Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1289

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“How can it be!”

Among the 9 Avatars, an Avatar long dragon expression is horrified.

Therefore, at this time Ye Yu had already held a pitch-black lance and appeared in front of him, as if one step of ten thousand li was teleported over in an instant.

He roared in horror, but to no avail.


Ye Yu condensed the power of the gods and demons. The lance in his hand, burning flames, possessing incomparable sharp aura, instantly became Tearing the Void, directly piercing the head of the Avatar dragon.


And at the moment of his death, Shang swept out of Ye Yu’s body and swallowed the dead Avatar dragon directly.

This scene caused the remaining few Avatar dragons to roar in horror.

“No?! Boy, you dare to plunder my fleshy body!”

The remaining 8 long Avatar dragons instantly merged into one, becoming the original appearance of the Dragon Race great demon, but it can be seen that his original aura has been exhausted.

Because 90% of his original power has been swallowed by Shang.

“Boy, you are dead Ahhh!”

One of the 90% of the original power was swallowed up, and the Dragon Race big demon expression showed an extremely surprised and angry look.

However, at this time, understood Ye Yu is so powerful, he suddenly backed away slightly, as if thinking about a way to get out.

But how could Ye Yu let him go.

“hong long”

Ye Yu stepped into the sky, and the divine spear in his hand burst into infinite divine light, and he assassinated you.

It is as if a Hell emperor descended on an irresistible power of judgment, as if the gods had given incomparable glory, unable to resist, and could only choose to be killed.

The feeling of being locked in forcibly was very uncomfortable, the Dragon Race big demon roared repeatedly, but it was of no avail.


Ye Yu was assassinated with a lance. The divine light outside the body of the Dragon Race great demon was instantly shattered. The devil’s divine spear was full of endless sharpness, like a peerless sword, directly pierced his entire body fiercely. Body.

Moreover, a wave of terrifying Destruction Strength from the Demon Prison was transmitted from the Demon Prison lance into the body of the Dragon Race Great Demon.




Suddenly, the body of the Dragon Race great demon burst again and again, and his flesh and blood flew across, and it was burst into pieces.

This terrifying pain caused the Dragon Race great demon to let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering howl.

This horrible howl, even through the Small World array deriving from the battlefield, made the people in the stands outside look scared.

Ye Yu, a terrifying battle strength, a brutal fighting method.

At this time, everyone put away their contempt.

The Fourth Prince who had been smug on his face, his eyes became extremely gloomy.

He didn’t expect that Ye Yu, at the last moment, burst out with such an incomparable power. It was like a god and demon and could not be resisted.

In this period of scorching sun, where did you get your helper? It was so powerful, it was comparable to the battle strength of some peerless Heaven’s Chosen.

At this time, it was in Small World.


Finally, the lance in Ye Yu’s hand pierced the head of the Dragon Race demon alive, and immediately, Shang swallowed it, and directly swallowed it with the horrified gaze of the Dragon Race demon, and ate it directly.

“Gā gā gā, what a magnificent Life Source, this time is really made up for by this god.”

Shang quack laughed.

In response, Ye Yu smiled slightly.

Yes, didn’t expect to hunt down such a Dragon Race powerhouse in this imperial city.

Immediately, the large array slowly dispersed.

Ye Yu’s silhouette of azure clothes was also revealed in the central stage.

“Brother Ye, divine might be the world.”

Above, Duan Fierce Yang God said with excitement.

At this time, Ye Yu looked around for a week, and many princes and followers of the Princess side were afraid to look at him.

The battle just now was too tragic. They knew Ye Yu’s tyrannical and boundless battle strength, so naturally they did not dare to challenge it, otherwise it would be courting death.

At this time, Ye Yu felt boring when he saw that no one dared to come down to fight with him, so he stepped forward and returned to Duan Lieyang’s side.

“Ye Yu is truly famous in World War I this time. After this battle, who in the Imperial Dynasty does not know the emperor.” Duan Lieyang said, with a compliment in his tone.

“The name is nothing.”

Ye Yu faintly smiled and said: “There is nothing I am interested in anymore. I will go to other areas in the Imperial Dynasty Center for a round.”

“Brother Ye holds this token. As long as it is not forbidden, Brother Ye can go anywhere.”

Duan Lieyang stretched out his hand, handed Ye Yu a gold token, and suddenly said with a smile.

This Sovereign level token is a pass in the Imperial Palace. Without this token, other people can’t trespass into the Imperial Palace.

“many thanks.”

Ye Yu took the golden token and walked towards the distance.

But at the moment Ye Yu just left the platform, several silhouettes followed Ye Yu secretly, lurking away.

On the edge of an empty royal martial arts stage, Ye Yu walked slowly. He looked at the surrounding scenery, and finally a smile suddenly appeared, and said, “After so long, come out.”

“Good boy, I can detect our fat and thin two-year-old existence.”

Two different voices sounded from behind at the same time.

Weng weng!

The next moment, one fatty and one thin two figures, suddenly stepped out of in the sky.

Those are two old men, both wearing a set of golden clothes, and they have a noble aura, but their eyes are staring at Ye Yu at this time, full of gloomy colors.

“Two Seniors, I don’t know what they are doing?” Ye Yu naturally knew their intentions, nothing more than to assassinate himself, but he was pupil light and fearless, but said with a smile.

“Hmph, kid, I should say that you are naive or acting stupid. Your strength has already made some princes and Princess feel a crisis. Therefore, we are fat and thin, and naturally we are going to solve your ignorance for our master. Where do you come from? You are not qualified to enter the core of imperial city.” Fat and Thin 2 said at the same time, with an undisguised killing intent in his tone.

Very biting.

However, Ye Yu waved his hand and said, “Your Majesty the Princess, you should have heard what they said?”

When the words fall, Fat and Thin 2 Old suddenly expresses a surprise.

Your Majesty the Princess?

Is it Linglong Princess?

Their expression changed drastically and suddenly moved towards looking behind them.

But they saw it, but it was empty.

At the next moment, they suddenly noticed something, and immediately looked back towards Ye Yu’s direction, only to realize that Ye Yu had long since disappeared.

“Boy, you dare to fight with me?! Too bold!”

Fat and thin 2 are old, all have the strength of the fairy king 9th Layer. At this time, they roared and instantly spread the divine sense, and began to frantically search for the trace of Ye Yu.

For Ye Yu, they really have a heart to kill this time.

Those who dare to tease them like this must die!

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