killing Formation together, and give this kid to suppress and kill refining.”

Almost at the moment when these words fell.

Ye Yu saw it, and the nine dark dragons suddenly spit out one after another black Soul Absorbing Banner. Then, the Soul Absorbing Banner suddenly turned into nine huge banners, slamming across the void.

On each of the banners, there are patterns depicting countless mad demon roars, which seem to be filled with a frightening aura, just like, in every banner, there are countless Old Demons.

At the next moment, all the 9 banners rushed into the sky, and Ye Yu was surrounded by groups, and he was sealed in a small space.

“Look at it, Ye Yu is at a disadvantage.”

“Hmph, this Dragon Race powerhouse was invited by this Imperial Prince from the East China Sea. Trifling, an Immortal Monarch-level kid, how could he be his opponent.”

On the stands outside, many people were whispering to themselves.

At this time, the most proud of his eyes was a cold-faced prince.

He is the Fourth Prince and has a very deep background. His mother clan is Dragon Clan Bloodlines, so he has an inseparable connection with the Dragon Race in the East China Sea. In the battle at the center of the Imperial Dynasty, naturally the Dragon Race powerhouse came to help. .

However, the Dragon Race powerhouse fell into a disadvantage just now, making the Fourth Prince’s eyes always gloomy.

But now seeing that the Dragon Race powerhouse surrounds Ye Yu with Formation, his gaze starts to show triumph, and he praises how terrifying the Dragon Race powerhouse is, and even looks provocatively towards Duan Lie not far away. Yang.

However, Duan Lie** didn’t bother to pay attention to him at first. He knew Ye Yu’s horror very well, trifling a Dragon Race monster, simply nothing.

At this time, on the battlefield.

“Hahaha, boy, you have fallen into the array of this seat, you simply can’t escape, stand there obediently, and be killed by this seat, making it into a thoughtless puppet.” The Dragon Race demon suddenly The cruel one said with a smile.

But the moment his words fell.


An incomparably terrifying breath suddenly surging out from Ye Yu’s body, and a stalwart silhouette like a god and demon suddenly manifested in the void.


Ye Yu took a sudden step, and suddenly the void around him was shattered. The countless Heaven and Earth Origin Qi were all condensed on the dark lance in his hand. The divine light bloomed extremely terribly, and it was torn in an instant. Everything.


The pitch-black lance pierced the void and instantly smashed a banner.

“How can it be!”

At this moment, the big demon of Dragon Race almost stared down.

He didn’t expect that the lance in Ye Yu’s hands is truly unfavorable. Nothing can stop the sharpness and sharpness of the lance. It is simply Divine Item.

But he knew that it was not a Divine Item, but a mysterious power condense from Ye Yu within the body.

This discovery filled the heart of the Dragon Race great monster with horror.

He suddenly understood that Ye Yu within the body absolutely has a legacy that no one can guess.

“oh la la ”

And at the next moment, Ye Yu shattered a big banner, and his whole body suddenly rushed out of the Space Imprisonment, and moved towards a long dragon bursting away, and the divine spear was also fiercely assassinated.

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