Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1290

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Fat and thin old man, both of them have the cultivation base of the fairy king 2th Layer. Naturally, it is not suitable to fight with him in the Imperial Palace.

Although Ye Yu is not afraid, he knows that this kind of person is very difficult to entangle. If one kills one, another will come. It is better to avoid temporarily and wait until his own cultivation base breaks through again, when the time comes directly suppress and kill, deterrence Everyone.

Step on!

Walking in the Imperial Palace, Ye Yu saw a lot of pedestrians in a hurry, and also saw countless various races entering from the outside world, including all kinds of big monsters.

Oh la la !

Suddenly, the sky was torn apart by a powerful force, and an incomparable gigantic steel giant ship suddenly drove out of it. The giant ship had an extremely large volume and surrounded by various Attribute Powers, which belonged to the way of cultivation. A combination of technological civilization.

This civilization, called “mechanical civilization”, is good at refining various magic weapons, battleships, and so on.

However, they seem to have some contact with the Imperial Dynasty Center. Therefore, at this time, they directly drove a huge ship and directly descended. Obviously, their identity is unusual, and their status in the Imperial Dynasty is also aloof and remote.

Otherwise, they would be impossible to come in with such a big fanfare.

“Boy, take a look at it. I feel that there seems to be a very terrifying Life Source fluctuation on this battleship. You can lurch in and see what it is. Maybe it is a great opportunity that can make you brat a quick breakthrough. Become stronger.”

Shang’s voice rang in his mind, with a curiosity.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded, Shang’s divine sense senses terrifying matchless, he naturally has no doubts.


Turning into a black shadow, Ye Yu suddenly moved towards the huge battleship and shot away.

In the middle of the journey, Ye Yu’s body suddenly disappeared, and he ran the Demonic Prison Refinement Divine Physique, turning his body into a cosmic dust that ordinary people could not even notice, and suddenly drifted into the huge battleship.

As soon as he entered the battleship, Ye Yu felt an extremely terrifying life fluctuation, which was spreading from a certain direction, which was obviously a treasure.


Turning into a piece of cosmic dust, Ye Yu floated in that direction. His body appeared. He suddenly saw a battleship space with mechanical metal pipes everywhere. The mechanical metal pipes had 9 branches. A branch is connected to a huge monster.

There were 9 huge Taikoo Demonic beasts, including Gourmet, Dragon Tortoise, etc., but at this time, they were all slaughtered. The 9 Taikoo Demonic beasts were connected by each and everyone metal tube, and they were connected to a glass tube in the center.

In the glass tube, there was a blue liquid flowing, and that extremely terrifying life fluctuation was diffused from this blue liquid.

“Could it be that these mechanically civilized people hunted and killed 9 Primordial Demonic beasts in an ancient area, and then extracted their Life Sources and refined them together to form an extremely majestic life source liquid? “Shang said speculatively in his mind.

“Anyway, if I get this life source fluid and swallow it, I don’t know how many particles of the gods and demons within the body will be awakened. When the time comes, my strength will surely rise again. However, I hope this metal tube I can take it off.”

Ye Yu murmured, then directly extended the hand and held the metal tube.

Almost at this instant, a di di di alarm sounded, and red lights flickered everywhere.

And at this moment, Ye Yu expression moved slightly. It seemed that he had guessed right. When the metal pipe moved, there was definitely an alarm.

At the next moment, Ye Yu showed a very ruthless gaze, and a strong force gushing out of his hands. With a sound of ka-cha, he pulled out the metal tube directly.

“Hurry up, the god feels that one after another breath is coming quickly from all directions, and every breath is extremely powerful.” Shang immediately called out in his mind.

Ye Yu nodded, will turn into a cosmic dust.

But at this moment, a streak of divine light has come in from the flash, it is a middle-aged man with extremely terrifying and deep breath.

At this time, he was wearing a set of unknown mechanical armor, his face was overwhelming, and he was surprised and angry. He looked at the empty metal tube in the center, and suddenly shouted: “didn’t expect, this Imperial Dynasty center, And thieves like you.”

“What a thief is not a thief, what I want, I will naturally come, you can’t kill me, I will kill you!”

Ye Yu faintly smiled.

In this cultivation world, there is simply nothing right or wrong.

All cultivators are fighting against the sky, fighting against the earth, fighting against the sky, and fighting against people.

As long as it is beneficial to one’s own cultivation, naturally by fair means or foul.


There was no nonsense at all, Ye Yu instantly appeared in a dark lance of burning flames.

It is the divine spear!

However, at this moment, the surface of the divine spear is engraved with layers of Ancient Demon Mark. It is very terrifying. It seems that there is the Supreme will of the demon. It begins to manifest in the void, making the entire Heaven and Earth Full of an oppression.

“courting death !”

Seeing Ye Yu take the initiative to take the initiative, the middle-aged man was furious. He shouted: “Little thief, you should also be a child of a Great Influence, with Immortal Monarch level strength, but this is far from enough. Let me kill. You thief!”


The middle-aged man developed the genes within the body, and suddenly he roared, swelling all over, and the mechanical armor also swelled.

In a blink of an eye, he became a Little Giant with a height of more than 3 meters, and on top of his head, two primitive and dark horns were born, full of a kind of ancient Great Desolate baleful qi.

“Boy, it seems that this middle-aged man within the body is definitely implanted with the genes of other ancient beasts, otherwise, impossible has such a terrifying power!” Shang suddenly said in his mind.

“I can see it too, but, trifling the genes that’s all of a Primordial Bull Demon, I don’t have to worry at all, he can’t kill me!”

Ye Yu laughed heartily, stepping violently, and instantly the lance in his hand was like a sharp sword, directly Tearing the Void, and fought with the middle-aged man.

“Swire Bull Demon, roar the mountains and rivers!”

The middle-aged man suddenly roared loudly.


Suddenly, a destructive power of a spiritual level suddenly spread out from the mouth of the middle-aged man, like a mountain, directly struck into Ye Yu’s spiritual world, to crush Ye Yu’s spiritual world.

Naked eye It can be seen that in Ye Yu’s spiritual world, a huge bull demon with a height of more than 100 meters appeared. It looked up to the sky and wanted to destroy everything.

But at the next moment, a ten thousand zhang silhouette appeared in front of this bull demon in the spiritual world.

“What is this?!”

Almost as soon as the bull demon turned around, a pair of big bull eyes suddenly appeared boundless fear.

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