Unlimited Upgrade: Strongest Summoning Chapter 1291

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At this moment, in front of it, there appeared a silhouette of a towering sky.

It is a towering illusory shadow with a ten thousand zhang high body.

is an Ancient Era’s will of God and Demon!

At this time, the ten thousand zhang illusory shadow, looking at the bull demon entering the spiritual world, showed a trace of mockery in the boundless and majestic eyes.

As if looking at an ant.


Almost at the next moment, in the battleship of mechanical civilization outside, the middle-aged man suddenly let out a terrible cry of fear.

Blood was flowing from his eyes.

He originally wanted to use his spirit willpower to destroy Ye Yu’s spiritual world.

But this middle-aged man absolutely didn’t expect that in Ye Yu’s spiritual world, there was something terrifying.

What is that will?

Like the gods and demons of aloof and remote, they cannot disobey or resist at all.

Can only choose to be crushed will.

Although the will to enter Ye Yu’s spiritual world was obliterated, the middle-aged man not at all died. Mecha all over his body suddenly lit up with a divine light, which seemed to be repairing the divine light, and the middle-aged man immediately restored Peak .

The internal injury he suffered seems to have recovered in an instant.

This scene surprised Ye Yu slightly.

This Mecha has such a terrifying ability?

“However, you are still dying!”

Ye Yu looked at the middle-aged man still blocking the exit, and suddenly a cold ray of light flashed across his eyes.


All the incomparable aura burst out all at once.

Ye Yu’s pupil light is shining, her black hair is dancing wildly, and her body is burning with magic flames, as if she has become a world-famous Demon God. The terrifying aura makes the powerhouse of the battleship feel.


Holding the Demon Prison lance, Ye Yu at this moment seems to have become an ancient killing god, with an extremely powerful aura surging across the mountains and rivers, full of the supreme aura of the devil prison and the hall, as if a god shot, it will descend on boundless anger and kill everything .

“hong long”

The two people collided together, and the middle-aged man also had a modified thunderbolt euphorbia in his hand. Every time he swung it, there were 2 10000 thunder snakes surging in the void.

As if, a god of thunder came to the world, full of endless violent aura.




Ye Yu and the middle-aged man fought together. Incomparable power fluctuations broke out, and the entire battleship was shaking.

However, the middle-aged man is not the power of his own cultivation after all. It only relies on the genetically modified genes. Moreover, the mechanical Battle Armor he wears, no matter how high-tech, can’t stop the sharpness of Ye Yu’s divine spear.


Finally, a lance Tearing the Void directly penetrated the chest of the middle-aged man.


A puff of blood immediately shed the sky.

Ye Yu blasted the middle-aged man into the air with a punch, turning his whole body into a streak of divine light, and rushed towards the outside in an instant, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

At this time, the middle-aged man was enduring great pain and suddenly pressed this Jia button on his body.


Suddenly, a piece of while light enveloped his whole body, naked eye was visible, and the blood hole pierced in his chest was healing quickly.

However, the horrible will of the demon in the demon lance is always remaining in the blood hole wound, making the middle-aged man expression very uncomfortable.


Almost at the next moment, a tall woman in a mechanical suit suddenly walked in.

Behind her were many soldiers holding mechanical long spears.

“What happened?” the tall and cold woman said suddenly.

“A youngster broke into it and snatched the life source liquid.” The middle-aged man said, his expression was unwilling.

“Even you didn’t resist it? Or a youngster?”

The tall and cold woman murmured, and then her beautiful eyes lit up and said, “Search this youngster with all my strength. Attention, search, not hunt, I will find it.”

“Young Lady, you mean, you want to work with that kid, return to our mechanical celebrity department, and participate in clan comparisons?” The middle-aged man suddenly said what he thought of.


The tall and cold woman said, and then turned and left, as if she didn’t care about the loss of the life source liquid.

And this time.

In the center of the Imperial Palace, in a remote river, the silhouette of Ye Yu emerges.

He sit cross-legged, and immediately took out a metal tube.

Among them, the blue liquid with the breath of majestic Life Source is flowing quietly in it.

“Gā gā gā, kid, I got a baby this time, hurry up, swallow this life source liquid, your big swallowing technique, everything can be swallowed.” Shang suddenly urged in his mind.

Old Demon Dragon was also the first to encounter the life source liquid that was made in mechanical civilization to enhance Life Source. He was naturally curious.

“it is good.”

Ye Yu nodded, he crushed the metal tube and sucked it suddenly. The infinite life source fluid was directly swallowed by him.

And this moment.


An extremely terrifying and majestic heat burst into Ye Yu’s entire body.

At this moment, Ye Yu only felt that his cells began to be greedy to absorb the majestic essence contained in the life source fluid.

“Sure enough, the life source fluid cast by this mechanical civilization has the incomparable ingenuity, and it can allow cells to directly absorb the power in it. I feel that countless cells are about to begin to transform.”

Ye Yu said, suddenly feeling a new kind of power of gods and demons, born within the body.

At this moment, his gods and demons particles are growing rapidly.


200 100000!

2.2 million !

200 300,000!


200 600,000!

200 700,000!




Finally, all the life source liquid was absorbed by Ye Yu.

His eyes vibrated.

The life source fluid in this small metal tube has awakened so many gods and demons particles?

At this time, Ye Yu clenched his fists, and only felt that his battle strength had been increased by many times than before. It was absolutely possible to suppress and kill all the existence of fairy King level, even Immortal Sovereign, which can challenge 2-1.

“Hahaha, boy, it turns out that you are hiding here and finally found you!”

“Boy, surrender obediently, otherwise, if you resist, the two of us will definitely torture you to death. If you are captured obediently by us, maybe we can give you a happy death!”

2 The laughter filled with coldness suddenly sounded not far away.

Ye Yu expression moved, he moved towards one direction and looked over, and suddenly saw Fat and Thin 2 old, stepping out of in the sky, staring at him coldly.

“I was trying to find a few people to try my current strength. It just so happened that the two of you were here.”

Ye Yu coldly smiled, and then the breath all over his body burst out. In an instant, Ye Yu’s whole person, like a god and demon, was full of endless overbearing aura.

The stronger the power of gods and demons, the more noble the aura Ye Yu carries when fighting against people.

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